Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 43  No. 47 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - November 19, 2000


The Buddhas in Winter

In the Heart of the One Sent


Beloved ones, many sorts of individuals on earth have anticipated my coming. They have plotted their charts by their concept of astrology. With psychic predictions and false dictations, they have announced my presence. Some say I embodied. Some say I am embodied in London. <1> Some say I am dictating through this one or that one.

I wish to tell you that I AM here in the fullness of my integrity, my Presence, my Ascended Master Light Body, and if I am to be embodied, that embodiment is the transfer of my light to the heart of the one sent.

Your Christ Self is the one sent, and I am one with that Christ. To get to know that Christ is the daily pursuit of the magnitude of God’s love, for he gave you that blessed person of your own Real Self.

I AM the practical Buddha who has come with compassion and light and decisiveness to lead my own to a higher octave of service. I am here with the rescue flame of illumination and the mighty sword. Pictured in the hand of the Mother and not far from right, <2> this bearing of the sword must be against the infamy of the fallen ones who thwart the plan of Confucius and Lord Lanto.

In this new year these Masters have presented to Saint Germain, Lord Gautama and the Lords of Karma their offering on behalf of America in the name of the Knight Commander and the God of Freedom to the earth. You will see these two Masters, the Lords Confucius and Lanto, come to the fore of your consciousness and lead you on an illumined path so bright that you will soon look upon your state of consciousness of six months ago as almost benighted, in the sense of chaos and old night. And I trust that you still look forward to the knighting of the Lord Christ and of Saint Germain.

Some of you do not know that in previous Keeper of the Flame services, some among you received the calling of knighthood through the Messenger Mark; others received it through the Mother. These initiations have been left off in the very midst of the battle and some among the student body have earned their calling without receiving any outer approbation—only the acknowledgment of our heart.

When a certain cloud of battle has passed, you will know who these shining ones are and we may once again transfer the new name of knighthood, which is not the inner name promised in Revelation <3> but a name that refers to a certain virtue extolled.

The Coming of My Spirit

I AM Maitreya. I have sent my Messenger before my face. <4> I do not come with fanfare, for, after all, we have always been and you have always known me and I have not left you.

The great cosmic event anticipated is a foreshadowing and an overshadowing of an individual lifestream with my Electronic Presence. But I tell you, these ones who have falsely predicted my coming, whether in the flesh or in psychic dictations that have not originated with me, have not known of the real meaning of the prophecy of the Messenger, who not only embodies my flame but also speaks the word of your own Christhood.

The most important coming of the essence of my Spirit into your life is the descent of your own Christ Self. Some of you must have a new outlook and a turnaround to truly know the meaning of the Christ Mind. Others of you are so imbued with that Christed consciousness that you scarcely realize the immensity of the light you carry.

Therefore it is well to imitate those who have gone before and to live in my heart and in the heart of the Messengers until by that very process of the pressing of hearts you realize, line by line and decision by decision, your own Christhood. Interaction with all life is necessary to the process, for in the presence of those of a wrong vibration—the  infamous ones who desecrate the stature of the living God—even the little children learn to know the difference.

This is a planet where very small children become aware of abortion and murder and all types of unspeakable crimes, diseases and manifestations of insanity. Blessed hearts, these pure souls learn more than their schoolwork in life; they learn, above all, by vibration. They learn by the tone of the voice what is and what is not. They learn by the aura and by contact with your chakras.

Therefore, there is an inner absorbing of patterns. And the only setback occurs when immature souls of a young age are not able to throw off a certain programming and indoctrination that they receive by contact with those who have yet momentums of aggressiveness that cannot be hidden from the little child.

Recognize the Buddha

I say to you, then, when you hear of the preaching and the prophecy or the psychic prediction of the coming of Maitreya, “Lo, here” or “Lo, there,” <5>I bid you go to your heart and to your Christ Self and meditate there upon the Buddha who is to be realized by you.

The Buddha may exist, but that portion of the Buddha you realize in waking consciousness in this octave is defined as the Buddha you have become in this octave. Thus, you see, if I were somewhere on a crowded street, on a highway or a large city or out in a field, manifesting in the form of a child or a student or an old man or a mother with child, you would not know me unless you had first known me through your own Christ Self.

The importance of the appearance of the Christ at this season, then, lies in your own perception and externalization of that one. The more you perceive the coming Christ within yourself or in our presence in the dictations, and the more you glimpse the reality of the identity of the Son of God, the clearer will be the vision to you of the one sent.

I have already disguised my representatives here and there. Some of you know them and respect them, and some of you know them and ignore them and belittle them. This is to say that your concept of Christ is way off.

Thus, my beloved, the Messenger has remained silent and we are silent. What good would it do if I should announce to you that one among you was my representative, one you had criticized or condemned for this or for that?  Either you would have to accept my word and deny your criticism and put it into the flame, or you would have to question the Messenger as the mouthpiece of my word and think in your heart that perhaps you must go elsewhere to find a true Messenger and a true avatar. So you see how idolatrous of itself is the unredeemed consciousness.

See the Christ and Recognize Him

We do not wish to make your path any more difficult for you than you have already made it for yourself. I give you, then, a simple lesson this night. First of all, you have all seen the Christ and not known him. Secondly, you ought to look for the Christ in all people. But when you recognize that light of the Christ in a special virtue and service of a chela of the will of God, do not worship it, do not give preferential treatment to that one, do not enter into idolatry, but say to yourself as you pray by your bed at night:


My God, I have seen the Christ this day.
I have seen the beauty of an act of God
       in a fellow servant.
Now I look to thee, O Lord, my Mighty I AM Presence, and I praise thee.
I praise the Christ of my own being
      and I will externalize the same virtue
      I have glimpsed.
I will not try to catch the bird of happiness
      and clutch him as my own.
I will not try to possess another’s Christhood
      and demand it be the saviour of my life.
But I will work the works of him that sent me<6>
      that others who are searching
      might find in me a refreshing and cool oasis
      in the desert of life.
 I will not show too much of my light,
      neither to offend nor to belittle
      nor to engender idolatry in another.
But I will give enough—
      enough so that someone may have hope
      and be nourished in his own quest
      and one day come to the mighty Tree of Life
      and realize that the fruit of that tree
      of his own God consciousness
      is the only Christhood he will truly know.

Know God by His Spirit

I must tell you that most of you do not know one another as you think you do. Some individuals who are close in the human sense almost take pride in their ability to understand another’s mind or heart or actions and to anticipate their behavior. These are behaviorists, one and all.

Those who are the godless seek to control others by memorizing their human patterns and then by carefully manipulating the same. Yet an individual’s mannerisms and human behavior do not always tell the secret of the soul or the nature of the Inner Christ. Those who have the greatest manifestation of my presence may not be the hail-fellow-well-met—the jolly sort of person whose personality everyone flocks to.

I remember the Gurus who were gruff and growling and angry most of the time. Why were they angry?  They were angry at the nations and at the planetary momentums of intrigue. Sometimes the sweetest disciples would speak to them, and they would answer in a growl and a thrust of anger would go through the body like a chill wind. It was intended to do so that the bodies of the disciples might become transmitters of this anger to the world in all of its infamy and evil.

It is impossible to know God except by his Spirit. You may examine character traits. You may think you know exactly the definition of Christ and Antichrist. You may be certain in your own mind that you will know both on the highway of life, but unless the Holy Spirit, as the Maha Chohan, reveal it to you, you may be wrong nine times out of ten.

I trust that in the future you will have a better score than that, having so often perceived our vibration in these dictations. When all the world is maya and the pinpoints of light are the hearts of the chelas, do you not expect sometimes that even the visages of our best servants should be blurred by the water itself, by the astral plane of illusion, distorting even the most beautiful of countenances?

Then, of course, the burden of karma past and planetary and so many conditions of life may bow down the emergent Christed one. All this put together does not tell the best of tales concerning the best of men.

Therefore, beloved, let this be the year when illusion drops suddenly to the ground, as a cloak too heavy, and the body is light and clear again and no longer encumbered. Let this be a year, then, when you have no illusions, neither of grandeur nor of the miserable sinner that is projected upon you. Let us have no illusions about ourselves or about others and most of all, let us not have illusions about the Ascended Masters, that they may appear as they really are and not as they are imagined to be.

I AM Maitreya, a funny sort of fellow. I, too, look for friends who understand me. I hope you will. I hope that in your heart of hearts you can perceive me as I am. To be known and loved for who and what you are and not for who and what you are not is not only your wish but also the wish of every angel in heaven.


So, beloved, let us get down to the things in life that are important:
Work on your threefold flame.
Love your Christ and everyone else’s.
Listen to the words we speak and hear what they really mean.
Treasure every communiqué from our octave.
Love one another as I have loved you and will always   love you.
Remember the prophets, their example and their precepts.
Do a good day’s work.
Covet not another’s attainment.
Give freely, but hold fast what thou hast received from God for thine own inner initiation.
Expose the lie, but dwell upon the image of truth.

      Remember the mild eye of Pallas Athena and behold the nobility of the visages of the Goddesses of Liberty, of Truth, of Justice, of Mercy, of Love and of Peace.

How great are the countenances of the women of heaven who belong solely to God and are independent in their service to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We are grateful that we can count on the ladies of heaven to assist us in the great work of igniting illumination’s flame heart to heart around the planet.

The Christ Child is born. Christmas is over. A new year is upon us. Let us see to it that not one incoming avatar of my heart be lost.


“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on January 2, 1983, during the New Year’s Class,The Buddhas in Winter, held December 28, 1982, through January 2, 1983, at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

1. One who has made this claim is Benjamin Creme, a British author-lecturer and self-proclaimed representative of Lord Maitreya. He announced on May 14, 1982, in Los Angeles, that the Cosmic Christ had entered the modern world and had taken up residence in the Pakistani community of London. He would soon identify himself in an international radio and television broadcast in which he would communicate telepathically with all people on earth in their own language.

2. The painting of the Messenger holding the sword was executed by Ray Brown and hangs in King Arthur’s Court. See the 1999 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 43, no. 14.

3. Rev.2:17; 19:12.

4. Matt; 10:11; Mark 1:2; Luke 7:27.

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6. John 9:4.