Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 46 - Beloved Victory - November 14, 1976

Indomitable Greetings of Cosmic Victory

Part II

How do you suppose it shall be done?  First of all, by the buoyant, joyous, transmutative release which I am making tonight, I expect you to go out and literally beat the world into submission!  You say to yourself, “Well, what do I do first?”  And I tell you, it is to actually focus that consciousness of God-victory in your own individual worlds. And when you do it, I tell you if you will remain constant to that sense of victory, it will make a wonderful change in your world, a change that will cause those little obstacles that so long have become the stumbling blocks in the pathway of your life to literally yield themselves unto me.

“Oh yes,” you say, “while the consciousness of Victory is buoyantly, joyously buoying me up, I am able to do all of that.”  Well, let me tell you something tonight:  When you understand that the God-power of Victory is literally alive within you, when you keep that consciousness enshrined as though it were an icon upon the wall of your being, it will transform you!  But when you let slip from your consciousness all of these things because the bugaboo of human nonsense stands there and says:  “Oh, you’re a terrible person; you are an egotistical person; you are a person of darkness and deceit; you have this fault and you have that fault”—so long as you accept that, you probably will.

But the moment that you begin to understand that only by cosmic grace and loveliness—manifested by Jesus the Christ and the ascended masters throughout the ages—will you ever be able to shake the dust off of your feet and find at last that you can arise in those triumphant moments whereby the great cosmic spirals of the cosmic fire become a tangible manifestation for you. How do you suppose this will be done?  Because the Spirit within you is made of the same substance as the Spirit of the ascended master.

Well, don’t you see then?  It is merely a matter of expressing those God-qualities which are already within yourself!  And the idea and concept that you cannot do it is a concept of satanic lore, a concept of luciferian strategy whereby humanity have accepted this and have not understood that at last the very cradle of God-victory is within themselves. When they understand this, then they are no longer a lone pine tree standing upon a lonely hill separated from the world and feeling so sorry for themselves.

Do you understand, then, that all of us are altogether with you, standing with you?  How in God’s name can you actually stumble any longer?  Well, you say, it isn’t exactly easy!  [Audience laughs.] Let me tell you that it may seem to be hard to actually do the will of God; but when you accept the spirit of your victory, you will be transformed in thought!  And whereas that action of thought may not immediately seem to percolate through to those decadent atoms which you have unfortunately not shepherded through the great cosmic fire often enough, then you will understand that that power of the Cosmic Christ that is universally within you and is now called into action will become a tangible manifestation from an ultimate standpoint and you will not be weary simply because you see some manifestation that is not already perfect.

This is one of the great stumbling blocks of humanity. It is the idea that they are not already perfect. Well, I tell you, they are!  They have simply accepted imperfection, and this has become the fiat of their world. They have accepted the dissonant beat of drums from an idle jungle of human nonsense, and they have denied the immortal facets of cosmic light that actually breathes and glistens within them. What do you suppose beats your heart, beloved ones?  Well, the power and energy that beats your heart is the power by which the worlds themselves are framed and by which they are turned in space and by which the glory of God becomes a tangible reality in the face of an avatar such as Jesus the Christ, in the face of an avatar such as El Morya.

All of these great ones—Kuthumi—they builded cathedrals; they struggled against the outer circumstances of the world. He became the divine poverello, as he was called, because he said:  “I will give myself unto thee. I will give myself unto God.”  And what really transpired?  Well, God already had him, but the devil seemed to have a hold of one foot; and somehow or other he was disturbed somewhat if that one foot was pulled upon. Well, I want you to understand that it doesn’t matter if they have you by both feet [audience laughs] if you understand that God is inside of you and he that is in you is greater by far than he that is in the world.1

It is a state of consciousness; it is a matter of understanding; it is a matter of the recognition of that understanding—by you, not by someone else. It is not enough for El Morya, the great master, to have in his consciousness that he can overcome the world and the state of the flesh and the state of outer carnal manifestation. But when the Spirit of God takes you over, something else will happen. It will not be a figment of your imagination!

Now let me say to you, why do you suppose I say that?  Because so many people have rationalized and brought out into the intellectual state of their being those very marvelous little tidbits of human knowledge that say that God is not, that Christ is not. Why, you would almost think, dear ones, that they would say they themselves were not!  But you seldom hear them say that.

Do you understand what I mean?  They will say that God is not—the great God of the universe. They will say that beloved Jesus is not, but the ones who say it don’t say that they are not. They seem to consider themselves, then, to be of superior intelligence and power of rationalization whereby they can literally rationalize all of the ascended masters out of existence.

Well, thank God that they have not done it!  For we are here! And our victory is a tangible manifestation within you if you will let it upon the altar of your heart and being!  And I tell you that it is the fervor of God by which I speak, that it is the victory of God by which I speak, that it is the devotion of God by which I speak, and that I AM come this very night from Venus to bring you the radiation of the sacred fire and the power of great invisible worlds even beyond that. I have traveled this very week to the very heart of the Great Central Sun!  And there I have been charged with those solar energies by which the very hub of creation turns and radiates and pours out its victorious energies for the accomplishment of God ideals.

Oh, you say, the pralaya will end. Well, let me tell you, though it may end, it will start again!  And I want you to know that the hub of creation will keep on radiating and turning in the diurnal movement of worlds without end throughout all time to come and throughout all eternity to come. And never will it stop!  It is like a top that is wound up forever because the energies of God are triumphant in it. And the energies of God are triumphant in you and they are a part of your own very soul!

Will you understand that?  Will you smile in your heart as you recognize the truth in my words?  For by this smile of acknowledgment, you will help to solidify in your world those buoyant, joyful, cosmic, radiant energies by which you were formed in the very beginning, and you will understand that those cosmic laws which enabled me to come here and speak to you tonight are the laws by which the universe is both guided and governed. And when you understand that, outer conditions are meaningless. Why?  Because you have understood the higher law, and the lower laws of human manifestation seem themselves to pale into insignificance.

Will you accept then tonight the idea of your own ascension in the light?  Well, the moment you accept it as a premise, what do you have to do?  Right away you start changing your life, because you know very well the conscious­ness you now have is not the consciousness of the ascension, nor is it the consciousness of your victory. So you set about the task of deciding for yourself that “I am going to do something about that and I am going to transform myself in consciousness.”

What is the end result?  The end result is a triumph for God. Every single soul that graduates from the schoolrooms of earth becomes a triumph for God. And strange as it may seem, this is one of the reasons why we sometimes display ascended masters in more than ordinary manners, because we want the whole universe to rejoice. As it was said in your own Bible, every sinner that repenteth causes joy in heaven.2 Well, let me assure you that the moment a man repenteth or a woman repenteth and turns to serve the light with all his heart, the light turns around to serve him with all of its. And what takes place?  Why, an entire transformation of course!

And you say to yourself—simply because you engage in a checkerboard consciousness, playing little games with yourself—you decide:  “After all, I heard Victory; I was inspired. I heard this or I heard that and I was inspired. But now I have all these tragic circumstances facing me and what am I going to do about it?  I’ve got to do something about it right now!”  And so you don’t do anything about it whatsoever. You simply suffer the qualms of conscience, the regrets and the pains that you got yourself into hot water in the first place.

Well, I want you to understand that the pathway to joy and deliverance and victory is one that is strewn with a lot of human nonsense behind it. Will you recognize, then, that you’d better throw out some of that ballast so your balloon can go higher?  [Audience laughs.] Well, if you will accept that, then I can do something for you, and you can do something for yourself. If you don’t accept it, I want you to understand that you will more or less stultify yourself, stand still, and sometimes go under the quicksand. For the quicksand is there!  It’s waiting to absorb you!  It wants to soak you up like a blotter or a sponge!  It wants to take you and rob you of your energy!

And what happens to the quicksand?  Well, down underneath, you see, they have a little tunnel. And you know what happens in that tunnel?  They take all of the energy they can steal from all of you, and where do they put it?  They put it out in the world to create negativity!  And so it becomes a vicious circle, and humanity is constantly the victim of it.

Well, when men understand at last that their victory—their God-victory—is within them and they understand that every cell has the imprint upon it of the words of eternal, immortal, ever living Victory, they will understand at last that that is the reason for rejoicing and they will no longer entertain those dark thoughts whereby their consciousness is dragged down as a whirlpool of defeat and darkness and sadness and their face grows long and becomes wrinkled [audience laughs] and they have all kinds of bad ideas and they can’t sleep and they decide that the whole world is against them!  Why, beloved hearts of light, the moment they begin to understand that this is nonsense, they will recognize that they can keep drawing that great sphere of cosmic victory!

You know what I am going to do for you tonight?  I am going to answer your calls, that’s what I am going to do!  And I am going to answer them in this way. Sometime when you get these awful spirits of despondency that I described to you in part, will you just make a call to me very quickly and say:  “Beloved mighty I AM Presence and beloved Victory:  Help me, help me, help me!  Get me out of this condition right away, right now!”

And you watch what happens:  The first thing you know, way down to the very tips of your feet, you’re going to feel that cosmic energy penetrating you and you’re going to get that smile, and all of the darkness will suddenly creep away and hide because it has no place else to go!  [Audience laughs.] It can’t stay inside of you any longer, because you are a spirit of victory!  You’re a spirit of triumph!  You’re a spirit of joy!  You’re a spirit of God!  And you flood that across the face of the whole green earth!  And then after a while there won’t be any more snow!  [Audience laughs.]

You can melt it with divine love!  Why, you can melt all of the ice crystals out of your world and you can find your freedom in that wonderful golden sun of the golden dawn of cosmic illumination. And you can bring that to the feet of humanity and you can cause humanity to understand, by the fervor of God and the faith of God, that God is real and that they are real and their soul is real and the joy within them is real, that I AM real, that Victory will seal you in a heart of cosmic victory forever if you will only yield yourself to that Spirit of Truth that is within you.

Begin to study to show thyself approved unto God!3 Begin to understand, to accept the great fiats of immortal life within you and recognize that forever. I have come to you tonight and I have come to the world with a special purpose. And I am going tonight to every continent upon this planet, and I am going to put a massive image of Victory into the etheric realm over that continent. And I am going to send an arrow down into every heart that is dark and black and deceitful, and I am going to say to that heart, “Don’t you know that you beat because God lives?”  And I am going to try to create a sense of abundance in the minds of humanity as has never been done before, and I am going to work with you.

Will you then recognize the power of being a catalyst?  Will you recognize the power of being a catalyst?  Will you recognize the power of being a catalyst?  You can become a catalyst wherever you go, for I will make you an emissary of Victory to this planet!  I will make whoever will accept it an emissary to this planet so that they can carry the light of Victory to the dying world that you presently envision and revive it and restore it to life—and in three days it will walk again in the spirit of cosmic joy!

Do you know what I’m talking about?  I’m not talking about three earthly days—Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday—I’m talking about the victory of the eternal day of awakening humanity to make them realize the timeless beauty that is in the thought of victory!  Why, you have only taken one quality of God. What will happen when you take them all?

I thank you.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Victory was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Mark L. Prophet on Sunday, January 3, 1971 at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1. 1 John 4:4.

2. Luke 15:7.

3. 2 Tim. 2:15.

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