Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 27 - Beloved Saint Germain - July 4, 2004

I Release the Flame of Freedom
for the Resurgence of New York

Part 1

Hail, Keepers of the Flame in the earth! I am come to you in this hour with the fervor of the flame of freedom, with the fervor of your own hearts multiplied many thousand times over in my heart, by my heart and by the great hearts of the servants of the seventh ray. So, in the name Omri-Tas, I release the flame of freedom for the resurgence of New York!

[35-second standing ovation]

Angels of Archangel Uriel and Gabriel come now with the living flame of the resurrection in their auras, and they are placed strategically at certain points throughout the city. There are millions upon millions of these angels. Thus, the resurrection flame is multiplied by the power of the seventh ray. And there is a new day of opportunity, and that has not come without the sponsorship of my beloved Portia, the ascended lady master of justice. Therefore, beloved, receive her now, for without her this resurgence in New York could not come about. [21-second standing ovation]

I now release upon the messenger the fire of the resurrection and of the violet flame. And I direct you to study the meaning of the gainsaying of Core,1 for, beloved ones, there are many who have condemned our messengers, even the messenger Moses, and denied the mantle of prophecy or the mantle of God.

So let it be known that we yet speak through this messenger. And let there be not the denial but let there be the multiplication of that light which we speak. And let Keepers of the Flame know that there are many who would snuff out the mouthpiece and snuff out the continuity of the prophecy of God in the earth. I say this to you, beloved, that you might appreciate the instrumentation we have whereby to anchor in the physical earth by the spoken Word of the LORD God those dispensations which are absolutely essential to your victory.

May you defend the mantle. May you defend the heart, the body and the soul and the mind and even the reputation, if you will, of your messenger. And do the same for one another, for holy Church and for the ascended masters. For, blessed ones, I give you a report of those things that I must call to your attention since our October conference in Atlanta.2 Please be seated.

Many of you have made the calls to Sanat Kumara and the legions of angels.3 You have sent them on hundreds and hundreds of missions. They have gone forth. They have accomplished many noble deeds and mighty tasks. They have wrestled with the fallen ones at deep levels of the astral plane in answer to your call, and changes are happening at many levels.

But I must say to you, beloved, I give you the same counsel that you have received this day and that counsel is this: that when you send so much light forth, you must be wary of the backlash upon yourselves as the instrument of the call. For when you make those calls and command the legions and hosts of Sanat Kumara, you are also messengers, you are also the mouthpiece of the holy ones of God. And therefore by your very fiat you bring upon yourselves also and your community the backlash that you must deal with ahead of time.

Sometimes you ought to try the strategy of dealing with the backlash before you have called for the reversing of the tide of the darkness of the fallen ones. And therefore you will catch them off guard, for they are not planning upon you reversing the order of your decrees. And it is well to do so and to do it often.

Therefore, to anticipate what the fallens ones will do, to take care of them and then secure a mighty thrust for a purpose in momentous services in my name, may you not cease to exhaust yourselves in giving the very last measure of violet flame that you can give forth in each and every day of your life and service.

Yes, beloved hearts, this action of the sacred fire and of the Great Central Sun and of the Violet Planet is having its alchemy in the earth. You yourselves know what that alchemy can be when you go after the subconscious and the unconscious levels of being. You may contact areas of yourself and your own dweller that will surprise you, shock you, hurt you and make you wonder, “Where has all this come from?” Well, it has been from many lifetimes. And it has been deliberately sealed by your beloved Holy Christ Self that you might deal with these momentums in a certain level of God-mastery. And a certain level of God-mastery many of you have surely gained.

I say, keep on keeping on and understand that the full God-mastery must come when you have exchanged those levels of the unconscious, caused the violet flame to fill those caverns and that which was once a reaction against any part of life is now utterly consumed. And therefore when you dip into the soul’s intuitive faculties and the power of the soul to contact the deep things of God, it will not be hampered by the electronic belt, by the thoughtforms on the twelve lines of the Clock, nor will it be hampered by old records and ancient times.

Yes, beloved ones, you see a great alchemy happening in the earth as the result of your celebration of Omri-Tas’ Day. And how delighted we are that you have decided to double the time, for the time was always yours and always yours to understand. Thus forty-eight hours, beloved ones, shall become our term for the saturation of the earth with the violet flame of Omri-Tas as has not been seen in many a year.4

And what result shall this have? It does give Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet, and his 144,000 priests and priestesses of the sacred fire a new dispensation themselves. For by multiplying the violet-flame sea in the heart of the earth and by securing the reservoir of violet flame in Europe, you see, beloved, you give to us more opportunity, and I may even gain greater grants as a result of this. So I am highly pleased with the efforts of many Keepers of the Flame.

And I would like to tell you an anecdote about the messenger. This anecdote she does not expect me to tell you, beloved ones, but... So she was meditating and lying down with face down and deciding that in this brief meditation she would relax all parts of her body and put herself into the meditation of a free fall, falling, then, into the arms of God and feeling the letting go of all tensions of the day.

After a time the messenger realized that in this free fall she had come to the center of the earth and was swimming in the violet-flame sea. This gift I gave to her because she does so love the sea. And therefore she swam in the violet-flame sea and, with the aqua waters mingling, knew the warmth and the beauty and the exhilaration to the body, the soul and the mind of the violet-flame sea.

So, thus you may try this meditation. It requires that you disengage the mind from the tensions of the body and have such trust in God that you visualize yourself descending, falling into the arms of divine love, content that divine love will receive you and take you where it desires. Know, then, beloved, that you have not even tapped the unlimited healing resources of that violet-flame sea.

Why, beloved, you may call to the archangels, for that is their witness and their duty, to take you to the heart of the earth. Why, they take you to the retreats in the etheric octave, beloved. Is it not a small matter for them to take you to the heart of the earth so that you, too, can splash in the waters of the violet-flame sea and know a regeneration and a rejuvenation that you may come back to New York filled with the fires of the violet flame and contribute to the stream of light being released through the angels of Uriel, through the angels of Zadkiel, through the angels of Gabriel for the resurgence of the original flame of New York, the flame of the Temple of the Sun?

So, beloved, with all of your calling, remember to [make the] call. And some of you have not figured out how to remember every hour on the hour to make that fiat. It is well to do so, for such a momentum, beloved, shall multiply your causal body many times over, shall increase your capacity for alchemy, for God-mastery and for the great joy of the living flame of cosmic freedom.

Oh, how the violet flame could do so much more for you if you did so much more for it! And yet you have given a great, great deal. So we look forward to the days preceding the Easter conference when you will have your Omri-Tas’ Day, when you will have your fourth of the month.5 And we shall see how the world has responded to the Pearls and the messages that the messenger has sent.

Beloved hearts, I am beyond all God-gratitude for this sanctuary and for every one of you. I give a very personal thanks for whatever measure you put into this mighty effort to establish this focus here. How well we know how the forces of death and hell have opposed you. How well we know how your very own decrees and determination and devotions have mandated this release and sponsorship.

I cannot, therefore, express to you enough my profound gratitude. And in this moment I not only bow to the light within you, Portia does also bow to the light within you, but we also add to the cup of light that is on the altar of the secret chamber of the heart. We add to it, then, a portion of elixir of the violet flame that might be there as a focus of the Blood of Christ, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, of my own Purple Fiery Heart, the Magnanimous Heart of Lanello, the Diamond Heart of Morya.

Thus our five hearts we have committed to you to celebrate in the First Saturdays and the First Fridays.6 Let this be a divine ritual of communion. May you include the celebration of your own heart and the heart of your own Holy Christ Self. For wherever the heart is opened, wherever one heart multiplies another and ascended beings multiply the hearts of their chelas, there is thus formed that mighty action of the Diamond Heart.

The Diamond Heart of all of us, beloved, is gathered round you this day. We form within that heart of light a circle of fire of angels above and yourselves below. And we seal this sanctuary at this midnight hour in the living flame of cosmic freedom.

May you rejoice, then, in all those things that are in the realm of the possible. For you yourselves have opened doors to angels and therefore will make possible those things that were, not so very long ago, simply blueprints and drawings on the drawing board of our beloved El Morya in the Darjeeling Council. It is a gratifying experience, beyond all telling, for an ascended master to lay plans which those on earth will receive as a communication, will take up with fervor and joy, will be renewed in their own bodies by the resurgence of New York, the resurgence of the flame of freedom and of the resurrection fires.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 28.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, March 13, 1993, during 24 Hours with Elizabeth Clare Prophet in New York City, a two-day event held March 13 and 14, 1993.

1. Jude 1:11.

2. The five-day conference Voyages of Soul Discovery was held October 8-12, 1992, at the Castlegate Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia.

3. Call to Sanat Kumara every hour on the hour. In a landmark dictation on October 11, 1992, Sanat Kumara gave a dispensation allowing us to command him “to take command of any and all affairs in the world.” He said: “Blessed ones, without ceremony and without missing a beat of your daily responsibilities, you can breathe . . . the single fiat and the single prayer.... But give this word... and I will give the word and legions of angels, millions of angels will go forth in your command. Simply be specific.... Simply say, [for instance]: ‘In the name of Brahman, in the name I AM THAT I AM,... Sanat Kumara, take command of the youth of the world! Take command of drug, rock music, alcohol, nicotine and sugar addictions. Sanat Kumara, bind the entire sinister force of the attack on the youth of the world!... Sanat Kumara, go after the entire matter of health care for the people of this nation and every nation and bind all forces opposing their perfect health, including ___________________________________!... In the name of Sanat Kumara, I demand the binding of every evil force in the earth this hour!’. . . A one-sentence call thoughtfully worded and given as a fiat to me by name, Sanat Kumara, will result in an action of the hosts of the LORD and the armies of the Faithful and True. How can you, then, resist making that single call? I pray that you will not forget so great a salvation that I am offering to you.

...Think of yourselves as commanders of battalions and legions of angels. Think of yourselves as standing before a hundred thousand angels who await the word of the command.... Therefore, you must qualify your prayer: ‘Let this call be executed by the legions of light according to the will of God and only the will of God. Sanat Kumara, not my will but thine be done!’” (1992 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 619-24, 625). On October 12, 1992, in response to Sanat Kumara’s dispensation, Saint Germain said: “I desire to sponsor those of you who will make it the centerpiece of your life to command angels and to determine how you will clock the hours to remind yourselves that each hour on the hour you may give a thirty-second call [in the name of Sanat Kumara] consisting of commands [to the legions of light] for the liberation of the oppressed souls of an entire world” (1992 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 731-32). On July 4, 1993, Saint Germain spoke again of the importance of making “a call every hour on the hour—a simple call in the name of Sanat Kumara to assign the angels and legions of light and hosts of the LORD to go forth for the binding of Evil in the earth. Well, beloved ones, the messenger has programmed a computer to beep every hour on the hour. I suggest you do the same, for when you hear that little beep you can give a fiat of thirty seconds or a minute. And in the time it takes you to make that fiat, you can go through your lists and you can empower millions of angels as you send them to deal with areas of crisis throughout the globe” (1994 Pearls of Wisdom, p. 282). See also Arcturus and Victoria, 1993 Pearls of Wisdom, p. 440; and Lanello and K-17, March 26, 1997, in 1997 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 97-98.

4. See “Omri-Tas’ Day: A 48-Hour Opportunity,” in 1993 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 72-76 and the accompanying time-zone map. Also, 1993 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 453, 458; and 1994 Pearls of Wisdom, p. 7.

5. Twenty-four-hour El Morya vigil on the fourth of each month. See 1993 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 70, 71, 77-80, 367, 379, footnote 12

6. Devotion to the five hearts. In connection with the First Friday and First Saturday devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Keepers of the Flame also give devotion to the Diamond Heart of El Morya, the Purple Fiery Heart of Saint Germain and the Magnanimous Heart of Lanello. (See 1992 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 244-45.)

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