Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 45 - Beloved Virgo with Pelleur - November 7, 2004

Violet Flame Can Stop Earth Changes

Part 1

Now we come to address you from the very heart of the earth. I AM Pelleur!

You have heard the sound of gnomes.1 You have heard the sound of their marching. You have heard the sound of intensification, for this is their form of transmutation, of throwing off the burden of humankind.* This is the frenzy pitch that is reached when they must transmute the burdens of humanity without the violet flame. This intensity is what produces volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricane, tidal wave, flood and storm.

Thus, from the depths of the earth, from the surface to the very center, to the very part [that is] the violet-flame sea,2 gnomes, elemental beings of the earth, under the guidance of myself and beloved Virgo, do perform the tasks necessary and fundamental to the holding of the balance in the earth element. Of all elementals, these carry the greater weight of density, physical density of mankind’s karma.

Though the mighty undines bear the heavy weight of the astral plane, though the mighty sylphs bear the weight of the air element and the mental belt and though the fiery salamanders bear the weight of all abuses of fire in the etheric octave, know, then, that elemental life is a pyramid. And the base of the pyramid is the earth, and the next level of the pyramid is the water, and the next level of the pyramid is the air, and the next level of the pyramid is fire.

When you, sons and daughters of God, place yourselves in the very center and heart of this pyramid, then by 360 degrees of your own threefold flame and manifest Christhood, you give, then, to these beings [the] action of sacred fire which, unless they are the advanced adepts among their kind, they have not. They have not the sacred fire, beloved, but depend upon you.

Therefore, the alchemy of their transmutation, without your insertion of violet flame and accelerated violet flame, does require them to practice the science of alchemy, the “all-chemistry” of God, in order to hold the balance. But when the ingredient of violet flame is added, then you will see what the meaning is of the term “world transmutation.”

Let joy go forth in this place, for we are joyous! For sons and daughters of God, children of the light, devotees of the Divine Mother of all cosmos do assemble in such mindfulness of the path of resurrection, of the path of transmutation as to make all elementals sing a mighty anthem to you this night. Thus, beloved, they are grateful for so very little.

I come, for your work can avail much and much more. I would suggest that you hearken to Arcturus and Victoria, that you use the violet flame in every way, that you sing and dance and march to the violet flame, that you determine all types of actions whereby you can accompany them with the violet flame so that the violet flame goes forth from every angle of consciousness, from every level—continuously, continuously pouring, beloved. Write songs to the violet flame. We will assist you, and the Elohim of music will assist you. Let us see, then, how violet flame can be that singular point of intercession that can stop, yet, earth changes, calamities, war, et cetera.

Thus, we are also here, beloved, to speak to you regarding your body elemental, who has the greatest task of all in maintaining, principally, the earth body. Beloved ones, when you give to the body elemental all that is required for the alchemy of eternal youth—yes, I say, eternal youth by the light of God—you will find your partnership extending through and beyond your body elemental to legions of gnomes, not a few but many.

I counsel you, then, to hike in these hills and mountains. I counsel you to acquaint yourselves with the rock, the terrain, the grasses, the wildlife—to truly enter the domain of the elementals. For this is a mighty abode for them, a place of refuge set aside here by Church and State.

Blessed ones, we come, then, bearing the aura of the cosmic ovoid and that ovoid of light we seal about you. And we qualify this ovoid of light with the special quality of bridging the gap between your level of consciousness—both the human consciousness and the Christ consciousness—and the level, wavelength and abiding-place of all elementals. You may reinforce this ovoid with your mantra to Helios and Vesta and with the Great Central Sun disc.3

[Therefore, by] using these two mantras and visualizing the ovoid around you, you will have the means of greater sensitivity to the elementals, which you have long desired. Some of you who are past the age when children see elementals will begin to sense their presence and then to see them. This is the gift which the four hierarchs of the elements have determined is the greatest gift we could afford you at this conference. For we desire to see a thinning of the veil betwixt elemental life and the sons and daughters of God.

As you then use this ovoid as a means of entering into new levels of consciousness, take care that you seal yourself in the tube of light and perform your fiats to Archangel Michael for protection. For I would remind you that gnomes, in a sense, and other elementals carry human characteristics. And in these human characteristics, being so burdened by the mass effluvia of the earth, they do show forth those states of consciousness that are sometimes rebellious, sometimes angry, sometimes fed up with humankind who so abuse the very earth beneath their feet.

Thus, beloved, it may become a question of taming some elementals, of encouraging them to trust you, by consistent love, by consistent firmness, by consistent determination that they shall begin to accept some disciplines by the authority of your own Holy Christ Self—such disciplines as giving the “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees,” from beginning to end each day with you (requiring that they recite these), and also giving their personal fiats to Archangel Michael.

There are grandfather and grandmother elementals. There are those who have gone on in great attainment, who therefore have sustained themselves for thousands of years, whereas the ordinary elementals’ life spans are no greater than human life spans due to the fact that [elementals] do not have a threefold flame.

When you work with the hierarchs under us, yet over the less-developed elementals, you can give to them much reinforcement by your decrees that they might teach and pass on to the elementals who are as the foot soldiers, the ones carrying the greatest burdens in each of the kingdoms. These elementals are the ones who are most weighted down, who most need the violet flame and yet, by the very burden upon themselves, are sometimes not open to giving the decrees. Thus, you must pray for them, give the violet flame for them until there is a melting, a literal melting of that shell they have established around themselves to protect themselves from mankind’s inhumanity to man and to elemental life.

[9-second pause]

I am releasing to you now, by the special crystal of my heart, light rays that come to quicken your heart at a certain level that you might know a new bonding to Oromasis and Diana, to myself and Virgo, to Aries and Thor, and to Neptune and Luara. Having your crystal as focuses on your altars (as so many of you do) shall also become that point whereby the worlds may cross and the opening of the way for tremendous conscious cooperation between the three kingdoms can accelerate now and unto the end of this decade, as you see the Dark Cycle continuing to deposit upon your doorstep, each day, that which must go into the violet flame.

Think of the many purposes to which you can direct a single violet-flame decree—purposes which bring you closer to your victory, purposes which bring you to the purification of the heart, of all past records of witchcraft. Do not lean upon this method of influencing others any longer. Though you may know that you have this ability in your mind, I say to you, cease from it at every hand and trust the mind of God to deal in divine justice with all those whom you may consider to be your enemies.

Gnomes must be trained in many ways, beloved. And they must also understand that they must take on the violet and purple flames, in all shades and hues, and discard those reds and orange-reds and ugly chartreuses and loud oranges that they have put about themselves under the influence of those not-benign fallen angels.

*I.e, the burden gnomes bear of humankind’s negative karma.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 46.

Background on Virgo and Pelleur

Excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats
by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Virgo and Pelleur are the directors of the earth element.... They work with the hierarchs of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius to teach mankind the mastery of their physical bodies, and [they also work] with the hierarchs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo to teach...mastery of the earth element.

Virgo and Pelleur are cosmic beings who rule from the sun of even pressure in the center of the earth and direct the rays of the causal body through the earth element. During the first three golden ages that element was transparent, pure as crystal with rainbow hues; but after the descent of mankind’s consciousness into duality, the earth element took on the density of man’s consciousness, as did the water and the air....

[In a Pearl of Wisdom dated April 6, 1980,] Virgo and Pelleur...described the gnomes and their service: “The beings you call gnomes, whose image has been dwarfed in the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other fairy tales, actually range in size from three-inch-high elves playing in the grasses, to the three-foot dwarfs, all the way to the hierarchies of the mountains who attend the Great Hall of the Mountain King and Queen glimpsed by Grieg and portrayed in his musical tribute to the special gnomes of Norway and the Norsemen.

“There are giants in the elemental kingdom of the earth. These are powerful beings who wield the fire of atom and molecule and hold the balance for the continents through cataclysm, flood and fire. This evolution was created by Elohim to sustain the platform for the great experiment in free will ordained by God unto his children whom he sent forth into the planetary systems to be fruitful in the Christ consciousness and to multiply the manifestation of God in their offspring and in the works of their hands.

“As the gnomes represent the Holy Spirit and are transmitters of the love of the Comforter through the beauty and caring of nature for God’s children, there are other elementals who represent the office of the Father, the Son and the Mother. Thus, even in the lower kingdoms of the planetary bodies there are representatives of the four cosmic forces envisioned by Ezekiel and Saint John [Ezek. 1; 10; Rev. 4].

“The mighty gnomes, gentle and merciful, are the archetype in nature of the ox who treadeth out the corn [Deut. 25:4; 1 Cor. 9:9; 1 Tim. 5:18], the great burdenbearer of mankind’s karma. Self-sacrificing, they even deny their own evolutionary fulfillment in order that man as the highest manifestation of God might continue to have the opportunity to prove the law of grace and enter into the rite of spring in the true spirit of the resurrection flame.”...

...Virgo and Pelleur told us that “there are billions upon billions of gnomes tending the cycles of earth in the four seasons, purging the planet of poisons and pollutants so dangerous to the physical bodies of man, animal and plant life.” They spoke with great concern about the burdens upon elemental life and the need for the violet flame to prevent earth changes: “In past ages when the discord, death and disease self-created by mankind have reached proportions greater than that which the elementals could bear, Nature herself has convulsed,” as it did when “elemental life unleashed the fountains of the deep, causing the great deluge that resulted in the sinking of the continent of Atlantis and the flood of Noah....

“If and unless there is a great intensification of the saturation of the earth body with the violet flame through the multiplication of the calls of Keepers of the Flame, there will be in this decade major planetary upheavals, changes in weather conditions and earthquakes that result in great loss of life as well as permanent changes in the geographical surface of the earth.”

We have seen a certain amount of this come to pass already, and Saint Germain has said that the amount of violet flame invoked by the evolutions of the planet has not been sufficient to completely transmute the karma. When the people do not put forth the light of the violet flame, then it is Nature that must enact the transmutation. Nature’s transmutation of burdens of world karma too hard to bear is cataclysm. That is why we have seen major cataclysms at the end of ages.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Virgo with Pelleur was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saturday, October 9, 1993, during the seven-day conference Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held October 6 through 11, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. “In the Hall of the Mountain King” from Peer Gynt Suite no. 1 by Edvard Grieg was played as the meditation music before the dictation.

2. Violet-flame sea in the heart of the earth. On May 1, 1991, in Portland, Oregon, Omri-Tas announced the unprecedented dispensation of the violet flame sea of light: “I deposit in the heart of the earth a dispensation immense of concentrated violet flame. It is an intercession of the quality of mercy. It is an intercession afforded to all those who serve the Light. And through your Holy Christ Self it shall be meted out as an unguent, as an elixir. May you drink of it in your hours of need and [in your hours of] strength and keep it replenished by new calls to the violet flame. It is a giant violet flame reservoir, as a sea of light pulsating.” (See “A Violet Flame Sea of Light,” in 1991 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 353-55, and vol. 34, no. 65.)

3. Great Central Sun disc. See the “Great Sun Disc,” decree 0.02 in Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

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