Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 44 No. 8 - Beloved Lady Master Venus - February 25, 2001


The New Atlanta Seminar on the New Order of the Ages
I Come to Anchor Light from Venus


This is the light that descends in time; this is the time to ascend into the light. As I carry the flame of the Cosmic Virgin for the twelve-month cycle in the heart of Virgo, Mother of Earth, <1> I come to anchor a light from Venus, a beacon of love to impel mankind to look above to behold celestial visitors who come to quicken and to point the way, to whisper in each heart and say, “The dawning of the year, the dawning of the millennium must come because hearts are one in love.”

Hierarchy shows forth the victory of love, and the Hierarchy of Venus salutes the Hierarchy of Earth. Some of you have considered, when others have said that the government pays the bill, that you are the government. Indeed you are hierarchy. You are the heart’s light and fire of Sanat Kumara, of Gautama Buddha and Maitreya.

As the fire intensifies in your heart in response to the commitment of the Knight Commander, <2> I come forth to salute the God of Freedom for the Aquarian age. I lay at the feet of the Knight Commander roses that have grown in the etheric fields of Venus. Pink roses, twenty-four in number, I carry, as the token and pledge of the Four and Twenty Elders, who have also risen in honor of that Master of freedom.

Saint Germain would not let five minutes pass after understanding that the opportunity was once again open to him for a great dispensation of light to the people of earth. Our son of freedom leaped to his feet to stand before the Lords of Karma. Coming quickly, dressed in full dress as the Knight Commander, there he stood in royal purple decked with gold.

There he stood once again to plead the cause of mankind. And as we watched from our home star, Sanat Kumara and I, we beheld our beloved son interceding once again for love of our twin star, Terra. We, in our heart’s love at beholding that blessed son, clasped hands in joy that once again the son of freedom was free to bring to humanity dispensations of light that come all the way from the Great Central Sun and from the heart of Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet.

Legions of Light Pay Tribute to Saint Germain

The 144,000 priests of the sacred fire on the Violet Planet send their light in support of Saint Germain, for he is the representative of many cosmic beings. He moves among the courts of heaven as among the courts of earth, there to represent the cause of freedom and liberty and the independence of every soul to fulfill its individual destiny and goal.

Thus I pay tribute, legions of light pay tribute, and we desire you to know how great is this moment in cosmic history and how great is the opportunity for mankind and especially for you who have heard these words this day.

I come, then, to adorn the violet-flame dispensation with the devotion of the flame of the Holy Kumaras, for they do lend their momentum of love to Saint Germain. They come in full force to assist the evolutions of this planetary body to throw off the oppressors, the Liar and the lie, by the power of love that consumes on contact all that cannot, will not be maintained within the true disciplines of love.

You shall be disciplined according to the intensity of your love, and so does God chastise every son whom he would receive, <3> every daughter who would enter in, by the love that desires to quicken the fulfillment of the soul, to quicken the goal that makes man whole.

A New Hour for Victory

Thus, out of the love of the Father-Mother God, rainbow rays of light, arcs of eternity and golden ratios take flight to release from the core and center of each man’s heart the spiral of light that will begin to start a new era, a new hour for victory.

Mighty Victory and his legions stand upon the hillsides of the world, encamped about, ready to march for victory. And Victory’s legions, with the fiery determination of the conclusion of the spiral of the energies of the eleventh hour, <4> are filled with a fiery zeal.

O precious hearts, invoke them, and I promise you that you will feel the energy of victory such as you have not known before, as light that descends from days of yore. You will come to know what fire can be when it is free from mortality and all of the dust and all of the crust and all of the substance that hangs on to the blueprint divine, which must be thrust into the flame if you would claim the victory of the light in the I AM name.

The Constancy of the Mother Flame

Thus, I bring you a concentrated flame that you might understand the determination and the constancy of the Mother Flame. It is charged and scintillating with the five secret rays, for the five-pointed star surrounds each Mother Flame as a focus of light.

The five secret rays assist the Mother Flame to take flight, for the divine woman and her seed must always be ready from the dragon to recede. For as prophecy would have it, Michael the Archangel will descend, will come forth to slay the dragon, to slay the foe, and then mankind will see clearly the way to go. <5>

As avatars have spoken, as Jesus said, “The way ye know, I AM the way.” <6> Thus you shall know the way to go. In the day that is dawning above the horizon, in that day beyond the Blue Ridge mountains, you will understand that life, all life, responds to your command. And in that day you will build the order, the new order of the ages, and you will remember your service, great and small, how you came together as the elect, the Body of God upon earth, to lay the foundation for a new glory, a new vision.

In your present level of attainment you do not always im-mediately see the fruits of your service, but eager evolutions of your sister planet, Venus, do watch as you lay, layer upon layer, engrams of light, patterns so bright, so sweet, of starry clusters and rosebuds and violets and lacy filigree. All these come forth from chakras purified with light, to manifest as anchor points across the planes.

Thus, as cosmic beings, angels, come descending down the years, along the way they anchor in those thoughtforms energies vast--energies that will explode in time and space, long after you have left this home and taken your flight into the light. Thus these monads of perfect thoughts and feelings you send forth are very evident.

Even as you see the light of the morning star, of the evening star, so we see the light, sparks of fire, emanating from the children of the Sun walking Terra, walking the earth, sisters and brothers of Venus, many of whom descended from Venus to assist mankind as Jesus did, as Sanat Kumara, as holy Mary. Many came with him, the Ancient of Days, to kindle the flame, to manifest the light of avatar and brilliance, starry brilliance from yonder star--hearts filled with hope, hearts filled with faith and charity.

Know that vigilance, detail in each hour of your devotion, sends forth energy that is like the golden chain mail that has been sealed around the planetary home, guarding the little ones from the astral realm. <7> Thus, as you build those force-fields of protection and armour of light, you find that you reap the good karma of establishing waves, giant waves, building energy patterns as protection’s forcefield for the evolutions of Terra.

What great rejoicing, what great response from all of heaven, from all of earth, from elementals and angels and Elohim, as all work in consonance for the harmony of the incoming age!

An Opening of Light in Atlanta

I anchor my flame in Atlanta and I use that flame to magnify the golden ball placed here a year ago by Hierarchy. <8> Thus, in gratitude for the devotion of the Atlanta students who have come together to give their invocations, I do respond by in-creasing the size of that ball, increasing its penetrating power of golden liquid light, which enfires the mind, inspires the mind with the love of the Buddhic Light, with the wisdom of the Buddha, with the culture of the Mother and with the will of God.

The results of this intensification will be far-reaching, beginning at the etheric plane, cycling into the mental plane, the emotional plane and the physical plane. Thus, four years from the date of the anchoring of that golden ball (if students of light are steadfast and constant in their application) you will see precipitating into the physical plane and physically, tangibly manifest a certain action of golden-age culture that is reserved for this city and her people.

As the legions of Venus descended into that ancient focus in Vienna--Vienna the city of the dreams of the Cosmic Mother--so I also create an opening, an arc of light into Atlanta for the descent of Venusian culture and Venusian souls who desire to incarnate in response to the devotion of the students throughout the planetary body.

Thus, if families of light can be found who will welcome Venusians, make a call to me, to Sanat Kumara, to the Lords of Flame, the Holy Kumaras, Mighty Victory and especially to our daughter Meta. Then we will see if it is in keeping with karmic law and according to the dispensations of the Lords of Karma to have come into embodiment in your family a soul of light, blond and blue-eyed, from our star, Venus.

Thus, as we came to announce the Holy Christ children to be born on February 4, 1962, so we come to announce that as the cradle is prepared and the altar of the sacred fire is set within the heart, so there is an opportunity, an open portal for the unity of Venus and Terra through the incarnation of souls of light.

None will descend without your request, without your sponsorship, without your desire to have them. But if you desire to apply, address a letter to those whom I have named, write it in your own hand, seal it in an envelope and burn it. Also make known your desire to the Mother of the Flame that she may serve to prepare your consciousness for these incoming avatars.

A Touch of Venus

I AM grateful, heaven is grateful and earth is grateful for your response to our call and your presence here for this seminar of light. As you make your way to homes of light across these United States, across this continent, remember to keep your harmony. Let no one take from you your light through irritation or ruffled feelings. Seal that harmony, I say, seal it by the power of the I AM Presence.

I place my seal of the Christ upon your brow. It is a touch of Venus, for the Christ consciousness I bear is the awareness of light and love and illumination that has come forth upon Venus for thousands of years. Thus, you will feel in this blessing a certain unique action of the Christ light that comes from our nourishment of that Christ light.

The individualization of consciousness at the level of the Christ is a present possibility for all, and in the center of the Christ consciousness, the electronic pattern of the individual Christ Self, individualized for each one, is sealed for eternity.

Take with you, precious hearts, the fragrance of Venus, the love of Venus, the culture of Venus and all of our devotion and our commitment to your survival through all periods of crisis or cataclysm, your survival as a body of light into the coming age.

As I raise my arms, priests and priestesses of the sacred fire upon Venus raise their arms, sending the earth love transcendent and the spark that is the deep desire to be the fullness of Christ Love. I AM your Mother of light and I look forward to welcoming you to our home on Venus when you shall have completed your journey and your mission upon Terra.

I extend to you this day an invitation to journey there when you have fulfilled your ascension in the light, and to be a guest in our home, for we have many things to tell you, many things to show you. But it can wait, for now we must march into the fray, into the light to bring in the new day.

This dictation by Lady Master Venus was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on September 3, 1973, at the New Atlanta Seminar on the New Order of the Ages, held in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Lady Master Venus carried the office of the representative of the World Mother on behalf of mankind for the year 1973.

2. In the dictation preceding this one, Saint Germain said: “I say to you that as a result of the swelling of the lightbearers and the swelling of the ranks of students of light united in this activity, as a result of the expansion of the Mother Flame through the Ascended Master University and the Community of the Holy Spirit and these endeavors in which you are jointly engaged for the victory of the light, I have been given again a dispensation from the Lords of Karma! Thus, I may once again step forth and pledge to you the energies of my Causal Body for the freedom and the victory of the light in this age.”

3. Heb. 12:6; Rev. 3:19.

4. The eleven o’clock line of the Cosmic Clock is the line of Lord Maitreya and each one’s God-victory.

5. See Rev. 12:3-10.

6. John 14:4, 6.

7. On July 26, 1964, God Meru said: “Today we shall weave a network of light over the planetary body.... And it is our intent this day that this garment of light shall resemble a coat of golden chain mail so that we may plug the gaps in mankind’s consciousness where the penetration of psychic substance passes and causes them to re-infect various areas of the world after the decrees and calls of the students of Light have effectively rendered them antiseptic.”

The original dispensation did not hold for lack of sufficient students to call it forth. Therefore, in 1985, Serapis Bey asked for it to be reactivated. He said: “Angels have begun to weave a filigree net of blue flame, a most intense fiery blue. It is a tight crocheting of an armour of mail made of light substance impervious. It is draped now between the physical manifestation and the astral plane for the protection of the earth from further eruption of astral hordes and darkness that began when the hour struck midnight December 31, 1959.

“It was then that the spilling over into America and the world of the subcultures of rock music and drugs paved the way for all astral horror and Death and Hell to come into the physical plane. There was therefore established on July 26, 1964, a golden chain mail connected at the great monuments of the world. But, beloved ones, this golden chain mail was not sufficiently reinforced with dynamic decrees by those in embodiment, inasmuch as the numbers of Keepers of the Flame and individuals decreeing at that time were not nearly so great as they are today. Therefore, I trust you will review this dictation concerning the golden chain mail and realize that we enforce this now and reinforce it with this blue chain mail of fiery blue energy and powerful protection.”

In 1995, Apollo and Lumina asked again for the reinforcement of the chain mail. They said, “You may call for a personalized segment of the golden chain mail to be designed for you that you might wear it as an armour to seal your soul and your etheric body from the astral plane and the levels of Death and Hell. Understand this, beloved. We have called you to reestablish the golden chain mail. And the etheric pattern of that mail is now being strengthened as the Light of God quivers the strands--quivers them, beloved. And you see the strands shimmering and yet becoming more concrete as that tightly woven golden chain mail is draped over a planet.”

8. On the same date a year earlier, September 3, 1972, Lord Maitreya read from a scroll sent to the people of Atlanta by the Solar Lords and signed by Alpha. It said: “Here in this ancient focus of light where so long ago that flame blazed forth, here upon this point in space and time, I send forth the unity of purpose and the fire of my heart. It is a golden ball of precipitated fire....This golden ball is like a skein of light from which each one may draw a portion of the pattern of the divine culture. And as the essence of the sacred fire is taken in, absorbed by each one who dedicates himself in this hour to the resurrection of the culture of the Mother, so he shall become, in essence, worthy to bear the flame of the Cosmic Mother, of the Divine Feminine.”