Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 47 - Angel of Listening Grace - November 21, 1976

In the Hour of the Overcoming

I AM an angel of listening grace, an intelling presence, the Spirit of God that draws nigh unto mankind in the hour of the overcoming. I am one among many who have been sent in the flaming presence of the law of love to minister unto the needs of mankind in the hour when mankind are searching to know the truth, the why of being, the wherefores of life.

There are many who search; there are many who know not how to search nor that there is a need to search. Looking upon the world scene, they say to themselves, “It is better that I think not upon the conditions of the world, for I cannot make them any better.”  And so the children go into the cocoon of a daily routine to escape those questions of life, of consciousness, of reality. They go into the cocoon of the self to escape responsibility—the responsibility for the present, the past, and the future. And therefore, we cannot reach those who have shielded themselves from the burning questions of the hour.

Yet we tarry. We come in the flaming presence of the One whose Spirit, whose very essence, draws nigh unto the heart flame and the souls of mankind. We are angels of the Holy Spirit, angels of the Presence, the very essence of life. We come in numberless numbers, for great is the need. Great is the desiring of God to press the being and the soul of mankind into the mold of inner reality. And so we urge and so we speak in the inner ear the word of encouragement, of hope, urging the soul to pursue that which is worthy.

We come with a fire—a fire as steel, as white and azure-blue light. We come to separate the delicate layers of consciousness that are bound then to a mechanistic consciousness, a mechanistic civilization. And it is ours to send the thin line of fire—almost as though you were given the task to separate the delicate pastries, the delicate layers.

Do you see how those paper-thin layers of consciousness, layer upon layer, are wed to unreality, how these comprise an identity that mankind en masse consider to be their own?  The task is formidable, yet not overpowering. We are not overpowered by the task; neither are we overwhelmed. For we live in that fire that is the energy to separate the tares and the wheat in the hour of the harvest.1

We come in the consuming flame. Indeed, we are flaming spirits. We come to glide through consciousness. We part the veil; we enter the body. We heal the form. We isolate those germs, those points and molecules that are contemplating rebellion against the system. By our shield we prevent the recycling of the cancer of a planet. By our shield we magnetize the faith of the soul against the day of the soul’s reckoning with its karma. By our shield we separate the deadness of despair from the inner hope and the light of the core of cells. And then by the magnet of our hearts we expand the light of cells. We magnetize charity, and the love of the heart fire is the healing bond of the being of mankind.

We come to place ourselves as electrodes, magnetizing that which is sacred, that which is whole, that which is real, for and on behalf of every member of the race of mankind. We come, and we keep on coming, and there is no end to our coming! Like a cloud of locusts on the sky, so the lightbearers come; and they are the reality of the matrix of the sky that is filled with angels.

And therefore, when you see the plagues coming upon mankind, know that these are the perversions of the coming of the new race—races of angels, beings, adjuncts of God’s consciousness, evolutions of starry bodies and spherical forms and the geometry of his holy habitation. Understand, then, that as the plagues come upon mankind at every level of consciousness, these can be repelled, these can be rejected, these can be replaced by the electrodes, the angels of his living Presence.

Mankind in their sophistication have neglected, have rejected the angelic hosts. They have a momentum on the denial of our being as fantasy and fairy tale. They will rue the day when they understand that they have denied the very present help of the Lord himself. Be therefore “not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”2

And so we come to make you aware of our reality. And our listening grace is for the listening of the inner ear. As God listens to the sound of the sea in the shell, determining frequency, determining identity, determining the lifewave of souls, so we listen for the response of the inner being. So we listen to the yearning, we listen to the longing, and we watch for action as the sign of intense desiring to be free.

Those who desire and do nothing, in truth desire not. They are the proud talkers and deceivers. Take heed that you be not deceived by your own carnal mind telling you that you are on the path of sainthood, that you desire to be free, that you desire to be whole. Take care when all men speak well of you,3 for in that hour you must take note:  “What am I doing if I am indeed on the path of sainthood?”  Be not fooled, then, by the praises of your own internal carnal mind that, in praising you, deceives the actuality of your point on the Path. Beware the deceptions! Beware the self-deceptions!

We are angels of the sacred fire. We know the thoughts, the feelings, the levels of consciousness almost infinite in the finite form. We see how layers and layers and layers of the being of man must be defined and the dark layers extracted by fire. Only the fire of God can resolve the dilemma of the age!  Only the fire of God can move in as a needle ray to penetrate the earth and the consciousness of mankind and to withdraw those elements that are the energies of the spoilers, spoiling the barrel of humanity’s consciousness.

Therefore, place your hope in the eternal Presence and understand that that Presence has the full capacity within the law of cosmos to individualize itself as the angels of listening grace, angels of ministration and service, angels of the legions of the cosmic hierarchy. So we are the presence and the very present help. And so as flaming spirits of fire, we can be the refiners of the electrode and the grid of consciousness. We can move through the density of consciousness and rally the molecules to perform the perfect work of the alignment of your being!  We can rally the energy of the electron!  We can rally the energy of the cell to make you whole!

Do you understand that as mankind have not discovered an acknowledged cure for that dread disease that works its way through the body of mankind as cells in rebellion, so the angels of the living Presence of God, by their very consecration to love and the law of love, contain the answer within being and consciousness?  Wherever we are welcomed, wherever we are invoked, we superimpose our love, our consciousness, our energy at that point in the brain, at that point in the body and in the chakras of mankind where there is a need to draw those electrons, as soldiers, into the original pattern to remagnetize them to the inner lodestone of the will of God.

Just as you would not tolerate the rebellion of your children, just as you would not, as chelas on the Path, tolerate the rebellion of your own emotions or your own mind, so you must understand and take dominion of the very physical atoms of being and command, in the name of the living Christ, the angels of his Presence to enter your form to draw all into the perfect Mother flow with the alignment of the Father’s will.

I AM a servant of the Most High God within you!  I AM the accelerator of your cosmic perfection!  I AM the point of transition into ascension’s spirals. I AM the light from on high condensed here below. I AM for the cosmic flow, the flow, the flow!  I AM listening to the tone of your being. And I call in the name of the living God for the perfect pitch of consciousness, for the sounding of the Elohim now to draw this body into the frequency of the consciousness of the cross; for the cross is the symbol of overcoming in this hour.

Now then, the frequency is sounded of the point in the center of the cross, the nexus. If your consciousness is one with that point, you will then carry the cross of individual and world karma sealed in the center of fiery being and you will walk the way with him who walked the way, with angels who also walked with him. So now hear the sound in the inner ear and know that for a moment, for as long as you will, you are aligned with the cross of your identity. Enter in!  Flow with the fire and the music of the spheres!  This is the way of the overcomers. This is the requirement of the hour. In the name of the living God, be thou made whole!

I AM a servant of God, and I bow before the flame within you.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Angel of Listening Grace was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wednesday, January 12, 1975 at the Motherhouse in Santa Barbara, California.

1. Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43.

2. Heb. 13:2.

3. Luke 6:26.

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