Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 32 - Beloved Mother Mary - August 8, 2004

Write Your Goal in the Earth—
Union with God Now!

Part 2

Understand this, beloved. You live in bodies of varying degrees of vibration corresponding to the planes of the Matter cosmos. These varying vibrations, from the concrete physical to the etheric level, carry recordings, recordings each at the level of the four lower bodies. Those recordings will be consumed by the violet flame, yet it is well that certain ones be named.

Why do you name the names of conditions of your body or your mind or your soul? It is so that the body itself, the four lower bodies and the body elemental may open their eyes, may have sensitivity, awareness and consciousness of those things that are transpiring at unconscious levels.

You must wake up the body elemental. And the two that become one must be your body elemental working hand in hand with your Holy Christ Self, whom you address as “the great regenerator.” Regenerate you will the Holy Christ Self do, if you but make that call to the resurrection flame.1

To celebrate my ascension this day, beloved, I come to you in my ascension garments. I ask you at the conclusion of my address to claim the mantle both of the ascended lady master Mary, Mother of Jesus, and of the archeia of the fifth ray. Thus, you see, there are two mantles involved. I descended from the angelic realm; I ascended through the realm of the sons and daughters of God. There are many angels on earth who are going that way and many in heaven who have already returned to heaven as ascended sons or daughters of God. For they did accept the call, as I did, to take physical incarnation to help the children of God and to defend them against fallen angels who would lead them astray.

I speak to you, then, of the great upheaval in the earth in these times, in the weather and the great burdens that have come upon this nation. Undoubtedly, beloved, you can see the hand of the Lords of Karma in the floods in the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers, the widening of these rivers and the inundating not only of towns but of souls and hearts and minds.2

Such a heavy karma to be paid, beloved! But you know that where the Lords of Karma are concerned, they desire to teach, especially those who are chosen for a purpose, the method of “pay as you go.” Paying karma as you go means that ultimately that karma will not accumulate to such a mighty mountain that it will overtake you in the day of its descent and destroy many, many lives.

Thus, there are lessons to be learned. Always there is the lesson from the taking of life through abortion, which is an accountability upon the nation. And then there is the neglect, many, many, many months of neglect, [of not] challenging the Serbs in [the former] Yugoslavia, in Bosnia.3

Blessed hearts, it still goes on. You will notice and you will understand that my focus there has remained guarded by angels.4 Nevertheless, [there are] lessons to be learned from the experience of atrocities unchallenged in large measure by the West or by the UN. These atrocities go to the very heart and core of the body of myself. For these are my children, whether they are Muslim or not. Their religion matters little to me.

What matters to me is that I ensoul the planetary consciousness of the Divine Mother in the earth and I come to succor all souls. There is a very deep, deep darkness and bitterness and cleavage in these souls who are abandoned by the West and who themselves now become hard and hardened and even more fanatical at the same time as they suffer severe depression for the neglect of the nations.

You know very well the conditions of the power elite in the earth and of the fallen angels and their agenda. You have heard of it many times. This agenda moves on, beloved. It is important that you make the call that what is not being said on the evening news be revealed so that the whole world can see the crime of the fallen angels practiced against a helpless humanity.

Now then, beloved, with the storms in the earth and with certain catastrophes that have happened, I must say to you that elemental life is groaning under the burden of the world karma that is not being met as it should be by the dispensation of Saint Germain, who came early in this century with the gift of the violet flame because he knew very well that it was the supreme antidote for the mounting karma of the planet.

Many have heard the teaching of the violet flame, and so many have not taken it up. Thus, elemental life being so burdened, you can see in those natural calamities and situations that are happening that elemental life can simply not hold the balance any longer.

Therefore, the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood has sent me to you this day to tell you that the October conference to be held in this place shall be dedicated to all elemental life in the planetary body, to the hierarchs of the elements and to the Elohim. As the Elohim came at spring equinox,5 so the elemental builders of form who work under the Elohim shall come at that autumn equinox.

So then know, beloved, that we attempt to hold the balance and not only for those things you have seen coming upon the earth but also for those things that shall continue to descend. The descent of karma does increase. That is the nature of the Dark Cycle that was begun* in 1990.6

Know, then, beloved hearts, that only the violet flame and good works and the conversion of hearts and the descent of the Holy Ghost upon you, because you prepare your temple, can mitigate this returning karma. Thus, remind yourself now and then of the pay-as-you-go policy of the Lords of Karma. If you pay, then the Lords of Karma deliver to you dispensations of light. They require that you pay, and then they match what you have given.

So then, I pray that many will gather at this Royal Teton Ranch this October in the heart of Saint Germain, in the heart of Omri-Tas to truly receive the dictations of the hierarchs of the elements and to dedicate all calls to the restoration of balance, the inner balance of the T’ai Chi, the Alpha and the Omega, of every single elemental from the greatest of the hierarchs of light to those who can be seen yet sliding down a blade of grass.

So, beloved ones, this is the first time in the history of The Summit Lighthouse that we have dedicated an entire conference to the healing, the purgation, the elevation and the raising up of all elemental beings of light on the planet.

Blessed hearts, this will also involve the exorcism of demons that surround elementals and of black magicians who control them by their cursings—black magicians such as those of the Indian Black Brotherhood and other false hierarchies who have programmed the elementals to move against the lightbearers and to cause calamities, catastrophes and accidents. So there must be also fasting and prayer prior to that conference so that you may enter into and perform that work in great joy when the conference convenes.

So, beloved, we of the Darjeeling Council have looked at the most pressing need of the planet, and that pressing need is to give a mighty assistance to all elementals at all levels of being and likewise to the angels who lead them—to give that assistance so that some of the natural calamities happening in the earth can be mitigated and even stopped.

May the sun of Helios and Vesta beam brightly upon you during this October class! And may you participate in this exercise on behalf of elemental life, whether you can be present physically at the ranch or not.

I therefore commend you now to the giving of my rosaries, for through those rosaries I can multiply, many million times over, the light released to you. It is an exalting experience and accelerating. For some it is a luxury, a luxury that you never quite find time to engage in.

Blessed hearts, even if you allow the rosaries to play while you sleep, it is better than not giving them at all. But wonders upon wonders could come through you and to you in this community, including the swelling of the ranks of the Church, if you would keep the perpetual novena of one person, at least, giving my rosary each hour continuously.

Let us see, then, and prove what the Divine Mother through me can do for you, what Omega can do, remembering always that it is the sacred fire, the fourth ray of the Divine Mother whereby the sacred fire of the Kundalini is raised up and you are restored to wholeness, twin flames are made one—body, soul, mind and spirit, all made one. Let harmony be a power that overcomes all discord in you. Let the power of God-harmony be the sign by which you conquer this day and always.

Now, beloved, I am grateful to be present, and I shall tarry to bless my golden elixir for you. May you find healing, healing within your being that then repels the absence of wholeness that allows sin, disease and death to enter in.

I draw a mighty ovoid of light around you each one. And I include in this ovoid the twin of yourself, the corresponding I AM Presence and causal being of your twin flame. I do not place in the ovoid around you the lower self or the untransmuted self of your twin flame. But I place there that presence of the causal body in the ovoid of light that you may begin the two in one by seeing and knowing the union of your causal bodies.

By that power of wholeness so then make your stamp in the earth. Draw it down from the Above, and here below so know that you can achieve that harmony in the lowest vessels of being. And when that God-harmony is complete, beloved, you will roll up as a scroll the lower nature, the lower being. And you will see that you yourself will never again have to descend lower than the highest etheric octaves unless you choose to join Maitreya one day, as he may return to earth, depending on the outcome of events. For he has said he may return in a golden age, perhaps in five hundred years or longer. What you do today will be a determining factor in the action he can take on behalf of earth.

May you rejoice in this hour to hold the earth in your hands, as I hold the earth in my hands, and know that in reality all the world’s problems can be resolved by the divine Shakti, the Word with Brahman in the Beginning.

O Brahman with the Word, bless all, seal all. And let the return to wholeness by unity be the mark of those who have received enlightenment this day through the teachings of my Son Jesus given to you through the messenger.

I mark the sign of the cross and of the crown. The crown is the circle of life and the sign that you have raised the Kundalini and sealed it. Thus shall you know the crown of everlasting life.

In Jesus’ name I serve. And I ask you, will you serve with me? [“Yes!”]

I bow to the light in you, and I magnify the Lord in your hearts! Amen.

[26-second standing ovation]

* I.e., that portion of the Dark Cycle that went into the physical quadrant.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Mother Marywas delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, August 15, 1993, in celebration of Mother Mary’s Ascension Day, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. See “Beloved Flame of Resurrection,” decree 60.00; “Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees,” 1.30; and “Christ Wholeness,” decree 50.02 in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

2. Mississippi and Missouri river floods. In April through September of 1993, record flooding engulfed the Midwest, producing one of the most serious and damaging natural disasters ever to hit the United States. All large midwestern rivers flooded, including the Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Des Moines and Wisconsin rivers. At St. Louis alone, the Mississippi River was above flood stage for 144 days. Floodwaters covered 17,000 square miles of land in all or part of nine states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois). Fifty flood deaths occurred, tens of thousands of people were evacuated, and over 56,000 homes were damaged, with at least 10,000 homes destroyed. Hundreds of towns were affected, leaving 75 towns under water, and at least 15 million acres of farmland were inundated. Damages approached $15 billion. Indirect losses from lost wages and production were incalculable.

3. Serbian aggression in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 1990, Yugoslavia overthrew Communism and soon after began to split into small religious and ethnic republics, including Serbia (predominantly Eastern Orthodox), Croatia (predominantly Catholic), and Bosnia-Herzegovina (predominantly Muslim). In June 1991, Serbia, for reasons of territorial ambition, invaded Croatia and in March 1992 expanded its offensive into Bosnia. By August 1993, the war in the former Yugoslavia had been raging for over two years. While Serbia’s brutal attacks aroused international condemnation, at the time of Mother Mary’s dictation, the Serbs were undeterred in their continuing massacre of the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina and devastation of the region.

4. Mother Mary’s focus in the former Yugoslavia. Mother Mary may be referring to the parish of Medjugorje, a small village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she had appeared almost daily to six youths since June 25, 1981. The Blessed Virgin’s messages to the world stressed peace, conversion, prayer, fasting, penance and a sacramental life. According to the youths (referred to as “visionaries”), the apparitions would continue until Mother Mary had given each of them ten secrets concerning future events. By the summer of 1993, the Blessed Virgin was still appearing daily to four of the youths and on special occasions to the others. Two of the seers had received the tenth and final secret; the others had received nine. As the war raged in Bosnia, pilgrims still flocked to Medjugorje. In June 1993, an estimated 40,000 visitors traveled from all over the world to Medjugorje for the twelfth anniversary of the first apparitions. As one pilgrim reported, “As the heart-rending stories come out of war-torn Bosnia, there is another side where only peace and love reign despite hardship and grief.”

5. The seven mighty Elohim and their divine complements dictated during the five-day Easter Retreat 1993, held at the Royal Teton Ranch.

6. Karma of Dark Cycles becoming physical. On April 23, 1990, the Dark Cycle of returning karma moved to the nine o’clock line (under the hierarchy of Libra) into the physical quadrant, where it remained for the next three years.

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