Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 33 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - August 13, 2000


Sing a New Song

“Find Your Way Back to Me”
Part 1



God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.
How long will ye judge unjustly and accept the personsof the wicked? Selah.
Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflictedand needy.
Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.
They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
But ye shall die like men and fall like one of the princes.
Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.

Psalm 82

      Children of my heart, I come in the love of the Cosmic Christ for your souls and for your souls’ advancement on the path of initiation. You see, in the very nucleus of the God consciousness of the Cosmic Christ is the seed-awareness of every living soul, and within that seed is the deep desiring of God for the return of the soul who has gone out of the way of wholeness.

Therefore we do contain the intensity of God’s desiring for initiation, for by testing and then adding unto the soul the increment of light because of the victorious passing of the test, an increment of our consciousness is added unto the soul whereby that soul may increase its awareness of the desire that God contains for the soul.

Do you see, beloved ones?  One must contain within one‘s self an element of that seed in order to have even the desire for initiation. You must be of God and of that Cosmic Christ, then that seed within your soul responds to the desiring of God. Within the seed is the memory, the ancient memory recorded there of the origin of being in God. Only through that memory can the Lord God transmit the desire.

Beloved ones, did you know that the fallen ones who moved against the souls of light on this planet know that locked within the memory of the seed of every soul is the God-consciousness of the inner experience in the Beginning with Alpha and Omega? Therefore, do you know, beloved ones, that these fallen ones have determined to destroy the soul’s desiring for God? for by this, they contrive to take from the Path millions who are held in the balance in this hour.

How have they determined to do this?

You need but look around you. They have created, East and West, a civilization based on the desire for myriad things--circumstances, powers, controls, entertainments, conquests. Beloved ones, the forcefields of desire and the desiring of the human consciousness are as legions of demons.

The Ability to Contact the Memory
in the Seed of the Soul

You have heard of the erasing of the memory of the brain by the process of lobotomy. What have the fallen ones further determined to do?

To destroy within the very brain itself (the physical brain, the physical mechanism that is the instrument of the Mind of God through the crown and the third-eye chakra) the ability for it to hold and to make contact with the memory that is stored and locked in the seed of the soul.

They cannot destroy that nucleus of light except the individual surrender his soul unto the fallen ones by agreeing in the way with the Adversary through sympathy or rebellion. But, as you see, many souls have not rebelled against God nor are they sympathetic to evil; therefore, tampering with the soul will not work upon them.

And so the children and the youth are the innocent victims who receive the greatest onslaught of the tampering with the brain cells through that which has come forth out of the pit—the rock music, the drug culture, the misuse of sexual energies. More than that, beloved ones, by tampering with and manipulating the DNA chain, the fallen ones have determined that generations in the not too far distant future will be born without the cells within the brain that are the necessary contact with the chakras and the soul.

The proposition on the council tables of the false hierarchy in this very era is to determine by outer and inner programming that the outer person will no longer have contact with the inner person. They desire that the glorious temple of the four lower bodies made by the Lord God should no longer be an instrument for the sensitivity of the soul to penetrate other octaves, and therefore they have planned a robot race.

Though the children of the light are not of the origin of the fallen ones, if the fallen ones can successfully cut off the individual’s contact with his own solar awareness through the soul chakra, with his own heart flame through the heart chakra, with the Mind of God through the crown and with all levels of his mighty consciousness, then they will have individuals who have the momentum of light and of karma and of evolution cut off from the land of the living, from the realm of First Cause.

Experimentation with the Seed of Life

You have heard what I would consider eerie descriptions of beings from outer space manning flying saucers, resembling half-animal, half-human grotesque forms and colors, resembling not in any way the divine manifestation of the son or the daughter of God. Beloved ones, throughout the vastness of the Matter cosmos, the experimentation with the seed of life and with the egg of Omega has been, I tell you, beyond your comprehension.

Many of these flying saucers are manned by what you would term a slave race, a robot race, and they are programmed from various quarters and segments of the galaxy. Some are entirely manmade and some are the remaining vestiges of evolutions that have been deprogrammed and separated scientifically from their inner contact with God. Thus, they are portrayed as having no feelings, no sense of longing or devotion for the family.

The false hierarchy’s concept of discipline and attainment is the altogether scientific mind that is not considerate of any of the conditions of the human being, the human soul, the human evolution, with its joys, its sorrows and its ability to cry, to sing, to experience pain and to experience the transmutation of pain into the bliss of God.

Sacred Scripture for the Aquarian Age

Beloved ones, our Messenger may not be here, nor may you, when these expressions are ultimately intended to be rampant upon the planetary body. Thus I release my Word as a portion of sacred scripture for the Aquarian age, that you and your offspring and generations to come may read avidly and righteously out of the very Book of Life whence these truths are taken.

Our warning of the madness of the mad scientists is not only for the future; it also concerns the past, as they have manipulated energy for the sinking of continents and the distortion of life on Lemuria and Atlantis.

Those who would be initiates of the sacred fire in the age of Aquarius must come to know the vastness of the mind of the Cosmic Christ that contains, as the Mediator of a cosmos, the complete awareness and record of all experiments ever made by souls of God with the uses of the energies of the Christ and of the sacred fire.

Therefore, approach the mind of the Cosmic Christ with the sense that you, the living soul, will put on the mantle of responsibility to stand with your own beloved Christ Self and the Christ Selves of earth’s evolutions to bear the responsibility of dealing with and grappling with the individuals who have been planning not only the conquest of this world but of many worlds for centuries upon centuries. They have manipulated their own karma, reincarnating again and again with one another of like frequency, cloning themselves, reproducing themselves, creating manifestations in the test tube that can be controlled for their purposes.

Plan for the Centuries

If, then, the fallen ones, usurping the mind of Christ, plan not for decades but for centuries, would it not be wise on the part of the avant-garde of light of earth’s evolutions to also plan for the centuries—to plan for the hour when the souls of the children of God will study every word and measured beat of that which has come forth in this dispensation and two-thousand-year cycle?

Beloved ones, whether in the defense of America or of the millions of souls destined to ascend from the planetary body, you must think in terms of decades, centuries and millennia.

Let us then see how children of God and sons and daughters working with the angels may also evolve a plan and set in motion those safety measures from the Great Causal Body of the Great Divine Director, safeguards that will put electrodes of the Cosmic Christ in the way of evildoers.

You have heard the reading of Psalm 82. I selected that psalm so you would understand that David and those who were a part of the setting forth of the psalms knew well that an ancient seed of darkness moved among mankind, whom they referred to as “the wicked.”  This seed of darkness, committed unto the destruction of souls from its very inception, cannot be considered equal in any way to the children of God.

Seek Not to Be Popular

Perhaps it is in style not to accuse or expose or reveal truth and error. Well, beloved ones, I would not exactly say that the Cosmic Christ is in vogue on earth today. They who desire to be popular are not so quick to point the finger or to isolate those who have embodied evil. They prefer rather to indicate that all individuals are sincere, well motivated, and somehow by the accident of mathematics or luck or astrology some men’s works result in failure and evil, others in victory and God-Good.

Well, as you know, there is no accident in cosmos. That which is within the individual is that which expresses—“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” <1> Climb, then, the highest mountain, where from that vantage point you will see the several evolutions upon earth and you will understand that he who seeks the attainment of the Cosmic Christ must not fear, as John the Baptist did not fear, as Jesus Christ did not fear, to point the finger of the Lord’s judgment at those who are usurping the very life of the souls of God in science, in misuses of nuclear energy, in laboratory experiments, beloved ones, that go all the way from the manipulation of the very coil of life itself in the DNA chain to experiments on newborn babies and avatars.

Let those who would have my initiation surrender now the desire for popularity. You will never be able to amass both souls of light and souls of darkness around you and have them agree with you and praise your offering. So you might as well choose the sort of soul with whom you will frequent this earth. When you compromise, you will be found in the midst of the congregation of the compromisers.

You will have their plaudits for a while, but when you are without compromise and you dip into the purity of the light and expose those who misuse the law and the government and the supply and the abundance of God, those who abuse the farmer, the laborer, the working man and woman (those who build America by the sweat of the brow and the labor of their bodies), when you find them abused by the false shepherds, fear not.

Do you remember that it was indeed John the Baptist who accused the then ruling member of Rome of immorality within his marriage? Outspoken, forthright, came John the Baptist, telling him it was not lawful for him to be married in the condition in which he was married. <2>  Beloved ones, this cost John his head, but not his soul, not his ascension, not his integrity, not his honor.

You have heard a notable one in your midst accuse the American people of being afraid to die for a cause. Peculiar, is it not, when history has shown again and again that those who fear to defend their freedom and their path of initiation will lose their life, as Jesus said. <3>

The Initiation of the Cosmic Christ

What, then, is the initiation of the Cosmic Christ?

It is directly, the direct line between you and the position you seek, the position of the power of the Godhead, the wisdom and the love to walk the earth wearing the robe of the prophets, the messengers, the teachers, using that robe to cleave asunder the real from the unreal, to be the manifestation of the judgment and to care for the children of God who are not yet mature enough to understand this very simple condition of an evolution of light and an evolution of darkness dwelling side by side, having similar appearances, yet their works do go before them.

It requires the maturity to accept the consequences of such an understanding of life. When you admit that individuals have free will and may therefore embody evil, the consequences are, beloved ones, that you must choose. You must choose to be either the one or the other and proceed without compromise to protect the little ones who know not the difference.

This is why we have given specific teachings to you through our Messenger in this very conference, although you may not have understood why. Beloved ones, you cannot fight and win the battle of Armageddon if you do not know your enemy. It is as simple as that.      

It is not enough to know the enemy, you must know the strategies of that enemy. I have given you just one of the false hierarchy’s strategies: its attempt to destroy the cell-memory of the brain.

Many of you know that in the psychiatric hospitals of the Soviet Union, brain operations or the taking in of certain chemicals by the patients are designed to and have indeed accomplished this very thing—making souls of great light mere vegetables in a given lifetime. This, then, is not as far removed as you might think. There are many ways of manipulating a light generation away from the desire for God.

The Desire for Reunion with God

If, in contrast, you look to the seed of the wicked, you will find this singular character trait:  the total and absolute absence of desire for reunion with God.

This desire is not something that can be transplanted by mechanical or surgical means. It is the original seed of God with which he has endowed the soul; and because that seed is in the soul, the Lord God himself knows that the soul can and shall return, according to the exercise of free will.

Very immediate, then, upon the agenda of the sons and daughters of God pursuing the initiations of Maitreya is to remove from the children of God all that tampers with their individual free will, such as the hypnosis of the mass media, the misuse of the educational institutions to program little children and older children as well as university students as though they were robots.

Beloved ones, God Almighty has fed into the soul and the chakras and the spheres of being his own designs of a cosmic geometry. In the sense of the Godhead, then, you, the offspring of the Most High, are indeed programmed. But this is the programming of the Cosmic Christ, whereby in every cell there is a memory, a desire, an order, a universe and a programming for the very life of that cell of what it must accomplish within a given organ of the body.

Therefore, when you see before you beauty or you see the illustrations that the Mother prepares for your meditation, when you recite the Word of God, do not let the fallen ones come in with their projections that say, “You are being programmed. Beware! You are receiving hypnosis now.”      

Beloved ones, understand that the method of the Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Christ is to give you in your full conscious mind the opportunity to choose and to select what you will deposit within your temple. After all, each time you think, move, act or meditate, it is not necessary for you to engage in the original creative act of the cosmos.

Some things bear repetition by the very ritual and movement of energy from the center of the atom to the periphery. This is not rote; it is a cosmic ritual of the seventh age—always the ritual of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and of the Cosmic Virgin.

You will notice that the fallen ones never taunt you with their message, “You are being programmed like a robot,” when you are before the television screen, when you are in motion-picture theaters, or when you are reading the daily papers. All is silent, for now they are the ones who are doing the programming and they are frightened when they see that through your own Christ potential you become selective.

Your mind can discern and discriminate and therefore you accept and you reject, you receive and you say, “I will not enter.” This intelligent receiving of the energies of a universe is as it is intended.   Beloved ones, your advertising is filled with subliminal energies, designs of pornography, designs to create a desire in you for a product, and on and on. So, you see, it is not quite “cricket,” as they say, for the fallen ones to be free to program the children of God. Yet when the Cosmic Christ appears with his legions to assist the poor children of Helios and Vesta to restore the imagination of the heart and mind and the very brain itself that has been tampered with by the taking in of drugs, then they declare that it is not lawful.

Our Gift of Designs and Thoughtforms of Beauty

Beloved ones, we do come. We come with a great gift. We see how even the very beating of the rock music upon these delicate membranes of your being has caused you to be less and less receptive to the delicate sendings of the Cosmic Christ to your soul.

And so we come with beauty, we come with nourishment, we come with thoughtforms, we come with the statues that we have brought to our altar through many of your own hands so that you may gaze upon these archetypes of your internal reality. In gazing upon them you transfer to millions and millions of cells the image of the Buddha.

Do you know the transformation of consciousness that occurred even this morning through the ritual of going over the images of the Buddha and the Mother again and again? <4>  Why, in each and every one of you, that polarity, that figure-eight flow is now established.  It is written in your etheric body and even in your physical cells so that when you take in nourishment and food and air and sunshine, the nutrients of life coming into your temple now flow after that basic matrix.

This is programming, not by rote but by the conscious cooperation of your soul with your Christ mind. Likewise, when you decree the same word several times, many times, it makes a deeper and deeper impression of sacred-fire living letters in your four lower bodies, impressing upon your being the worded mantras of the Ascended Masters.

While you are engaged in daily duties and other affairs, there is the natural breathing in and out of the Holy Spirit that passes through these beautiful matrices you have lovingly, consciously, freely deposited in your superconscious, waking conscious and subconscious mind. And because energy flows through you as a giant Niagara Falls twenty-four hours a day, because you have created so many of these perfect thoughtforms, we can release great light to you, which passes through you and then blesses the earth with the very fragrance that emits from these inner designs.

Many of the recordings made upon your bodies through the decrees are microscopic in size yet they fulfill the function of transmitting God’s light and energy to hold the balance for the earth. This is why we have recommended that mothers with child do not look upon the television set, take in the substance of the media or partake of discordant art forms.

During the period of gestation, there is the multiplication of the mother’s ability to take in and pass on to the forming child the light-energy-consciousness that is around her. This ability, as all abilities and talents, is not one of discrimination. The talent is given; the individual, by free will, must discriminate in its use. Therefore the mother becomes a giant receiving station for the sendings of the Elohim and the Archangels.

Now, you see, the fallen ones have determined that mothers will not spend five minutes in meditation dailyor eventhroughout the period of their pregnancy, and by creating all manner and manifestation of outer forcefields, they have diverted their attention. Therefore, they have succeeded in using this most amazing forcefield of the computer of the Mind of God to transfer to the incoming child not the harmony of inner spheres but the degradation of outer spheres.

Thus, these little children are born, born more and more to be a part of the degeneration spiral of earth and her evolutions that we are witnessing today.

to be continued

 “The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

 This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, July 2, 1978, at the Freedom Class, Sing a New Song, held in Pasadena and Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

1. Matt. 7:16.

2. John the Baptist publicly rebuked Herod because he had married his brother’s wife, Herodias, who had abandoned her first husband as Herod had divorced his first wife. Herodias’ daughter, Salome, asked Herod for John’s head as a prize. Herod complied by imprisoning John and later cutting off his head. See Matt.14:3-12; Mark 6:17-29.

3. “Fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matt. 10:28.

4. Before the dictation, the Messenger led all present in a meditation entitled “On the Mother Flame East and West in the Morning Light of the Buddha and the Mother.”