Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 46  No. 3 - The Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich - January 19, 2003

Hear the Message of Responsibility

Your Focus Must Always Be to the Youth

The Messenger's remarks before the dictation:

Nicholas Roerich addresses the youth of every nation with the fiat “Conquer self!” and encourages them to polish the components of self until the Hum of the universe<*> is intact within their chakras.

The Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich:

Beloved ones, I greet you in the name of my twin flame. I greet you, beloved, for I have been, down the centuries, one who has been in the Far East. I have been Russian by birth. I have come to these shores. And many of you know, know well, of what I have attempted to do for the world.<1>

I have indeed championed the cause of peace in many ways. But I must tell you, beloved, we must recruit many, many souls for the restoration of youth. And youth are the foundation of the decades and centuries to come. Therefore, beloved, I ask you and I implore you to seek to care for students, to counsel, to advise, to give comfort, to give love, to teach them what they are not learning in their schools and to help them enter universities of higher learning.

I would speak, then, to all youth of the world.<**> I would speak especially of those between the ages of ten and twenty-one. I say to you, beloved, these years of your life are years when you may squander a great deal of energy in what the scriptures call riotous living.<2>

As you read the magazines, as you see what is happening in the colleges and universities and high schools of the nation, you come to realize that the imbibing of beer, alcohol, drugs of every kind, stronger and stronger drugs that are killing the youth of the generation—so, beloved, look at this and say to yourself: “I am in the prime of my youth. My sacred fire is with me in my chakras. I have a mission and a calling. I will not make, thus, such and such karma and therefore take many years to pay the debts of my irresponsibility in youth.”

The Future Depends on What You the Adults Do

You know that children even below the age of ten are finding cigarettes, are finding drugs, are not being cared for by their parents who work or have single-parent homes. Blessed ones, you cannot build a nation of children who are not with their mothers and fathers at least a good deal of the time, where they have that sense of inner and outer confidence, of independence, a sense of self-worth, a sense of reinforcement, a sense of [their parents] taking the child where he must go.

Parents, do not fear to discipline your children. For they will thank you many times over when they are past the years of so-called riotous living. They will thank you because they will not have squandered the light and lifeblood of their beings.

So many young people today in the United States are losing the way. The institutions of learning do not support them. They have not learned how to read and write, whether in kindergarten, grammar school, junior high, senior high. And by the time they go to college they still cannot spell and can hardly read and write. It is a deplorable condition! Do you think that it just happened? Well, I tell you it did not just happen. It has been a plot of the force since the turn of the century and before to select those of elite parents, to make them elitists and therefore to allow them to rule other children who would receive a scrambled education and therefore could not compete.

This plot has gone on by the Luciferians and fallen angels in embodiment for more than a hundred years and in every nation. Yet America is the subject of the attack, for these fallen ones would destroy America and save it only for the Nephilim and their offspring, those who have no light.

Blessed ones, you must see the plight of the schools, the classrooms, the deplorable conditions and the fact, beloved, that abortion enters here for the very reason that if you do not have a proper curriculum and proper teachers—even if everything else around you is crumbling—if you do not have that element, then society will break down.

So, precious ones, this is a cry from my heart. Do you know that all of us weep from time to time, whether ascended masters or angels? Yes, we weep, beloved. On the one hand, we would turn back the clock and be in embodiment. On the other hand, we always know that we can do more for you from the ascended state.

Things are going down very, very fast, beloved. Be grateful that you can place your children in private schools here in Montana or where you reside. The future of civilization depends on what you the adults do—how much you are willing to challenge, how much you are willing to demonstrate in the streets, how much you are willing to make the difference.

I point out one thing to you, that when Saint Germain calls upon you and gives you a labor, gives you an assignment, and you go after it and you accomplish it, you always win. You always win, you always succeed when you make up your mind that you have to devote the time, you have to devote your hearts and energy, you have to put many things aside for the saving of civilization itself.

Hear the message of responsibility! You may hear it again and again, beloved. You know your self-worth. You know what you have in this science and this teaching. Understand, there are very few like you on the face of the earth. The teachings must be spread abroad. They must be translated. But your focus must always be to the youth.

Therefore I say, what you have here is something that is rare on the face of the earth, yet many have started preschools and been successful and done well and seen to it that children have accelerated and gone beyond their peers. You have seen this not only in this Church but in many areas. But it is not enough. It is not enough. Too many children cannot understand what teachers are trying to teach them. But [many teachers] still do not seem to know how to teach children.

Disenfranchised Generations Will Turn to War, Revolution,
Upheaval of Entire Societies

So, beloved, the messenger has seen this in South America, how the state of education in some countries goes down and down, how many children will never have an education at all because they are a part of the homeless. And in some countries, the homeless are a high percentage of the population of that country.<3> So you see, beloved, generations and generations of children with no education, no literacy. The messenger has spoken about this in her lectures from Saint Germain in South America.<4>

This is the situation, beloved. As generations of children are disenfranchised, have no vote, no place to call their own, no station in life, have no sense of worthiness, then what do they turn to? They will turn to war. They will turn to revolution. They will turn to upheaval of entire societies. For these children will outnumber those who are of the middle class and the wealthy, and so they do this day; and so their parents do also, who have no education and had none before them.

This is a vicious cycle. Where will it end? I tell you where it will end. It will end when you decide to become a saint, not in heaven but on earth, because you have said, “My heart goes out. I must put all else aside. I must give my decrees, make my calls, help run the centers. And the very first priority thereafter is the children, even the children that are unborn in the womb, even the children that are long before aborted.”<5> The children are our concern—the children, beloved.

Have you cut the tie to your own inner child? Do you not feel your soul when your soul is happy or your soul is down? You have a child within you. Do you neglect the child? Is that why society neglects her children—neglects her children, beloved—because people are numb to children, especially those who have committed abortions?<6> It goes round and round. What will happen to the planet? These are the holy innocents, and God shall bring the judgment.

Take the Opportunity to Teach the Children

Therefore, beloved, take the opportunity. Take the opportunity to teach the children, even your neighbor's children next door, whatever children, but make some time of intimacy with a child, whether a relative or not, to be together, to learn the Bible, to learn the language of their mother tongue, to bring them into that sense: “Why, I am a person. I have rights. I can vote. I can make the difference. I will find my way through school. I will get there. I will be the exception.”

These driving spirits are indeed the exception. Most children need more help than simply being left somewhere to make it on their own. Care for the children, beloved. Care for the children because [otherwise] you too may wind up with a karma of neglect of the children. May you go forth, then, and teach them.

Children are loving. They are grateful. They will thank you forever. Thousands of years from now the children whom you have taught will meet you on the high road of the heaven-world and they will stop and say: “Thank you for helping me on that day. You allowed me to become who I am, to learn, to make something of myself, to have a sense of dignity and to contribute to society what you and God have given to me.”

Rescue Life

Let us ponder these things, beloved. America is a people of great dedication and hard work, but they also waste time in much recreation that is unnecessary, in much going here and there. You are too insulated, beloved, much too insulated. Children cry out to you, but you are watching the TV set, you are going to movies, you are having parties. You have done it for centuries. It has been a European pastime for centuries.

If this is the hour, the day and the life of your ascension, then rescue life. Rescue life, I beg of you. For if you do not, this world may become a barren and a bleak place. And it will not be able to be turned around after a certain point, even as the elements of the earth that are misused or that are unbalanced due to the conditions of abortion may also not be returned to their lush state.

Anything can happen on the earth, beloved. But I ask you, for this one focus apart from education, to go after the aliens and fallen angels and their spacecraft and to do so fully armoured with Archangel Michael's [etheric] sword and much decreeing beforehand.<7> We must purge the earth of the fallen angels and get on with the salvation of the sons and daughters of God.

I am Nicholas Roerich, your mentor of the Spirit. Call to me. I await your calls. I will answer them as swiftly as Lanello answers your calls. [51-second standing ovation]

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o'er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

* Hum (Sanskrit, pronounced hoom): a seed syllable for manifestation. The messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet has explained the Hum of the universe as “the power of God, as Above so below, meeting in the heart” (October 22, 1985).

** Note: You may wish to share this message with your children.

This dictation by the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thursday, June 27, 1996, during the conference A World Convocation of Spiritual Seekers, held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Throughout these notes, PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom. For book ordering information, go to The Summit Lighthouse online bookstore.

1. Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), world-famous artist, explorer, author, scientist, philosopher, was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work to preserve cultural institutions and landmarks during wartime. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “A Profile of Nicholas Roerich,” in 1990 PoW, vol. 33, no. 43; and 2002 PoW, p. 392 n. 8. For ages 9 and up, see: Warrior of Light: The Life of Nicholas Roerich—Artist, Himalayan Explorer and Author by Colleen Messina.

2. Luke 15:13.

3. Accurate statistics on the homeless in South America are not available. According to the online CIA World Factbook 2002 (with data from 1997-2001), the percentage of South American populations living below the poverty level is as high as 70 percent in some countries. Unemployment rates are as high as 25 percent, and under-employment is widespread.

4. See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “Saint Germain's Prophecy for the Aquarian Age,” in 1996 PoW, nos. 5, 6. See also the dictations delivered by Saint Germain and the seven archangels in South America in March 1996 (1996 PoW, nos. 7-35; 37-39; 1997 PoW, nos. 1-13); and Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium, containing teachings given during the messenger's stumping tour.

5. The children are our concern. See Nurturing Your Baby's Soul: A Spiritual Guide for Expectant Parents by Elizabeth Clare Prophet; eds. Nancy Hearn and Dr. Joye Bennett, and Wanting to Be Born: The Cry of the Soul by Dr. Neroli Duffy

6. “If you are a woman who has had an abortion or a man who has encouraged a woman to have an abortion, the messenger assures you that whether or not you knew about the sin of abortion at the time, it is not going to prevent your ascension in this lifetime if you give yourself to God in a service that can balance that karma. Such service would include helping children in some way, working with children, praying and decreeing for the youth or bearing a child if it is God's will” (Walking with the Master: Answering the Call of Jesus, p. 273). On February 27, 1993, the Blessed Mother Mary said: “If abortion has entered your life, I say, call upon the violet flame for the healing of the soul in pain for its mission cut off. Call on the law of forgiveness for yourself. Do not condemn yourself, for I, Mary, do not condemn you, but I urge you to seek early the opportunity of serving life and caring for children that you might learn to love your own inner child and balance the karma of abortion. And pray that in due course you might have a family and bring in the soul or souls whom you aborted through ignorance in an hour when you were perhaps distraught, misled, faced with choices without being given the facts about the life that was aborning in your womb—or perhaps you knew and denied what you knew” (see 1993 PoW, pp. 208-10). See also Wanting to Be Born, pp. 78-80.

7. Invoke your spiritual armour of protection and Archangel Michael's etheric sword of blue flame in your prayer work with decree 10.00, “Lord Michael,” and the decrees in the blue section of Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees.

Protect Our Youth

Beloved heavenly Father! Beloved heavenly Father!
Beloved heavenly Father!
Take command of our youth today
Blaze through them opportunity's ray
Release perfection's mighty power
Amplify cosmic intelligence each hour
Protect, defend their God-design
Intensify intent divine
The power of infinite light
Blazing through our youth
Releasing cosmic proof
Acceptable and right
The full power of cosmic light
To every child and child-man
In America and the world!
Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!