Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 35 - Beloved Jesus Christ - August 29, 2004

I Will Come When You Have Matched My Light!

Part 3

Yes, beloved, now I have told the messenger this evening and I will tell you. You will find no finer training anywhere for the preaching of the Gospel, for the learning to deliver the Word than you will find in the sermons, the discourses, the lectures, the talks of my beloved son Mark Prophet.1 Therefore, let it be known that from this place there shall go forth tapes. And you shall study them, you shall hear them. You shall, as babes who are lisping yet in the mastery of the Word, even memorize some of the most special passages. There is no harm or shame in imitation. As has been said, it is the highest form of flattery.

When you meet such a giant as Mark Prophet, who does embody my Word and my message with a fervor of the heart of a soul who has been far beyond this world and returned again, so, beloved, it is well to practice the imitation of the Christ of his heart, of his messengership and, above all, of his reaching out to gather in the souls of light.

Yes, beloved, in olden days children were taught to memorize from early childhood. There is nothing wrong with committing to memory the scriptures, not only those of the Holy Bible or of the world’s religions but also of the scriptures that are written in life by such a one as Mark Prophet. Yes, beloved, you can become empowered with the mantle of that master of invocation. Yes, beloved. Thus, understand the profound love and yet the scientific method whereby I could deliver through him that great release of light which would quicken and magnetize and bring to my heart so many souls who could not make it without the fervor of Mark.

When you begin to listen, begin by listening to the tremendous intensity of fervor and of love for each and every one who came—came to the services, came to the retreats. Yes, know that you must also develop such a heart of love, such a heart of the shepherd. You will not be the most dynamic and effective speakers in my name unless you go after in this year the development of the heart, the development of the threefold flame.

Without a certain level of turning up the threefold flame, you do not have the wherewithal to magnetize the Holy Ghost to your temple, beloved. You may only feel the rain of the Holy Spirit when the dictations are delivered, but you are not able to hold that and to keep it in balance.

Yes, you must not tarry in your studying. It must become a daily habit, a daily communion. And you must have the bread of life, and you will see how day by day by day you increase in the stature of your Christhood. Yes, it shall come to pass. Just keep on keeping on, beloved. Yes, keep on keeping on.

I, then, call you to my heart. And I bless you and all in the earth who have followed the disciplines of the seventh ray of my father, of the violet flame, of transmutation, who have exchanged hardness of heart and received the merciful heart of Kuan Yin, who have turned in your filthy rags and received new garments. Yes, those who have that tethering and those who day by day are moved by the Spirit to perform the tasks that are needed to bring in the lightbearers, you are my own. You I claim as brothers and sisters, you in the will of God, you who are moved and impelled to bring this work to those who have it not.

If you have of late become weak in your faith and lost the vision, I say, come unto me. My heart is open. I condemn you not. My burden is light. Let me carry yours for a while until you are restored by the great fountain of living waters. I yet give that water, beloved, that he who may drink of it may live forever. It is the water of my life. It is the water of Life that comes from the heart and the Source.

Do not be burdened because you go through a period of heaviness and weight and darkness. I am there. I am there, beloved. Think of yourself on a journey, journeying on the road of life. There are days that are dark, glowering. The clouds are heavy. The fog is thick. Then the thunder and the lightning come [and] the torrential rains, and you cannot see ahead of you.

That is how it is, beloved. The patterns of the weather tell you what is going on within your soul. The sun comes out. You have direct contact with the Presence. You are joyous in that presence of Helios and Vesta. So, then, those are the days when you must internalize the Sun and become the Sun, for dark days will come again. So is the sine wave of your life. Get accustomed to it, beloved. Don’t simply play in the summer and not prepare for winter. When the sun is shining, that is the hour when you internalize the cosmic energies, the cosmic rays—when there is nothing between you and the farthest stars.

Have you ever thought of this, beloved? When the sky is cloudless, you can reach across infinity! And then other days you are blocked as the whole world of human effluvia is up for transmutation. Yet only the few give the violet-flame calls, and so the world is weighted down again. Elementals are weighted down again.

That is the time to rejoice. That is the time, beloved. That is the wondrous time of communion when you know: “Here we are in the midst of this darkness, in the midst of these conditions of the consciousness of the people. So we gather in the name of Omri-Tas. So we gather in the heart of El Morya. And so we clear a highway of our God.”

And over that highway there do come souls from the farthest reaches, whether from Greenland or Mongolia, whether from Japan or the next town over the next ridge of the mountains where you live. Yes, they come from near and from far because you carve out the channels. Yes, beloved.

Let no man take thy crown, the crown of rejoicing.2 Let no man take thy joy. My prayer for you [for] ever and ever and anon must be that my joy might be in you and that your joy might be full. Keep the joy flame bubbling, beloved ones, as a bubbling spring until you yourself may dispense this water of everlasting life.

Do you not feel it as it passes through the messenger to you? Do you not know that she is also that open door of that stream from my heart? Do you not realize that the world is touched, through every one of you and your precious hearts, by me in a very tender and personal way as I walk and talk with you?

I will not leave Maitreya’s Mystery School.3 I will be here and I will be with every chela upon the planet. I only hope, beloved, that you determine ways and means, whether by putting signs about the house or writing in your notebooks, not to forget to call to me to empower me to overshadow you, to work through you until you see yourself truly as moving toward the apostleship of a Paul or toward the mantle of the ancient prophets.

Yes, beloved, I can do all things for you and through you. But the law is the law is the law. You must make the call, keep the harmony, rejoice, and never be ruffled by a thing, not a thing, not a thing.

See the light. See the dawn. See the opening of heaven. While all the world is in darkness, heaven is opening, hearts in the earth are making contact. And the gain that they make is being held by cosmic reinforcements of angels of the Cosmic Christ. Yes, beloved, this is not the time to be weary. This is not the time to leave your post. This is not the time to make decisions without the knowledge of the entire circle of thy life. This is the time to know that the lilies are blossoming in the snow, that the lilacs and roses are in the eternal spring, that you live in many levels.

And the level of your reality is even closer in this geographical location than anywhere else in the earth for* the circle of light, for the protection, for the dome and the wall of light and for the Retreat of the [Divine] Mother and the Western Shamballa. Here is the meshing. Here is the experiment. Here is where we would unfold, unwrap the etheric plane in the physical. And here many people, coming from many different points of view, have all agreed that this land is sacred. They have set aside the parklands, the forest lands, the wilderness lands. Here is land that will be kept pristine—thus an ideal place for the merging of the etheric and the physical that men might see and behold that there is a passageway to octaves of light.

Thus I look to the day, beloved, when for your stumping, for your sending forth the teachings, the tapes and the books and amplifying them as you are able through modern technology, beaming the teachings into the households of the earth—I look forward to the day when, by the swelling of your ranks, you will build a physical church. That [church] will be the sign to many that I, Jesus, have established this place in the name of Lord Maitreya and all hosts of light, that I am making this Church Universal and Triumphant, which is of the etheric octave, physical in the planet through you who are pillars in the temple of my God.

In the living flame I am with you. In the living flame of Lord Maitreya I am with you to the end of the age, to the end of darkness, to the rolling up of the scrolls—until you are in the heart of Tiferet, I am in the heart of you, and our God commands us to roll up the whole tree of life and we join Buddhas and bodhisattvas.

And then in another round, beloved, in another manvantara,4 the whole experiment may commence again as all worlds go into the center of the tiniest point and begin again, and this time no fragmenting or fracturing, no compromise of the divine Masculine or the divine Feminine or of any aspect or manifestation of God. Yes, beloved, look forward to the cosmos that is brimming, brimming with creativity and a future so vast.

O planes of light, reveal thyself for a moment that these may know that all that they could or would or should ever desire to accomplish in the earth must best be accomplished in levels above this [level], where there is not the yinness and the attenuation of the yinness that makes all things [that are] visible to you now subject to decay, disintegration and death— save for the Spirit of the living God who I AM. For I am sent that ye might have life and the greater abundant life of next levels of being, where all that you do and accomplish and create and invent unto the glory of God is made permanent forever and forever and forever.

With this sign of faith and hope and charity, I call my disciples from the four corners of the earth to establish themselves as pillars in the heart of this retreat to make happen on time, in the cosmic timetable, all that the Blessed Mother would have us accomplish.

So, beloved, as it is written, “In God we trust,” I, Jesus, trust the God within you and caution you to bind all else that is unstable, hence unreal. So you shall know that you may one day say to the God in you, “In God I trust! In God I trust.”

In the name of the Nameless One, in the name of the known and the unknown God, I am Jesus the Christ, victor of the age and all ages. I have come to live in the hearts of my disciples who have prepared me room in the secret chamber of the heart.

Thus, I seal this session of Summit University and open the page, this first day of September, to the next chapter and the next that you shall follow until the world beholds you in full dress of the Christed One.

* I.e., because of.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Wednesday, September 1, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. It was the concluding address to the students of Summit University Summer Session 1993, Levels I and II, and of the Ministerial Program.

1. Mark L. Prophet’s lectures and sermons were published as a series of CD albums Discourses in Cosmic Law and Sermons for a Sabbath Evening.

2. Let no man take thy crown. “Behold, I come quickly: hold fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.” Rev. 3:11.

3. Maitreya’s Mystery School. In a dictation given May 31, 1984, Jesus Christ said: “[Lord Maitreya] desires me, as his pupil, to announce to you that he is dedicating this Heart of the Inner Retreat and this entire property as the Mystery School of Maitreya in this age.... You realize that the Mystery School of Maitreya was called the Garden of Eden. All of the Ascended Masters’ endeavors and the schools of the Himalayas of the centuries have been to the end that this might occur from the etheric octave unto the physical—that the Mystery School might once again receive the souls of light who have gone forth therefrom, now who are ready to return, to submit, to bend the knee before the Cosmic Christ.... Maitreya truly is more physical today than ever before since the Garden of Eden.” (“The Mystery School of Lord Maitreya,” 1984 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 27, no. 36, pp. 316-17, 324.)

4. Manvantara. See Pearl no. 1, p. 10, n. 2, this volume.

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