Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 44 No. 43 - The Beloved Great Divine Director - October 28, 2001


On World Conditions and the Role
of the Chela in Their Mitigation


Ho! Let the sacred fire descend into your temples!

Ho! Let the light descend for the purification of planet earth!

I have come, and you know me as the Great Divine Director. I come to establish the rounds of the clock of the forty-eight hours that you might fill those hours with the manifestation of an equilibrium for planet earth from the core to the outer center to the very surface of the planetary home.

I come to you in the name of Saint Germain. I come to you that you might bring to him [the fruit of] the understanding that we have given to you, that the calls to the violet flame might therefore charge you with that light, charge you with that manifestation of a sacred fire that so intensifies the atoms, cells and electrons of your beings that you can raise upon the spinal altar, from the base of the spine to the crown chakra to the point of the third eye, those momentums of light that we give to you first and foremost for your health and longevity and then that you might send forth this light for the blessing of all those who carry the chalice of light within this hemisphere, within this planetary home.

Meet the Turning of Cycles with the Violet Flame

As the hours turn and as you find yourselves entering the new year so quickly, remember, beloved, that when the new year descends you will face new challenges, challenges that you have not expected, challenges of karma that become more and more physical. Therefore, we implore you to bring violet-flame decrees to your sanctuaries--wherever you are, to bring violet flame--and to know that each and every one of your chakras can internalize the violet flame along with the seven rainbow rays of light.

Therefore, we need not give you each and every concept of what is taking place, what are the horrendous things that are going on, on planet earth. These you can learn and listen about; these you can know from within. These you can do something about because you know the techniques of Saint Germain.

So, I say to you, in brevity may you find your way to the point of light and hold that light in great stability. May you call upon my causal body. May you call upon those who are of the fourth ray, who therefore carry the white fire of the fourth ray.

Come forward now, O souls of light. Come forward now in these hours and use the violet flame for world transmutation and see how those changes will take place. You have been told and you have heard of it many times over that in the turning of the cycles and the turning again and again, there will be major changes. If you can meet the proud waves of Aquarius, of the violet flame and use them for world transmutation, you will see far less coming upon you personally and upon the planetary home.

However, I tell you again, for I am the Great Divine Director, that ere the new year strikes and you enter into the next millennium, you will see tremendous changes, tremendous sorrows, many defeats and many triumphs. Therefore, use the remaining years of this century. Use those years to bring about a new day, a new self-awareness, a new Christhood. For you are born to be the Christed ones. Claim that birth and that birthright.

I Come to You for Inner Reasons

I am the Great Divine Director. I come to you for inner reasons. Ere you sleep this night and put your head upon your pillow, enter into the secret chamber of my heart. Enter in, even as Saint Germain has entered my heart, even as you have so done yourselves.

Let there be a tremendous love in your heart for all hierarchies of light, the archangels, the hosts of the Lord, those whom you have been with for so many centuries. May you, then, realize that few upon earth know the formula for bringing world transmutation for this planetary home. Therefore teach the many regarding the violet flame and exercise that flame continuously.

Apply the Great Power of Transmutation to the World’s News Reports

Make your calls according to the various news media that you have there at your advantage. Use that which you receive from the world’s news reports. And then, beloved, remember that we have told you of the great power of transmutation when you give certain levels of calls to the violet flame that bring you to that level of world transmutation. Use those flames, beloved.

As you know, I am the Great Divine Director and I serve with Saint Germain. And you know that Saint Germain is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. I fully support him even as I support beings of light beyond this solar system and other galaxies. We are here to assist in every way, but there must also come the day of judgment when those who have made their nests here on planet earth must be bound and removed from this planetary home.

By Your Calls, You Can Overturn the Fallen Angels

Many do not wish to believe in a force of Evil, but a force of Evil is present and has been for many thousands of years. And by the calls to Archangel Michael and the seven archangels, you know that you can overturn those who are the fallen angels.

Remember, then, what are the opportunities of the end of the age. Remember, then, the tremendous opportunities and the power of God in each one of his emissaries. Remember everything that you know about the seven chohans, the mighty Elohim and Lanello and El Morya, who have stood by you day after day and year after year.

As you see how much you can accomplish, then accelerate and intensify. It will be up to you to determine what violet- flame action is taking place by your efforts and what has not taken place. Therefore, the greater the effort in transmutation as you invoke the hierarchies of light, the greater the manifestation of world transmutation.

Know Peace Profoundly within the Solar Plexus

I speak to you, then, in the very place of the solar plexus so that you might know that in that place of the sun there is the point of ultimate equilibrium and ultimate peace. Know that peace, beloved, and know it profoundly. For when you allow the solar plexus to get out of alignment, then you must bring it back quickly to alignment. But that is not always something that you can do on the spot. Therefore, establish the power of peace within the solar-plexus chakra. Establish the power of tremendous peace from Elohim of God. <1> Establish that power and be not moved. Be not moved, no matter what.

Appeal to the Blessed Mother. Appeal to the blessed and beloved Kuan Yin. And know that all who are a part of the Great White Brotherhood are rooting for your victory. May it be done, may it be so, and may you be counted as the wise ones who hold the balance and who did that holding of the balance while they were on earth and stopped the oncoming tide.

Remember That One Child Held Back a Flood

So, remember the child who kept his finger in the dike in that period through the night and the early morning until the townspeople saw that one child was able to turn back, even put down, an entire flood.

Blessed ones, this can happen and you can have the victory. Be proactive; enter into that which God has called you to do, for he has called you in some cases ten thousand years ago, twenty, thirty, forty thousand years ago. You have been called by God unto this victory.

Now is the hour, and the hour that is most sensitive to this moment. It is a moment in time when the doors can open, when you can enter into layers upon layers upon layers and levels of consciousness where you revisit, bring the violet flame, cast it into the sacred fire, and go on and on and on and on again.

Understand this, beloved; this is the reality. This is the supreme reality of Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director for you, that we might bring to you the ultimate reality of your great causal body, symbolized in the Chart of the I AM Presence, <2> where the rings upon rings of light bring to you renewed opportunity to erase the old patterns and to establish the new.

By the Alchemical Matrix, Bring Earth to a Golden Age

This is my call to you: Work change by the alchemical matrix. And by that alchemical matrix, prove to Saint Germain that you are able and all lightbearers of the world are truly able to bring earth to a golden age. Many of us have thought this to be impossible, but with God nothing is impossible. <3>

Therefore, in the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, I seal you in this hour and I challenge you to internalize the Word of God made manifest in you.


This dictation by the Great Divine Director was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, October 10, 1997, at the five-day harvest class Practical Spirituality: Love, Wisdom and Power in Action--Balancing the Fires of the Heart, held at the Omni Waterside Hotel, Norfolk, Virginia.

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3. “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37; 18:27; Matt.19:26; Mark 10:27.