Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 45 No. 22 - Beloved Kuthumi - June 2, 2002

Mold Yourself in the Divine Design of Love

Balance Your Threefold Flame, Saturate Yourself with the Fire of the Holy Spirit and Resolve Your Psychology

Hail to the light in the chela! Let that light expand, that the darkness not overtake it. Secure the hurricane lamp; protect the flame. Know the Atman within. Know the seed of the Buddha. Know the Holy Christ Self. Know the Holy Buddha Self.

Let the crown of life be above you, waiting to descend when you have set aside the earthly consciousness. The crown of everlasting life—work toward it, internalize it and know that God has never given you an assignment that you could not follow. You are always able to do the bidding of the Lord, for with that bidding he does give you the strength, the action, the inner visualization, the knowledge of how to do it and how to get the job done in the fastest and most expedient way.

Think in these terms, beloved, and think in terms of balancing the threefold flame. We speak of this periodically. I come back to it. An unbalanced threefold flame equals an unbalanced psychology. Think upon that, beloved. Think of the three plumes of psychology and the white circle that is the base of it. Think how power must be controlled by wisdom, and love must be the arbiter of all situations. So if you have too much of something and not enough of another in any situation, you are out of balance. And therefore you must seek the balance by daily calling for the [balanced] threefold flame, for that to manifest.

Sing with Me to the Threefold Flame

And now, beloved, as part of my sermon to you this day, I ask you to sing with me the song to the threefold flame that you might understand how much importance I place upon this flame and how much importance I place upon you reaching that great balance.

Introit to the Holy Christ Self

1. Holy Christ Self above me
Thou balance of my soul
Let thy blessed radiance
Descend and make me whole.


Thy flame within me ever blazes
Thy peace about me ever raises
Thy love protects and holds me
Thy dazzling light enfolds me.
I AM thy threefold radiance
I AM thy living Presence
Expanding, expanding, expanding now.

2. Holy Christ Flame within me
Come, expand thy triune light
Flood my being with the essence
Of the pink, blue, gold and white.

3. Holy lifeline to my Presence
Friend and brother ever dear
Let me keep thy holy vigil
Be thyself in action here.

[The Messenger: Give your calls for the balancing of your threefold flame. Audience gives personal calls and sings song 36.]

Keep My Flame Blazing

Keep my flame blazing
By God's love raising
Direct and keep me in my rightful place!

I AM Presence ever near me
Keep me mindful of thy grace
Flame of Christ, ever cheer me
In me show thy smiling face! (sung three times)

By this love and the balance of love, you shall know an inner equilibrium that will carry you unto the weaving of the deathless solar body, the seamless garment, [until] you truly are ready to move into the light, nevermore to descend into the darkness.

You Must Know Balance

I have seen the comings and the goings of so many souls upon earth over so many centuries. I have seen how the environment, how family members, mothers and fathers, have molded children either for the good design or the not-so-very-good design. Today you are your father, you are your mother. You can mold yourself in the divine design of love. This I ask you to do, for you must know balance. And if you would understand, beloved, you surely must balance your threefold flame ere you enter that ascension capsule.

So, beloved, do not always play one note, but be versatile and recognize that when you have this tripartite flame, this fleur-de-lis, in that balanced focus, much will come to you, including, finally, the balancing of your own psyche, the understanding of your psychology. The more you release the wholeness of your being, the more you replace the emptiness, the vacuum, with the solid pillars of being.

So you will see that there will be nothing that will stop you —neither in heaven nor in earth nor under the earth—for the power of the threefold flame is dynamic. It is the part of you that surges when you have balanced the will, the wisdom and the love of God.

Then, beloved, you can know yourself as an overcomer. You can know yourself as the compassionate one. You can know yourself as one that will toe the mark and not be moved by all the changes that lesser minds may suggest on this or that project. When you have this fire in your being and that fire can ignite in a balanced form, as I have said, then, beloved, nothing is impossible to you—for the foundation of your service is love.

Increase the Threefold Flame

I, then, would teach you of kindness, of softness in speech, of lightness of heart, of joy of being, of music of the spheres that passes through your bloodstream, your cells, your atoms. Rejoice in the love of God and you will attract to yourself ideas, inventions, teachings, understanding. You will become more patient with yourself and others.

Thus I counsel you, beloved, when the threefold flame is balanced, you ought to be making accelerated strides and increasing power as though the first three of the Elohim were standing beside you and guiding you. When you simply double the size of the threefold flame, which in many is one-quarter of an inch in height—you double that to half an inch and you increase exponentially the power of your being.

It costs you very little to give of yourselves to others. It costs nothing to empty yourself, for God fills you again. Visualize the increase as rings on a tree. Visualize the increase as expansion of consciousness, limitless mind of the Buddha, limitless wisdom.

I say these things, beloved, because I believe that if you had emphasized this from the very first day you took your first footstep on the Path, you would be farther along at this juncture. Therefore I say, let the threefold flame be enchaliced in a garden that you may keep (a garden that may have the potted plants indoors in winter and outside in summer), remembering that the threefold flame represents your heart and your life.

The threefold flame, beloved, you can increase. I ask you to make this your goal. For when more and more of you have the balanced threefold flame, then I tell you, beloved, you will see a world also righting its axis. That axis being at that angle, beloved, is surely a sign that the hearts of the people are like a Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Thus understand how great is the flame, tiny though it may seem. And you have seen the work of your artists showing the threefold flame enveloping Jesus. Imagine if you could stand where he stands, and his threefold flame rises from beneath his feet to above his head. Now you understand the power of the Godhead a little bit more in just imagining your own self surrounded by the threefold flame. The balance of the white-fire core of the Mother sustains the balance of the threefold flame.

Receive from Paul the Venetian the Purification of Love

I ask you again now to sing, to sing to Paul the Venetian that you might receive from his heart the necessary purification of love that you must have to go on.

I do not say the following to give you undue concern, but I will tell you, beloved, that those who neglect to balance and increase the threefold flame are those also who do not necessarily stay in embodiment for a long time. So you see, there is something to be said for always going back to the flame of love, kindness and compassion.

Therefore sing this song, for Paul the Venetian and his twin flame, Ruth Hawkins,<1> desire to sing it with you now.

[The Messenger: Please give your calls to them fervently so that you give far more attention now for the rest of your life to your threefold flame. Audience gives personal calls and sings song 223A.]

Let Love Be the Dividing of the Way

To Beloved Paul the Venetian

Welcome, Paul the Venetian
Lord of heaven's third ray.

Lovely one, Paul the Venetian
Come, love, come, lovely Paul the Venetian
Come, love, divine love.

Take my heart
I give my all to you
And I vow, my beloved
I vow a love that's true
Ah, love, divine love.

Ah, love, divine love.

Ah, such love
Billowing clouds of gold and pink glow-ray
Ah, love, divine love.

Ah, love, divine love.

Shafts of living flames of love
Descend within, upon us
Ah, love, divine love.

Ah, behold!
Angels of living flames of love.

Let love be magnified
Let love be magnified
By holy angels and saints above
By holy angels and saints above
O lovely ones, let love be magnified.

Beloved Paul the Venetian
Let love be the dividing of the way
The drawing forth of the Holy spirit
The Lord Maha Chohan this day
Come, beautiful Paul the Venetian!

O love, O beloved
O love, O beloved
Let love be the dividing of the way
Let love be the dividing of the way.

Come, legions of far-off worlds
Come, knights of old
Keeping the torch of love
Keeping the living flames of love

Love from the living Christ above
Love for the things of God
The ways of God, the path of God.

For hearts in love, the newborn babe
To heal the flaws of earth
To be master of the day
To be whole, to ever say:
“Take my hand, lead me on,
Lovely Paul the Venetian.”
O love, O beloved
Let love be magnified.

O love, O beloved
Let love be magnified.

Let love be magnified!

Goddess of Liberty, come!
Come with the fire, the rose pink, the ruby ray
Come with the purging of ruby fire
With undulations of love's great pow'r
Restore divine memory
Tablets of Mem
Ancient records of Mu
The glory of the “elder days of Art.”

Divine Mother of ancient Lemuria
We salute thee
The children of the Motherland salute thee
Beloved Paul the Venetian
Lord of heaven's third ray
Part the veil!
Part the veil!
Part the veil!

Immerse Yourself in Love and the Fire of the Holy Spirit

Now I tell you, beloved, unless you immerse yourself in love, unless you give your calls to the violet flame, all of the exercises you might engage in concerning your psychology will not be the fulfillment of the goal, which is to erase those manifestations of self that are not of light and not of God.

Thus those who pursue a course of psychology here or there, they have the tools but not the fire. And so that fire is the violet flame and that fire is the love of the heart. Without these two, you will not be successful in your resolution and you will find yourself one day in the octaves above and you will be in school once again working on the resolution of your interaction with your inner self, with friends, with parents, with relatives and those with whom you may have karma.

This is the missing link in the path of psychology. And only the individual who dares to love and dares to be saturated with the violet flame of the Holy Spirit will meet his maker in balance and without these records. Strive for this, beloved. For when you enter the valleys and the mountains of the etheric octave of the heaven-world, you will not want to be still encumbered with your human consciousness. Deal with it now. Then when you are free ultimately, soar sunward and know the balance of all life, beginning with your Holy Christ Self and holy threefold flame. I speak to you in this wise, beloved, for only you can undo those things that have either been put upon you or that you have done to yourself.

So now, love is the dividing of the way. Take the road of love, beloved, and know everlasting fulfillment in God.

I am Kuthumi. I place my Electronic Presence next to each one of you. And for a period of three months I shall be at your side to guide you in the resolution of nonresolution that you have carried with you for so very long. Thus today I am shorter on words, profounder in love and in the very chalice of being.

I am your friend. I will lead you to the mountains of Tibet, to the mountains that are the Himalayas. When we come together again, I trust I will rejoice in greater advancement, and greater.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o'er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Kuthumi was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, December 28, 1996, during the five-day conference A World Vigil for Youth: The Ascended Masters' Rescue Mission for the Youth of the World, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Ruth Hawkins was a keeper of the flame who made her ascension in October 1995 from the Temple of the Sun, the etheric retreat of the Goddess of Liberty over Manhattan. The messenger has described her as a fiery, stalwart soul who gave greatly to the cause of the Great White Brotherhood. From 1963 to 1973 she was the director of The Summit Lighthouse Study Group in Los Angeles, which was then called Saint Germain's Freedom Group. As the twin flame of Paul the Venetian, Ruth was wholly devoted to truth and beauty. She was an artist and poured her great devotion into her painting. She created many portraits of the ascended masters.

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