Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 34 - Beloved Jesus Christ - August 22, 2004

I Will Come When You Have Matched My Light!

Part 2

Thus I, Jesus, may call you and call you again. I convoke each and every one of this community worldwide who has kept the flame of my Sacred Heart to come to my [etheric] retreat in Arabia that your presence might be there [and] over the Holy Land, as you study in that retreat for some time with me now in preparation for going forth two by two and more, that you might hold the balance in that darkest of dark areas of the earth—yes, the crossroads, the place of the original coming and landing of these fallen angels who would use earth for their experiments, their mutations, their creations.

Is it any wonder there is every form of species and thousands upon thousands of species in the earth? Yes, beloved, this is what the scientists of the past have done in the misuse, I tell you, of the genes originally of the sons and daughters of God who descended to this plane and therefore were vulnerable and therefore were used.

Thus, lesser forms of life, “ani-mal,” are the imprisonment of life. And yet elemental souls, overshadowing and sometimes taking up a position within the animal kingdom, have come for the restoration—the restoration of elemental life and the restoration of that very energy [which is imprisoned] and that soul consciousness to higher levels of being.

Only the sons and daughters of God—redeeming their path by entering in to each and every one of the sefirot, one by one, beginning at the base of Malkhut (yes, the Divine Mother, yes, the Shekhinah)1 and meditating upon these ten [aspects] of the Tree of Life, these ten manifestations—can be the instruments of the rolling up as a scroll of all these records of infamy, of the imprisonment in Matter of energy itself [and] of the sparks of light that descended in the breaking and the fracturing of the sefirot.2

This is a complicated teaching, beloved. And yet you sense the essence of it, and you can agree with it because you look around and you see the world and you see what is taking place in the world. And you see light and darkness. And you see that those of the light seem to be the underlings of those of the darkness, and so it is.

For even in a moment, even in a moment, beloved, of not being alert, not being alert, these fallen ones in their cunning, as in the Garden of Eden of Maitreya, could take from you this or that in stealth. And you would awaken to find less of the original light, yet because of the descent, no longer having the power or the empowerment to deal with the fallen ones who now, through stealing that light that was originally yours, have gained great power in these lower worlds.

So as you rise up the levels of the worlds, beloved, you once again take dominion. For there is a line that is drawn, and I have drawn it! As the Son of God and the only begotten Son, I have drawn the line beyond which they shall not pass. Thus, when I gave through the messenger the original decree “They Shall Not Pass!”3 she was not aware that I gave it to you and to all lightbearers so that whenever you should give it for any such condition of evil in the earth, you should also be reinforcing that line beyond which these fallen ones cannot rise.

It is as though you were playing in a mighty field in some sports arena and the line were drawn and you had to defend that line. And should any cross that line, you would suffer great loss. And thus in the game of life you play to win, to see to it that these fallen ones cannot cross the line and invade the heart!

Thus, you have heard “guard the heart.” It is the heart that they are after. And I am that heart in the Tree of Life. I am that Tiferet.4 And therefore know, beloved, that you must not allow the fallen ones to encroach upon the heart.

And therefore remember the ancient practice of some tribes in the earth, East and West, who would eat the heart of the enemy. This was the practice of fallen angels, beloved. For they conceive that if they may eat the heart, they may also eat the light anchored in the heart chakra.

This is nasty business. But you are mature children of the light and sons and daughters of God. Therefore, you must know that whatever else appears on the surface, this warfare of the fallen angels and their attack on your individual tree of life is ongoing twenty-four hours a day. Therefore, well did the messenger teach you in my name to bind that ignorance. Bind all ignorance of evil. Bind all ignorance of good and you shall be the victor. You shall be pillars of fire in the earth and you shall have the crown of everlasting life. And that crown, Keter, is the meaning of the victory and the point of victory.5

Thus it is true, as the teaching has been set forth by the rabbis, that these fallen ones move about in the earth and that in order to rescue souls and to draw all of your selfhood that has been fragmented by [these fallen ones], you must descend to this dense octave. And thus, we of the ascended hosts have taught you for many, many years that the key of incarnation is that it is the opportunity for the balancing of karma that you do not have when you are out of embodiment.

Good reason why you should pray fervently for the lightbearers to make it through the channels of birth and to not be denied through abortion or any means! For the lightbearers are the ones who may save the entire evolution and the root races by coming to the lowest levels of the dense mingling of the astral and the physical planes and the mental planes—coming to those levels, rescuing the light. And as soon as the light and the lightbearers and the souls of light are rescued from the lowest levels, those lowest levels can be rolled up as a scroll and consumed. And thus, smaller and smaller is the biding place of the evil ones. For as you roll up their dwelling places from the very bottom of the thirty-third level of death and hell unto the first, so you will find there is no place for their habitation.

And so it is almost like a dream for these fallen ones. They dream they walk down corridors and, as they are walking, these corridors are closing in upon them, and it is so. They have less and less time and space.

Thus, I have said of this domain, “Occupy till I come.”6 And I will come when you have matched my light. And I desire the whole body of chelas in the earth who walk the path of Sanat Kumara and know it consciously—I desire that you should make your affirmation this night that you yourselves on this mystical path might be one body, not divided in the earth, but one body of lightbearers increasing the light and exorcising the darkness.

Thus when you match, all together, my presence in the earth, you will see how we may displace these fallen ones and they will no longer have power over any. Thus, they know it, beloved. They know such things are about. Therefore, what do they seek to do? Divide and conquer—separating families, separating children and parents, father and mother, husband and wife, friends and neighbors.

Accept no compromise. Where there are lightbearers, give the Ashram rituals.7 And reinforce, by meditation, by mantra, by profound inner dynamic decree—reinforce, then, the strength and oneness of heart by heart by heart.

Yes, take up the reading of the book Heart.8 We have sponsored it. You need to know this guarding of the heart of all disciples on the Path. This is your ministry! This is your revolution! This is why you so desire to go stumping! For you know yourselves that the hour is come and now is for the gathering of all the fragments and sparks of light, the rescue of all elements of being of all who have come forth from the Great Central Sun and shall return in the name of the mighty one, Surya.

I, Jesus, am pleased in many ways to see layers of error and grayness fall from you into the flame and into the flaming presence of our Lord Gautama Buddha, who is indeed the Lord of the World. In other areas, that very effluvia upon some of you has made you dull to the sensitivity of just how much you could gather as skeins of light sealed in your chakras.

I pray you shall return. I pray you shall spend with me another summer or several summers, for I have much to do for and with you. And I will continue working with every one of you, every one of my beloved staff of this Church who is indeed the staff of life, every one who would be called as a lay minister or a lay sister or brother, moving on to one day walk with me as a shepherd.

Continued in Part 3, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 35.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wednesday, September 1, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. It was the concluding address to the students of Summit University Summer Session 1993, Levels I and II, and of the Ministerial Program.

1. Malkhut/Shekhinah. (See Pearl of Wisdom vol. 47, no. 9, pp. 115-16, n. 2; Pearl of Wisdom vol. 47, no. 31, pp. 295-96, n. 3.)

2. Sparks of light. In the teachings of Kabbalist Isaac Luria, evil was created and sparks of God’s light descended as a result of a cosmic catastrophe that accompanied the Creation. When Ein Sof emanated the ten sefirot, each one was to be preserved in a special vessel. Ein Sof’s light lowered into the vessels of the first three sefirot. But the vessels designed to contain the light of the lower sefirot, from Hesed through Yesod, were not strong enough and they shattered. The vessel containing Malkhut cracked but did not shatter. As a result, sparks of light, along with shards of the vessels, scattered, giving birth to the material world. Luria teaches that the first man, Adam, had the opportunity to liberate the sparks and return the world to its original state because his body was a microcosm of Adam Kadmon, but he failed. Adam’s “great soul” contained the souls of all humanity. When he fell, his soul shattered and the sparks of all human souls were dispersed. Thus, Lurianic Kabbalah teaches that there are two kinds of sparks that need to be rescued: the sparks of the sefirot (which fell when the vessels broke) and the sparks of Adam’s soul. We must perfect and thereby liberate our own spark, which is a spark of Adam’s soul, as well as the sparks that are scattered through all of the creation.

3. “The Judgment Call: ‘They Shall Not Pass!’” by Jesus Christ, decree 20.07 in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

4. Tiferet corresponds to the Holy Christ Self, who is the “only begotten Son” of the Father-Mother God. The Son is the Universal Christ. That is to say, there is only one Son of God, one Tiferet, but God gave every son and daughter of God an exact replica of the original. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power, teaches: “Your Holy Christ Self is your soul’s advocate before the Father-Mother God. He is your inner teacher, guardian and dearest friend. He is also the voice of conscience that speaks within the precincts of your heart and soul.... Your Holy Christ Self acts as the Mediator between you and I AM THAT I AM. He divides the way between good and evil within you, teaching you right from wrong.

“Before sin/karma descended upon us, our souls were bonded to the Universal Christ, Tiferet, and we were clothed in the original, etheric pattern of Adam Kadmon in which we were made. But through succeeding incarnations in an imperfect world, we ...lost the enlightenment we had. Today our Holy Christ Self sustains for us the blueprint of Adam Kadmon, which Kabbalists say we are destined to manifest again. We can return to that archetypal pattern of perfection by bonding to our Holy Christ Self. This is the goal of every soul on the mystical path.

“What does it mean to be bonded to your Holy Christ Self? It means that through the steps and stages of the spiritualization of your consciousness, your soul has returned to the perfect pattern of your Holy Christ Self. This is ‘the alchemical marriage,’ whereby the soul attains union with her Bridegroom. As you imitate the great spiritual teachers and rabbis of all time and as you develop the qualities of each of the sefirot, you can begin to know a greater fusion with your Holy Christ Self.”

“When we assimilate the ten virtues represented in the sefirot and when we are bonded to Tiferet, [then] we bring forth the ten fruits of the Tree of Life. The leaves of our Tree of Life will not wither and all that we do will prosper because we are rooted in the Heart of Hearts, Tiferet, the Son.” The messenger also teaches that “when the apostle John wrote of the ‘true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world’ (John 1:19), he was describing Tiferet, the Son, whom he believed dwelt bodily in Jesus Christ.” (Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Patricia R. Spadaro and Murray L. Steinman, Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power, pp. 83-86, 45, 43; see also Pearl no. 31, pp. 295-96, n. 3, this volume.)

5. Keter is the first sefirah, the highest sefirah on the Tree of Life. Keter corresponds to the I AM Presence. Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches, “The name of God associated with Keter (Crown) is Ehyeh (‘I AM’) or Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (‘I AM THAT I AM’). Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh has also been translated as ‘I am who I am,’ ‘I am what I am’ or ‘I will be what I will be.’. . . Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh means: ‘I AM Being. I will reveal myself in the unfolding of events. For you cannot know me as pure Being; you can only know me as I make myself known to you through my actions.’”

“Our I AM Presence is thus the closest and most personal Presence of God we can know while we are yet in our mortal body. Only when our soul has become one with Keter and I AM THAT I AM and has returned to the cosmos of pure Spirit will she be called to enter Ein Sof, the indescribable and unknowable God—the Supreme Source.... [This] ‘Cause above all causes’. . . is hidden as the Sun behind the sun of the I AM Presence. That is why Kabbalists call Ein Sof ‘the unmanifest.’. . .

“The light of I AM THAT I AM and Keter is a transforming light. Mark Prophet ...said that when the LORD told Moses, ‘Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me and live,’ that meant:‘No man can see God and still live as man.’ If he survives the experience, he will be God in manifestation. Such is the power of the light of I AM THAT I AM and Keter. We may not yet be ready to stand in that Presence of God, but by reconnecting with the sefirot, by daily walking and talking with God, we are getting ready.

“Before we can receive the light of Keter we must assimilate the essence of the nine lower sefirot. We can accomplish this under the tutelage of the ascended masters, who initiate us through the ten stages of the sefirot from the root of Malkhut/Shekhinah to the crown of Keter. The soul’s assimilation of the light of the sefirot may take numerous incarnations,perhaps with karmic digressions along the way. But, as Jesus said, ‘Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life [Keter], which the Lord hath promised to them that love him’ (James 1:12).” (Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Patricia R. Spadaro and Murray L. Steinman, Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power, pp. 218-19, 77-79; see also Pearl no. 31, p. 295, n. 3, this volume.)

6. Occupy till I come. Luke 19:13. See also Pearl of Wisdom no. 7, pp. 87-89, n. 5, this volume.

7. The Ashram rituals by El Morya contain profound meditations and rituals that can help you increase your capacity to sustain contact with God and harness spiritual energy for world peace and upliftment. They are available in booklet form and as a CD album.

8. See Helena Roerich, Heart (New York: Agni Yoga Society, 1975).

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