Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 25 - Beloved El Morya - June 20, 2004

The Dedication of the Chapel
of the Threefold Flame of Liberty

Part 1

Hail, chelas of the will of God!

[Audience gives the salutation:]

Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya! Hail, El Morya!Hail, El Morya! [33-second standing ovation]

May you wear the weather well and may it not weather you! Blessed ones, this is the weather of Darjeeling. This is the release of light in the snowfall for the cleansing of the city and the trying of hearts.

Thus, may you understand that cloistered together in this assembly you come bearing the flame of the forget-me-not. You have not forgot Morya and I have not forgot my chelas. Therefore, welcome, welcome to my heart, beloved, for this is the day that the LORD hath set aside for our communion. So be seated.

The whirling action of the Lord Shiva does go forth now. The Goddess of Liberty has come to consecrate and dedicate this sanctuary. So I come also to give you my seal. My seal upon your hearts, beloved, takes into consideration the dictation of the beloved Goddess that you might know indeed the protection necessary for the guarding of the action of your zeal in the LORD and your zeal in the lord of the first ray.

Beloved hearts, we have only begun. There is a foundation in this city that is ancient and you are tapping into that foundation where the temple of light did stand and where you also served. You have come again to win your laurels, to balance your karma of ancient Atlantis and to do so by the use of the power of your heart, the wisdom of your heart, the love of your heart, the purity of your heart to multiply my graces, to multiply that sufficiency of grace which I impart to you.

This is a time and an era of so much turning of worlds. I say to you, expect the unexpected, for you have seen how things suddenly come upon the screen of life—yes, suddenly, beloved. So be cautious and be careful in all that you do. Be wise and be conservative as to where you invest your light, where you invest your funds. And remember that the balanced threefold flame of your heart is the balance of discrimination, and that discriminating intelligence of the Christ mind will unerringly guide you in the path of righteousness.

I come, then, to give tribute to you, my chelas. I come, then, to praise you, to raise you up in the currents of the resurrection flame. I come to you, beloved, for I love this city and I am grateful that the Lords of Karma have given me this opportunity. For, you see, it was necessary for me to galvanize my chelas in one way or another. And therefore I decided to make you a promise, a promise I have kept. And you have made promises to me which you have kept. For some among the chelas with whom we began, those who came in the middle and those who have come more recently have in some areas lost the fervor of the heart and the fire of the heart for invoking the light, for invoking divine intercession and giving those decrees that are so necessary to make the difference as the years move on in this decade and as karma descends.

So, beloved, I determined that I would give you my offering and you determined that you would respond. And therefore, because of your response, I could work a miracle or two to prove to the doubting chelas that it is surely worth all the effort to plight your troth to me. For I surely have the dispensation to train you up, to receive you as chelas-to-be and to make of you Chelas with a capital C.

Yes, beloved, this has been a worthy cause and a worthy plan, for we continue that which works. So long as our New York chelas and those around the globe see the fire of opportunity in the fourth of each month, coming, then, on the foundations of the violet flame of Omri-Tas,1 so will there be ongoing dispensations to Morya on behalf of The Summit Lighthouse, the Church Universal and Triumphant, the staff, the messengers, the chelas, the communicants, the Keepers of the Flame.

The more you put in, the more you will get out, beloved. For I have a causal body of the will of God, as I have said. It is vast, for my devotions to the will of God know no bounds. Therefore, that devotion to that will is ready in my causal body as the bank account that I keep for my chelas, those who espouse the will of God—and the word means those who marry the will of God. [These] will find themselves fulfilling all that they desire to fulfill for the light, for me, for their own path and for the Church.

Those of you who strive long and hard and do not get ahead, do not think that I am not standing at your side, for I am, beloved ones. You must understand, when things do not work out as immediately as you would like them to in your projects which you have dedicated to me, that sometimes you are in the process of balancing karma as well.

And then there is the inhibition that takes place because you are not working on your psychology and, therefore, inner resolutions do not come. And you are not able to carry water upon both shoulders. You are not able to serve the one God and yet you do not serve God and mammon either. You are somewhere caught between two worlds where you have neither the sponsorship of the fallen ones nor the sponsorship of myself because of nonresolution within the psyche.

Then there are those who are being initiated and tested by the Lords of Karma to see how much stress you can take, what you are made of, what is your mettle so we know how much light we may give you without your breaking or misqualifying that light. The light is a heavy burden, beloved, not because of the light but because of that which opposes the light itself when you carry that light. And therefore we must know—we must know how you will respond.

You must respond with equanimity. Equanimity is the definition of the threefold flame, the threefold flame of liberty. And therefore I dedicate this chapel to be named the Chapel of the Threefold Flame of Liberty that you might understand what you enshrine in this city and what this city means to the Lords of Karma—the returning again of many lifewaves from many sources on the planet and from other systems of worlds that they might meet and work together, carry the flame of divine love, wisdom and power and purity, and balance a karma that could not otherwise be balanced but for the commingling of the races and the lifewaves of this city.

Beloved ones, therefore understand that this threefold flame itself must become the torch that you bear. May you have a pin, if you will, that is the shape of the lily, the Easter lily, that might commemorate the fleur-de-lis, or even an imprint of the fleur-de-lis itself. I desire to see you wear that heart pin. It can be very small and it should be designed in conjunction with the messenger and our artists. But this pin, beloved, will be the coming to fruition of that which the Goddess of Liberty called for so long ago in Washington, D.C., that Order of the Golden Lily.2

The Order of the Golden Lily is made up of those souls who pledge to pray for those making the transition from this octave to the next, specifically, calls for the lightbearers to be cut free to be taken to their lawful place and calls for the hordes of the astral plane to be bound and that those, whoever they are, who prey upon mankind might be assigned to their respective levels of learning that they might choose God and live or choose death and no longer have a continuity of being.3

The Order of the Golden Lily and your pursuit of [the activities of] that order and the decrees to Astrea and the white-ray decrees and the powerful action of ratifying the judgment of Helios through the dweller call and the Judgment Call4—this, beloved, will unburden this city, will bind vicious forces that have been unleashed out of death and hell through individuals who are not able to control their rage and their anger at various levels of the psyche.

So the Order of the Golden Lily sees to it, as those of you espouse that order, to come together [on Friday nights] in defense of life and as the cleanup committee of the city. That you might give those Astreas in such intensity, each at your own level according to your lessons on the Keepers of the Flame path. You might have a session for those who decree faster and the fastest in the sanctuary and those who are learning to decree at a slower pace in other rooms. And if you are able to wear white on Friday night, it is a great help in the forcefield.

Thus you see, beloved ones, to have Astrea enter the city and to do that each week will help us immensely with our work on both the third and the fourth of each month. Can you imagine having this city entity free—first of all, free of the entities and the dweller-on-the-threshold of the discarnates? And when you call for the removal of those who have passed on, you must always remember to call for the binding of that dweller, the binding of the astral ka and the setting free of the soul and the protecting of the soul and the binding of all entities that may have been a part of that lifestream who may have passed on from lethal diseases or from drug addiction and therefore have all manner of entities surrounding them.

It is truly the work of the Keepers of the Flame to assist those making the transition to hold on to the threefold flame of liberty, to keep that flame. And therefore, because they hold on to it as the precious lifesaver that it is, they are able to be disentangled, by the angelic hosts in answer to your call, of all of those lower astral entities and forms and situations that had them bound and tied and not able to get on with their lives while they had life and breath in the flesh.

Do you see, beloved, how in the great cities of the earth there must be those who join the Order of the Golden Lily and there must be one room in your center or even a little closet, if you will, that is dedicated as the Chapel of the Threefold Flame of Liberty?

Understand, then, that to have the streets of the city and the homes and the places of the insane and where those who are incarcerated remain, to have all of that area cleared of the discarnates, whether they be the discarnates of momentums of negativity on the planet or the discarnates of souls that have passed from the screen of life, this would be such a help to the hosts of the LORD. I cannot even tell you how this would have an effect upon the work we are able to do.

It would be a great boon, beloved, and that great boon, then, can further enhance the economy of the city and the opportunity. In fact, it is a ripple effect and it will ripple across the nation. For you must understand that a depressed economy is a depressed state of mind and consciousness. And your leadership today does not take right action in the face of a faltering economy that does not have its surefootedness back and where there has been a squandering and so much dishonesty with the people’s money invested in banking houses and in other institutions.

Blessed ones, all of this we predicted and it has come to pass. And you must understand that if you allow depression to be in your life over anything whatsoever and do not seek to alleviate this through your own study or through one-on-one interaction with a good therapist, then, you see, you may carry the very energy of depression that is depressing a nation and a planet.

Peoples all over the world today are depressed. In fact, I can tell you that not in centuries has there been such mass depression on the planet. You may point to sugar and the sugar entity. You may point to other aspects of people’s lives and their indulgences and their squandering of the life force and their partaking of alcohol and all manner of drugs, which are in the extreme and are yin, producing these conditions of depression, but I tell you it is that and much, much more.

It is that the karma is returning. And do not forget that it returns every twenty-third of the month.5 And as you are Keepers of the Flame worldwide, that karma descends upon you also. It descends as a fine dust, a soot, that comes to rest upon the garment of the aura. Many people who are Keepers of the Flame find it to be a weight and a heaviness.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 26.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by El Morya was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, March 13, 1993, during 24 Hours with Elizabeth Clare Prophet in New York City, a two-day event held March 13 and 14, 1993.

1. The twenty-four-hour El Morya vigil on the fourth of each month follows the Omri-Tas’ Day violet flame vigil on the third of each month. See Pearl no. 23, footnotes 1 and 3, this volume.

2. Order of the Golden Lily. See Pearl no. 17, footnote 9, this volume.

3. See Dan. 12:1-3, 10.

4. See decree 10.14, “Decree to Beloved Mighty Astrea,” decrees 10.07, 10.09, and 10.12, and the decrees on the white ray (section 40.00-42.05) in Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

5. Karma descending in increments each twenty-third of the month. In his New Year's Eve address, December 31, 1992, Gautama Buddha announced that henceforth on the twenty-third of each month there would descend upon every creature on earth “a fine powder,...a dust of karma.” Gautama said that much of this karma dust could be transmuted by the violet flame (1993 Pearls of Wisdom, p. 52).

Saint Germain, in his dictation on March 23, 1996, announced: “The Great Law has spoken: ‘Those who faithfully give three hours or more of violet-flame decrees on the twenty-third of each month specifically for the transmutation of their personal karma shall clean escape their personal karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month. Those who faithfully give nine hours or more of violet-flame decrees on the twenty-third of each month specifically for the transmutation of planetary karma shall clean escape the planetary karma of the Dark Cycle for the given month.’ This, my beloved, is an unheard-of dispensation. Come hell or high water, as they say, do not allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of your oneness with me on the twenty-third of each month until the hour of your ascension!” (1996 Pearls of Wisdom, p. 170).

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