Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 18 - Beloved El Morya - May 2, 2004

Every Day Have at Least
One More Victory than Defeats

Part 1

Hail, chelas of the will of God! I AM come to salute you for your victories!

[35-second standing ovation. Audience gives the salutation:]

Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!
Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!
Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!
Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!
Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!

Methinks you could sink the Brooklyn Bridge with your thumping “Hail, El Morya!” [10-second standing ovation]

Therefore, warriors of the Spirit, be seated.

The victories are many and I salute you for them. I salute the soul and I give you the formula for your victory. And that is to see to it that every day you have at least one more victory than you have defeats. [11-second applause]

Therefore, count your victories, small ones and great ones. Observe the mind as true Buddhists. Observe what the mind is doing and not doing, whether the mind is concentrating or not, whether you are in control of your life or not.

Yes, beloved, count the down side and the up side. Always come out on top with more victories, even if you have to go out at nine o’clock and find an opportunity to have a victory! Have one more victory than you have defeats that day, and then increase it by two and three. And so, you will never be behind. You will never be behind, beloved, and therefore you can go to bed at night with a smile upon your lips ready to enter the retreats knowing that you have been the victor every day in every way.

O beloved, you must have fun at having the victory and you must poke fun at those silly demons who are so serious about defeating you. [13-second applause]

Blessed ones, I must ask you, is it not a miracle of God that I may speak to you through this messenger? [“Yes!” (24-second standing ovation)]

Somehow, sometimes some people make out of true miracles an everyday happenstance. I trust you do not do this about anything that is the glory of God in your life. For to continue to appreciate the stars and the flowers and the trees and the lakes and the oceans and the simple things of life—this is true gratitude. And if you do not offer gratitude for the small and great things, then how shall you take the next step of glory and the next step of that alchemy more wondrous than the next.

Therefore, be grateful for your Holy Christ Self. Be grateful that we have come thus far. For this movement is alive. It is purposeful. It is powerful! And it has within it some of the most unique chelas in the world that I have ever sponsored in many a century. [19-second standing ovation]

You have heard our call for constancy and constant ones. Oh, for the constant heart. That was the original battle cry of the founding of The Summit Lighthouse. And it remains the battle cry—not in a sudden thrust and then poof, nothing, but the daily moving forward, determined access to the light of Hercules and all the blue-ray masters.

Do not forget us ever again, for you need us to the hour of the victory of the age and the victory of your ascension. We have come out in full force. And you shall be hearing about ascended masters and angels whose names you have never heard, for they have volunteered and they insist that they will join your ranks and be a part of you.

Yes, beloved, whatever you do for God, be it small or great, be constant in that doing so that I do not have to come back and teach you the first scales on the piano again because you have gone off in some other dimension of grandiose glory. The constant heart, beloved. If you keep plodding for me for five embodiments, I tell you, it will be worth it all. And many among you here have been plodding for me, not five or ten or twenty, but for thousands of years you have been loyal to our cause. And again, I thank you for this. [16-second standing ovation]

It has been said before but I say it again: Find the level of your consciousness that is the lowest and that contacts the astral plane. For if you have a toe in the astral plane, blessed ones, you better have that toe and that tiger by the toe, because, you see, beloved, if you are in any way tied to the astral plane, whether it is through soap operas or nonsense television or all kinds of unseemly conversation, you are vulnerable when you still have those ties.

Therefore, take your swords and cut yourself free!1 There are roots that tie you to the astral plane. Take that sword and cut underneath your feet. Cut those roots! Cut them by the sword of Archangel Michael! Demand and command the hosts of blue lightning to assign you whatever penance, whatever job. Remember, Hercules had his labors and you must have yours also. And I tell you, you are never safe when any part of you is still in the astral plane.

Therefore, go after that altar and make your calls and cut yourself free and give your Astreas and do your penances selfimposed. Do them, beloved! All faithful people in the world who do not have even a morsel of such teaching as you have now still perform their penances.

This is the victory of an age, beloved, and you are seeing it. This is the ripcord that I now pull, for I AM here and Chamuel shall follow me. But I tell you, there has never been seen such determination of all the hosts of the entire Great White Brotherhood as you see here in this hour and in this place for that victory! [22-second standing ovation]

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 19.

Lessons on Victory from the Cosmic Being Victory

Excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats
by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Mighty Victory is a cosmic being from Venus whose devotion to the flame of victory for more than a hundred thousand years has given him the authority over that flame. . . . In one of his dictations through the messenger Guy Ballard, the master explains how he came to be known as Victory: “I was given the Name of ‘Victory’ by the ascended masters who have made the ascension from your Earth, because all that I have attempted to do has been victorious! There is no such thing as the memory of a single limitation in my consciousness, or world of activity, and has not been for a tremendously long period!” [He has also said,] “I have known only victory for thousands of centuries.”

On June 26, 1986, Mighty Victory told us about our midyear exams. He explained that “at each half-yearly cycle, the Lords of Karma meet. All mankind are tested, but especially

those who write their letters to the Karmic Board. These, then, must receive a test according to their knowledge and awareness and training, especially their self-knowledge of those things that ought to be cast into the sacred fire. These tests come specifically in those areas where you yourselves have long endured a specific element of your human creation that you have been repeatedly warned to cast into the sacred fire for good. When you do not pass your tests, the dispensation you have petitioned for at the half-yearly cycle will not be granted. We demand a token, and there are final exams on earth as in heaven.”

Mighty Victory told us that if you suspect that you have not passed your half-yearly exam, you can appeal to the Lords of Karma to give you another test so that the record of the year may show that you have determined to pass that test as a second chance.

On June 28, 1992, Mighty Victory with Justina, his twin flame, gave us a practical exercise to precipitate our victories. They said: “Consider, then, all those areas in your life in which you desire to be victorious.” Make a note of each point you would master. Remind yourself daily of your commitment to your victory in small ways and big ways. You can chart your victories and your defeats on your map of life. “And you can put those golden ribbons at that place where you are determined to have your victory—victory over self and every condition, victory in this Church, victory in the dissemination of the teachings, victory in the nations, victory in the governments, victory in education, victory in every area of life!”

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Tuesday, July 4, 1995, during the eleven-day conference FREEDOM 1995: “Soul Evolution—A Fusion of Mind and Spirit,” held June 24 through July 4, 1995, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Please note the following “Sword Policy” and “Teachings on the Use of a Ceremonial Sword.”

Sword Policy

We are grateful to the Messenger and to Archangel Michael for the teaching on and the dispensation to use the ceremonial Archangel Michael Sword. Under no circumstances may sharpened swords be brought to or used in King Arthur’s Court or at any gathering, service or function sponsored by The Summit Lighthouse or Church Universal and Triumphant or their Study Groups and Teaching Centers. Strict adherence to the sword policy stated below is essential in order to ensure continuation of the privilege to use swords during services. This policy was established by the organization’s Board of Directors after obtaining legal counsel:

The unsharpened Archangel Michael Sword may be used in services, during decrees and during fiats from the congregation. It may not be wielded during invocations (recorded or live), songs, meditations, dictations, or during church rituals such as the sacred rituals, Ashram rituals, and Jesus “Watch With Me.” This is chapel protocol established by the Messenger.

Those wielding the Archangel Michael Sword will be seated in the front row of the sanctuary, will wield no more than one sword, and will wield the sword in an up-and-down motion only. When they raise the sword they will not bring it farther back than an upright vertical position, i.e., keeping the blade in front of the body so that it does not go beyond the head or shoulder. The Archangel Michael Sword will not be used to cut around oneself or another at any gathering, service or function sponsored by The Summit Lighthouse or Church Universal and Triumphant.

Teachings on the Use of a Ceremonial Sword

The ascended masters teach that the sword of the Spirit is the sacred Word (s-word) of God. In Scripture we read “The word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword” (Heb. 4:12), and “... Out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword” (Rev. 1:16). The writer of Ephesians cautions us to use the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, when wrestling with the forces of evil: “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.... Above all, [take] the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Eph. 6:11, 12, 16, 17). For instruction on how to invoke the power of the Word, see The Science of the Spoken Word and The Creative Power of Sound. The ascended masters and the messengers have given teaching on using an unsharpened ceremonial sword to represent the sword of the Spirit while doing spiritual work at your altar. See Astrea, February 18, 1991, “ ‘I Enlist Your Help! ’... The Sword of Blue Flame Cuts through the Astral Plane,” in 1991 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 13; and Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s June 26, 1993 lecture, “How to Use the Sword of the Spirit and the Word of God to Fulfill God’s Plan for You,” available at, search for item A93061A.

The teaching on the use of a steel blade to deal with malevolent spirits on the astral plane goes back to Helena Blavatsky. In Isis Unveiled, Blavatsky wrote, “Some daimons, or elementary spirits, are afraid of sword, knife, or any thing sharp.” In her teaching on this phenomenon Blavatsky quotes from “De Daemon” by Psellus: “Any hard substance striking them can make them sensible to pain; and though their bodies be made neither of solid nor firm substance, they feel it the same.... If you divide him in two, he will feel the pain as would any living man.... One thing, however, distinguishes him from the living man, viz.: that when a man’s limbs are once divided, their parts cannot be reunited very easily. But, cut a demon in two, and you will see him immediately join himself together.... But every rent made in [his body] causes him pain nevertheless. That is why daimons dread the point of a sword or any sharp weapon. Let those who want to see them flee try the experiment” (Isis Unveiled, vol. 1, Science, pp. 362, 363). When the Messenger introduced the Archangel Michael ceremonial sword in 1989 (with permission from El Morya and Archangel Michael), she cautioned that the swords “will not be sharpened at all for any sanctuary use.” Referring to the sharpened sample sent by the manufacturer, she said: “It’s extremely dangerous. In fact, all I had to do was pick up this sword and I cut myself immediately.... And if you were to sharpen them,... use them only in a place where you are alone—you are the only person in the room—and you have absolute God-control of your motion because, you know, this is a serious thing.”

On May 14, 1989, the Messenger said: “El Morya...says that you can do 70 percent of the work that I can do with an unsharpened sword and...if you keep at it you’ll be doing more than 70 percent because you’re working on the same item over and over.”

In a dictation at the September 29, 1989 Michaelmas service, Archangel Michael said: “Remember to wield the sword that is now in your hand, for I, Archangel Michael, do dedicate this ceremonial sword upon this altar. When you wield it, my hand is placed over your own and my Electronic Presence is with you. Each and every sword is thus dedicated by me personally.... Wielding my sword daily, you can accomplish much for your Victory.” The Messenger has clarified, “The dedication of the one sword on the altar is simultaneously the dedication of all swords that are and are to be.”

At a weekend seminar in Seattle on May 5, 1991, the Messenger said: “You are able to purchase a sword like this from us but we sell it to you blunt and advise you not to sharpen it. No matter how careful you are, there may come a moment of imbalance where a sharpened steel sword may do some harm.... You understand that this could be a tremendous calamity and burden upon our organization if any harm should come to anyone who is using a sharpened sword of any kind in this purpose.”

On March 4, 1996, the Messenger demonstrated the safe use of the sword. She cautioned: “I do not suggest you keep a sharpened sword and I suggest that you carefully cover any stainless steel knife that you would use for this ritual. So you cut around the back, the front, the sides, all the way beneath your feet, under your feet, this way. And you can cut over the back and over the head. As soon as you do this the demons, the entities, the entities of voodoo and black magic, the sorcery that may be sent against you, they all flee. They’re absolutely frightened to death. And if the sword goes through them they are cut in half and cut again and cut again. So when you have this kind of substance to deal with, such as the voodoo, such as the black magic, you have to use this. So please be very careful with it. See that no children get ahold of it. If you sharpen it, put a scabbard over it. It’s a sacred sword. Put it up high where children cannot reach it. But I can tell you it will spare you grief for the rest of your life. You will be able to banish [the entities] and you will no longer have any fear of fallen angels or demons. They will fear you. They will fear to walk where you walk. They will fear to put their feet in your footprints.”

On March 16, 1996, in Bogotá, Colombia, the Messenger said: “We wield the sword in our chapel perpetually while we are decreeing. And Saint Germain names swordsmen by their character, by their standing, by their chelaship, and allows them to use the sword.... Now, this is a very sharpened sword. It is kept in a box, sealed, where no child can get to it. Now, when this sword is wielded...the light of Archangel Michael, the blue flame, comes off the sword and goes into all who are present. So as he [the swordsman] wields this sword, he is cutting you free. Now, if you’ll go home and take a knife—not one that you use for cooking; just buy a plain, stainless steel knife. Be sure it has its cover on it. Be sure you have a box for it. You keep it out of the hands of children, up on the top shelf, where no one can be hurt.”

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