Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 46 No. 12 - Beloved Goddess of Liberty - March 23, 2003

A Fierce Determination to Save This Planet

I Authorize You to Kick the Fallen Ones
out of the Earth by Your Judgment Calls
and Your Dynamic Decrees

Ho, legions of liberty! Gather in this place. Descend and intensify and balance the threefold flame of each one. Let violet flame caress this fleur-de-lis.<*> And let the power of God balance the threefold flame in each heart as each devotee does implore his Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence to bring balance to that flame.

Serve in love. Serve in the will of God. Serve in wisdom, beloved. And understand how you shall increase, how you shall bear the torch of liberty. For I am come, and I am determined that we shall go after the demons and fallen angels that infest the bodies, the minds and the souls of our youth.

Beloved ones, it is necessary—and I have called to Astrea —that all those who are the rock musicians, whether they are of the light or they are not of the light, must be stripped of their demons and their drugs. Well, beloved ones, they do not wish to be stripped of their demons and their drugs. Yet the Great Law has given to them this proposal:

Either give up these substances and this state of consciousness willingly or your karma shall descend. For you have set an example to the youth of the world which is anti-God and truly ungodly. Therefore, you have had long opportunity to cease what you have done on Atlantis and in the halls of Lemuria, in the very sacred places.

The time is come; therefore the Lords of Karma have decreed it and so the Solar Logoi have decreed it, that these fallen ones and those who follow them must be stripped of all power and light until they will serve the light—turn and serve that light and make an about-face and be willing to march to the sun of Helios and Vesta, balancing their karma every step of the way. This is the option, beloved:

Bend the knee before Alpha and Omega and cease this hypnotic beat that you have put upon the children of the world, else you shall know your judgment. Therefore I, the Goddess of Liberty, give a certain time and times for you to make that turnabout.

And thus it is decreed, for the Lords of Karma have determined it, that you have entered this century having come out of the dark caverns of Atlantis. You are the ancient Atlantean ones. You, therefore, perverted the youth at that time and you are doing so again. And those who support you in the music industry will also be judged.

And this is our decree this day! And it shall come to pass! For we will no longer allow this generation and following generations to be spoiled by these fallen Atlanteans! So be it!

[38-second standing ovation]

I thank you for your standing ovation that denotes that you are in accord with the Lords of Karma. [10-second applause]

Drugs and the Drug Lords Must Be Judged

Now we come for an even more vicious manifestation in the earth and out of the dark ones and the fallen angels who move among our youth. And that, beloved, as you know, is all manner of drugs—every sort of recreational drug, hallucinogenic drug, every blackness and darkness that comes out of the laboratories of those who meet in the underworld of death and hell. Drugs in every nation and the drug lords around the world, beloved, must be judged. You may collect their names, their societies. You may collect the names of the drugs that they continue to manufacture and the new drugs they put upon it.

Beloved ones, innocent teens, young children who want to be part of this scene and part of the crowd, many of them have died at the expense and hand of these fallen ones. The government of the United States of America has not done enough. The governments of the nations of South America have not done enough. The governments of Asia and around the world have not done enough. For they make money off of the children, the young people and even the adults who partake of these substances.

These ones who partake of them—some of the light and some of the darkness and some neither—they, beloved, enter into this hallucinating vibration, for they do not desire to live. They do not desire to have everlasting life. They do not want to bend the knee before the Lord Christ or the Lord Krishna or Sanat Kumara or Gautama Buddha or Padma Sambhava. They will not bend the knee, beloved.

And therefore, let all people of light around the world make it your business to rise early and demand the judgment of the drug lords who are ruining America, even the very smallest children, ruining the children in the womb whose mothers are taking heroin and all manner of unclean substances.

Beloved ones, no one yet has been able to stop this horrendous pollution of the earth. Therefore we, the Lords of Karma, come to you, because we know that when we make the call and give you what is our agenda, you will fight! You will move! You will take your stand! And we shall see the judgment and the consuming of these evildoers, again, who have come out of not only Atlantis but ancient Lemuria.

Will you help us, beloved, by the science of the spoken Word? [“Yes!” (31-second standing ovation)] Let those for whom this task is a challenge and a joy, I ask you, beloved.

As you have heard the messenger so reason in the past and recently in South America, if you stand by and watch the disintegration of souls (whether of light or darkness), the disintegration of bodies in the womb, the disintegration of opportunity, if you stand by and do not feel the fire of God as though it were the fire of Zeus descending and purging the earth of these drug lords—beloved ones, we know that you have that fire and we say, if you do not do something about it and you do not balance your karma in this life, you might find yourselves returning a victim of these circumstances even as a small child.

Never take it for granted, beloved, that you can make your ascension without strong work and determination. Do not take for granted that you shall clean escape this planet and enter the octaves of light without having worked long and hard to balance your karma and to set things right in this civilization. Do not take a chance, then, on departing from that road and course you are on, which is to defend life and to go after these criminals.

Who Shall Go Forth and Challenge These Evils?

Beloved hearts, we would look to the leaders. We would look to the United Nations. We would look to those who govern nations. And what do we find? We find cowards. We find those who position themselves and reposition themselves and cannot take a stand. They fear what? Do they fear the loss of their souls? Do they fear because the tyrants, the fallen angels hold them in their reach?

O beloved ones, it is a dastardly thing that continues in the earth—slovenliness, not caring for life. I ask you that if you are not going to be picketing in the streets, go to your inner sanctuaries and cry unto the LORD and know that I, the Goddess of Liberty, hold in my arms every soul upon this earth. I am the Mother of Liberty. And I am determined that you shall embrace and internalize my threefold flame by solid service and solid dynamic decrees. You can be transformed in the twinkling of the eye of God. Just call to me, for I am at the head of the Lords of Karma. Call to me, beloved, for I will accelerate your progress. I will assist in lifting your burdens.

Blessed hearts, it is clear. I repeat it again. Where in the world shall we find those who shall go forth and challenge these evils? This must be done, for the evil in the electronic belts, in the subconscious and the unconscious of the fallen ones is a large percentage of why earth has such heavy karma now—it is the heavy karma of the fallen ones. Therefore I authorize you to kick them out of the earth by your judgment calls and your dynamic decrees. Go to it, beloved! It has been your assignment since your birth. [30-second standing ovation]

To Be Effective, the Violet Flame Must Pass through Your Throat Chakra

Now you have heard of Saint Germain's great need for the violet flame to forestall a cataclysm that, once begun, will not be turned around.<1> You have also heard from Omri-Tas and his dispensations.<2> Blessed ones, in order for the violet flame to be effective, it must pass through your throat chakra as you demonstrate to all life the science of the spoken Word, which is the all-power of God and his Word in the Beginning.<3>

It is not enough to know about the violet flame. You must pursue it. You must take your mantras that you know and say them even between dialing phone calls or waiting for a bus or having downtime here and there. Shout your violet-flame fiats to the heavens, beloved.

You may be small in numbers but you are vast in the multiplication of your causal bodies. As you could see those causal bodies combine as one, you would see the superstrength that you have in God. The key is to believe that you have that strength and the power of that causal body and that mighty I AM Presence to bring down to the earth that power of transmutation.

Beloved ones, you see what you can accomplish here. I ask you truly to discover ways and means to multiply that action. When you tie in through the phone patch<4> to King Arthur's Court, you have points of light all over the United States and anywhere in the world where there are keepers of the flame and telephone service. You have the opportunity to ring the planet by the conveyance through the telephone lines with violet flame, with violet flame of Arcturus and Victoria and all the legions of the Violet Planet.

Trust in the LORD and Put Your Armour and Shield On

See to it, beloved, that you know when to seal your violet flame and do battle against the forces of Antichrist. We have labors that are yet upon the altar. These labors must be accomplished. These are labors for the binding of aliens, their spacecraft, their entering earth's patterns and evolutions, their stealing of the genetic material of the people of earth and even taking babies from their mothers' wombs.

Blessed ones, this is a fierce challenge. But, again, do not be afraid, for the LORD God Almighty is backing you. Keep his commandments. Send love to all. Be not critical or condemnatory of others but elevate all whom you meet. Trust in the LORD and put your armour and shield on.<5> Go forth to battle with that intense white fire, the cylinder of white flame that dances around you, through you, through the organs of your body, stimulating new life and youth.

Yes, beloved. This is a task which you can accomplish but it will take all that you have—all of your blood, sweat and tears. So, beloved, understand this. The victory of the God-flame within you is there. Reignite it each day and you will one day see that that flame will never go out, that immortality shall displace mortality, that eternal life shall displace the death and hell that the fallen ones have made of this planet.

Now you, my sons and daughters, I ask you, on behalf of all those who know not what they do, may you pray for them swiftly to be enlightened. And may you go forth willingly and gladly that you can share this teaching with the evolutions of earth.

In the name Sanat Kumara, I call for reinforcements again, again and again to bind the drug trafficking and the drug lords of the world. Let it be done! Their time is up. The archangels await your call for you to bind them and take them to another place where they either stand before the Court of the Sacred Fire for judgment or are given an opportunity to turn around and be constructive midst this civilization.

O beloved ones, I tell you, the beings of light in heaven today are fierce in their determination to save this planet! We convey to you the fierceness of our hearts, which is the fierceness of the Holy Spirit. We convey to you our love of humanity and our love especially for the lightbearers who can carry the world into a golden age, if you choose to do so. And I believe you do so choose. And I thank you.

[31-second standing ovation]

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

*threefold flame

This dictation by the Goddess of Liberty was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thursday, July 4, 1996,during the eleven-day conference A World Convocation of Spiritual Seekers, held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Saint Germain's great need for the violet flame to forestall cataclysm. On March 2, 1996, Saint Germain said: “If you who know better do not engage in serious karma balancing, giving powerful fiats to the violet flame for world transmutation, you could very well see come to pass that cataclysm that has been predicted for so long. And if it come to pass, the advances civilization has achieved to this hour could take thousands of years to regain, depending on the severity of earth changes. Continents could be severed and nations divided....

“Understand this, beloved: The sine wave of the ages continues regardless of the comings and goings of humanity. It is irrevocable. It can no more be stopped than the rising and the setting of the sun or the rotation of the earth around the sun. But the course that humanity takes in the cycles of the night (the cycles of returning karma) and the cycles of the day (the cycles of opportunity to sow seeds of good karma and to balance negative karma) will determine how the ages are outplayed....

“Humanity must reverse the tide of their descending karma so that they might transmute that karma by their violet-flame decrees before it crystallizes in the physical octave. For once humanity's negative karma does crystallize in the earth, in the four lower bodies of the people and in all life..., it will take a tremendous purify the world of its human effluvia. If this should come to pass, then planetary cataclysm will become the solution of God and Nature to humanity's misuse of their material and spiritual resources. And humanity's self-created nightmare will be irreversible....

“By your diligent application of the violet flame you can not only forestall cataclysm but also accelerate world enlightenment. Beloved, if you can keep ahead of the descending avalanche of negative world karma through your violet-flame decrees and your service to me and to the Darjeeling Council, then we may have a victory that is without precedent in the annals of the Great White Brotherhood!” (1996 PoW, vol. 39, no. 8, pp. 47, 50, 51-52). See also Saint Germain, July 4, 1996, “Give Me Three Years” (delivered following the dictation of the Goddess of Liberty), in 1998 PoW, vol. 41, no. 27.

2. For background on Omri-Tas and key violet-flame dispensations, see 1991 PoW, pp. 746-50. See also Omri-Tas, July 4, 1996, in 1998 PoW, vol. 41, no. 28.

3. John 1:1-3.

4. Connection to King Arthur's Court via telephone patch. In 1996, head- quarters and participating teaching centers and study groups began using teleconferencing equipment to bridge, or “patch,” the audio program in King Arthur's Court to groups throughout the United States and Canada as well as to international groups. This process allowed devotees at these centers to simultaneously participate in conferences and services conducted at the ranch. That technology has since been replaced with Internet broadcasts.

5. See Eph. 6:11-18.