Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 24 - Beloved Goddess of Liberty - June 13, 2004

I Have Come to Anchor My Ray

The Dedication of the Sanctuary

Part 2

I come to you, then, as your cosmic Mother to ask you if you indeed shall defend Saint Germain in this effort and shall feed the chelas of the masters, shall tend and care for new souls coming on the Path—that you might pray for them without ceasing, pray daily for them, even in your heart, as profound love goes forth from me to you to those who so need the light.

Caring for new souls on the Path is like caring for the newborn child. The child is helpless in your arms until the child comes of age. And, therefore, to make the transition of being part of the world to being part of the Great White Brotherhood on earth, this is certainly a major challenge to anyone on the Path.

Those of you who know the Path and who are decreers must therefore spend all other time you have, apart from keeping your vigils, to the defense and the protection of new souls of light and to going forth and finding them in the streets and throughout the cities, throughout the boroughs of New York and across the nations of the earth, reaching out with the messenger’s teachings, with our videos, with the scripts that you have that make it easy to present those teachings.1

All of this, beloved hearts, is an action which you must engage in. For, you see, the great capstone on the pyramid consists of a certain percentage of the population of this nation, and we would see that increase whereby those who make up the capstone are entirely on the path of light and are able to give the decrees with you.

By the power, then, of this sword, which does represent the sword of the Divine Mother, I am sealing you in this hour for the victory of the God flame. I have come to anchor my ray in this abode of the chelas. I have come with El Morya for the dedication of this sanctuary.

Therefore, beloved ones, rise. [Audience rises.]

I, the Goddess of Liberty, before the Lords of Karma, do dedicate this sanctuary to the threefold flame upon the altar of the Temple of the Sun, to the threefold flame upon the heart’s altar of all lightbearers of this earth and cosmos. Let it be the place where the threefold flame is known again, is raised up, is balanced.

And therefore let there come forward the balance of lifestreams, some who will uphold the faith, the will of God, the protection and the perfectionment of this organization, who will take their stand on the first ray and defend and protect all that is to be established and accomplished here.

Let some come on the wisdom ray and perfect themselves as ministers of the Word, as teachers, as those who bring enlightenment and recall to the memory of all souls who come on the path of the manifold rays back to the heart of the Sun, bringing them, therefore, to their original perception and conception of Almighty God in the Beginning.

I call for the return, then, for the precipitation into physical form of the ancient Temple of the Sun that was on this island. I call for that precipitation in the hearts of the chelas. And in the heart, let the temple be the Temple of the Sun. Let the heart be, therefore, the repository of a threefold flame so bright and so balanced that those who come with love and the mighty love rays, including the rituals of exorcism of the Holy Ghost and the empowerment by that Holy Ghost, by the Ruby Ray—let all those, therefore, enshrine the threefold flame and also, therefore, enshrine the fount of that flame, which is the Divine Mother and the base-of-the-spine chakra as well as the great causal body of Alpha and Omega above you.

Let all those who come in the name of the threefold flame know that the balancing of life in this city depends upon your balancing, first and foremost, your own threefold flame, the balancing of mind and heart and of your emotions and feelings and of your desires. Truly, the path of the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas, of Christ the Lord and of all of the great teachers of mankind should be the knowledge of every Keeper of the Flame.

So let love, wisdom and power and the purity of the Divine Mother and the reinforcement of the Temple of the Sun see that you prosper, and prosper in the name of the LORD God I AM THAT I AM. May you prosper and increase and come to know the alchemy of the empowerment, by God unto you, of the all-power in heaven and earth.2 Yes, beloved, that power that can come to you will only come when you have entered into the desire body of God and claimed that desire body as supreme within your own desire body.

As the great Lord Gautama taught, desirelessness is the key. And there is ordinate desire and inordinate desire. See that you empty your vessels this day, for I, the Goddess of Liberty, uphold over this place the flaming sword. And that flaming sword shall quench within you all inordinate desire and shall quench also the fiery darts of the wicked that may be directed against your messenger, your Church or yourselves.

This is an hour to thrust! Thrust ho! I say. This is an hour to dedicate life, to consecrate life and then to go out empowered and clothed with the armour of Archangel Michael and Holy Justinius that you might know, beloved ones, that there are many, many souls to be brought in.

Truly, the fields are white to the harvest but the laborers are few.3 And some of our best laborers are waning instead of waxing in their desire to continue the path of the labor of love, the entering in by selflessness and service, the entering in by sacrifice and surrender.4 May your oneness with God be your oneness with the Diamond Heart of El Morya.

I am true to my vow to you and to all ancient promises given. I AM your Divine Mother of Liberty and I am ready to answer every call you make.

Keepers of the Flame, rejoice in the flame of liberty, which I enshrine above this place. May you draw it down as you serve together that it might one day focus in the chalice upon this altar.

Indeed, beloved, this is the point and this is the place where your first president, George Washington, uttered his inaugural address: New York City. From that spiral of liberty, from that spiral of the Temple of the Sun, this nation was founded as he delivered his first inaugural address.

I seal you in the heart of Godfre5 and all great patriots of a cosmos. For patriotism is far more than the defense of country; it is the defense of the right of every son and daughter of God to attain union with God in this life. So, beloved, be about the business of your Father-Mother God and hold all things in your life in perspective and you shall yet win your victory in this life.

I AM Liberty and I have sealed you in this hour and I have so consecrated. And I give to you now my beloved son El Morya.

[32-second applause]

Background on the Goddess of Liberty, Part 2

Excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats
by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The Spirit of Liberty inspired the early American patriots to found a new nation “under God” and to frame a constitution based on the Brotherhood’s plan for the emerging Christ consciousness that would come to maturity on virgin soil under the direction of Saint Germain, the God of Freedom for the earth.

The Goddess of Liberty appeared to General Washington during the winter of 1777 and revealed to him America’s destiny, giving him the strength and the courage to complete his own mission as the liberator of the thirteen original colonies.

It is no wonder that the Statue of Liberty, a gift of the French people, was erected on Bedloe’s Island. The flame of liberty drew the focus of the Statue of Liberty as an outer symbol of hope for liberation from all forms of tyranny to the “tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

The Goddess of Liberty wears a crown of seven rays, focusing the power of the Elohim and their implementation of the seven rays in form, in Matter (Mater), the mother aspect of Divinity. Her crown is also a focus of the seven rays anchored in the forehead of every son and daughter of God. The Goddess of Liberty is that “Lady with the lamp” whom Henry Wadsworth Longfellow prophesied would “stand in the great history of the land, a noble type of good, heroic womanhood.”

The Goddess of Liberty represents the archetypal pattern of the World Mother who carries the Book of Divine Law, the Book of Illumination containing the knowledge that will show mankind the way out of the night of human error. At the base of the Statue of Liberty are broken chains, symbolizing a being free from the bondage of human creation, stepping forth to enlighten the world. Her torch is the flame of cosmic illumination. .

The Goddess of Liberty stands at the seven o’clock line of the twelve solar hierarchies (opposite Saint Germain) as the authority for the attribute of God-gratitude on behalf of the evolutions of this solar system. Of gratitude and America’s destiny she has said:

“Gracious ones, I AM God in action! As I come to you today, it is to reveal the wondrous thought in the idea of ‘Immigration’—I AM gratitude in action. Behold, then, that America was intended to be a land where gratitude in action would produce, through the power of the cosmic liberty bell, that wondrous attitude of freedom that would make men responsive to God within the citadel of their hearts....

“Immigration from the heart of God to the planet Earth, precious ones, is an opportunity. And immigration back to the heart of God is an opportunity. Individuals must, then, recognize the boon of gratitude. ‘I AM gratitude in action!’ And therefore, the goings out and the comings in of mankind ought always to be accompanied by a manifestation of gratitude to the Deity.”

Although she has attained initiations at cosmic levels and need not remain with the planet, the Goddess of Liberty has taken the vow to remain in the service of the earth until every last man, woman and child has made his ascension. This is the bodhisattva ideal. She has called for one thousand faithful ones to decree to preserve America’s destiny. May the students’ great love for the destiny of God in man inspire them to answer Liberty’s call!

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by the Goddess of Liberty was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, March 13, 1993, during 24 Hours with Elizabeth Clare Prophet in New York City, a two-day event held March 13 and 14, 1993. Keepers of the Flame gathered on March 13 for the official dedication of the Church Universal and Triumphant Teaching Center at 1133 Broadway, Suite 204. On March 14 the messenger conducted a special event, open to the public, at the Astor Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis.

1. Current resources to help you present the teachings:

Keys to the Kingdom
by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
An introduction to the teachings of the ascended masters, this little book seeks to summarize forty years of teachings delivered through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The vastness of the message can be distilled into the Great Commandment—love for God, love for one’s neighbor as oneself, love for the Christ and the Buddha within. It is the path walked by the saints of East and West for centuries.

Major topics include: the Chart of Your Divine Self, an Introduction to the Ascended Masters, Angels and Elementals, Karma and Reincarnation, the Science of the Spoken Word, the Violet Flame, the Seven Chakras, Darkness and Light (within and without), Twin Flames and Soul Mates, the Ascension as the Goal of Life. Also includes 17 illustrations, 5 charts.

Ideal for outreach and new students, to give to friends and family who would like to know what you believe, or to help you answer questions. The basics of the teachings all in one place.

Instructor’s Manual for The Spiritual Quest
by the Staff of Summit University
For those who want to teach The Spiritual Quest in your home. When you find something that inspires you, you probably share it with others. If you’ve experienced the ascended masters’ teachings and would like to share them with friends, family and even those in your community, try this instructor’s manual.

There’s no better way to convey the essence of these treasured teachings. This handy instructor’s manual includes detailed session guides as a road map to help you teach the teachings to others. You’ll find everything you need—actual scripts to conduct your group, answers to commonly asked questions, creative exercises and much more.

The Spiritual Quest (first in the Sacred Adventure series)
by the Staff of Summit University
(includes free interactive CD with meditations and exercises)

A course designed to help you study and apply the basic teachings of the ascended masters. Detailed chapters offer an in-depth look at your spiritual origin and destiny, as well as ways for you to more intimately connect with your Higher Self.

Many exercises, meditations and spiritual techniques are presented in the chapters and on the accompanying CD, and numerous practical tips will help you apply these teachings in your daily life. This course is a wonderful way to deepen one’s understanding of the profound wisdom of the ascended masters.

Meeting the Masters (second in the Sacred Adventure series)
by the Staff of Summit University
(includes free interactive CD with meditations and exercises)

A course in self-mastery. The material world in which we live represents only a small slice of a broad spectrum of being—from the realm of the humblest nature spirits to that of the most exalted archangels. The second book in the Sacred Adventure series expounds on the presence of masterful spiritual beings just beyond the veil.

Learn from them how to embody the divine qualities of will, wisdom, and love as you explore the hidden dimensions of life in these revealing chapters: “Exploring Our Teeming Cosmos,” “The Strength of Divine Will,” “Soul Travel,” “The Brilliance of Divine Wisdom,” “The Angelic Kingdom,” “The Comfort of Divine Love,” “The Threefold Flame.”

2. Matt. 28:18.

3. Matt. 9:37; Luke 10:2; John 4:35.

4. The four cardinal precepts of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness, and service are “the key to balancing the threefold flame in the four quadrants, fire, air, water, earth, representing the four lower bodies: etheric, mental, emotional, physical” (1988 PoW, p. 470 n. 6). See The Opening of the Seventh Seal: Sanat Kumara on the Path of the Ruby Ray; or Sanat Kumara on the Path of the Ruby Ray: The Opening of the Seventh Seal, 1979 Pearls of Wisdom.

5. The ascended master Godfre was embodied as George Washington, first president of the United States (1732-1799).

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