Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 44 - Beloved Aries and Thor - October 31, 2004

You Can Change the Earth by the Power of
God That Is in You

Part 2

You have seen many storms and earthquakes in the past twenty-four months.1 Understand that this is all the elementals have had to work with.* They have had to execute upon mankind and upon the planetary body a world transmutation that was not in full God-harmony—by the breaking down of the components of a heavy karma and, even through those storms and through those earthquakes, delivering unto the people, many people, beloved ones, their own karma which did fall due under the Dark Cycle.

Thus, the Lords of Karma deem it a more decisive action and one that is more helpful to all people that, at a certain point, if they are not turning around toward God, if they are not setting aside their old momentums, it is pointless that they should continue decade after decade to a ripe old age, when they can be born again through another’s belly and born again of the Spirit and take courage to challenge their karma and not continually live a life of selfishness unto the death.

Thus, there are many reasons why karma descends. And one of the reasons is the mathematics of the formula that belongs to each and every lifestream. The formula is complex. And when the karma is due to descend upon an individual, beloved ones, all that can mitigate that karma is how that one has lived his life, how that one has served God, his fellowman or apprenticed himself to the Great White Brotherhood or become a devotee of one of the masters of East or West.

Thus, beloved ones, to serve to set life free and to continue on the Path, all of you have bought time and postponed the day of certain karmas descending. This is the Great Law, beloved, ever merciful, ever desiring to give maximum opportunity to every single lifestream upon earth.

Some of you have wondered at the many thousands who have died recently in the earthquake in India.2 I tell you, beloved ones, many among those souls who were lost during this earthquake, whose bodies were no longer attached to their souls, were among the Suernis3 and were among those who did move against their hierarch, did move against their leader and did not come into alignment with the true path of the Sons of the Solitude.

Thus, beloved ones, they had gone many, many, many thousands of years, and they had come to the place where their continuous denial of the Law, their denial of God and their sensuous indulgence had brought them to the place where God is prepared to give them another opportunity. And that opportunity must be taken, beloved. For you all understand that opportunities do come to an end at a certain point in time and space.

I discuss the law of karma and of reincarnation with you as it affects the interaction of elementals with the children of the earth. For the elementals are the ones who often deliver that karma. And they are there, beloved, under assignment from the Lords of Karma. And there are contingents, legions of elementals that come from the four hierarchs, and they are summoned and they do work exclusively with the delivering of the karma of the people of the earth through Mother Nature.

How quaint it is that scientists have decided that storms have nothing to do with the wrath of God! Well, beloved, storms and lightning, as well as drought as well as all conditions that are not normal in the weather patterns, these are caused by mankind’s consciousness, by mankind’s karma. These are caused by the fallen angels and their programming of elementals as well as of humankind to darkness and dark deeds.

Thus, there is upheaval in the planet. Thus, there are many imbalances. And those individuals whose karma has cycled through their etheric body, the mental body, the astral body and finally is about to enter into the physical manifestation, these ones, beloved, therefore receive the brunt of their karma delivered by these magnificent elementals who carry a heart of justice and a flame of justice and a flame of mercy. And they are accompanied by legions of angels who are entrusted with the same mission. And these angels do bring mercy where there are those who do not deserve the same measure of weight upon them through cyclone and through every manner of burden that is come upon the earth, especially in these days.

May you understand, therefore, that earth could be far more harmonious if each individual son and daughter of God would recognize that their four lower bodies can be expanded, by meditation and by decree, to be one with the entire planetary body. This is the world consciousness of the World Mother. It is the world consciousness of her sons and daughters. When you have dominion in your four lower bodies and have the dominion that your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had when he was in embodiment, you will note that the strength of each of your four lower bodies will also strengthen each of the four lower bodies of planet Earth.

Do you think that this is impossible? I tell you, it is not impossible. Even science has realized how there can be the expansion even of the very pattern of the four lower bodies, the pattern of the rings upon rings of auric emanations. These can be expanded as easily to the size of the earth as they are now resting surrounding your four lower bodies. This is the teaching of Gautama Buddha, whose magnificent presence and causal body and even the replica of his four lower bodies, when he was perfected, does lock in to the many layers of the earth to hold the balance of the earth.

Understand, beloved, that by the power of your I AM Presence you can increase, you can intensify, you can be a manifestation of the living Christ. This is your calling. This is why you were born. This is your mission. Do not be limited. Do not postpone to the morrow those services that you have committed to the hierarchy of light.

El Morya is under God Mercury. And those who serve under him, beloved ones, surely move swiftly to bring from the etheric octave and to precipitate into the physical all the elements that El Morya requires to accomplish what must be accomplished through this organization.

We are fairly bursting with teachings and information that must be codified, that must be presented, and presented in a manner that the little children can understand, that people of all ages can understand. And you who are scientists, you who operate in the field of health, in the field of medicine, you must understand how much more can be accomplished. Therefore, turn the dial of your vision to expansiveness. But do not expand to a greater level than the capacity that you are able to retain and maintain in the harmony of life.

Think, then, beloved ones, think, then, of how you can strengthen the vessels of your being and hold those vessels on behalf of millions who are out of balance and out of alignment. Know, then, this strengthening process. Know that the Son of God is upon you in the person of your Holy Christ Self, in the person of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain and the entire hierarchy of light.

Be free, beloved. Be free in the vastness of the universal mind of the sylphs. Be free to expand into all levels of the atmosphere of the earth and beyond. Be free to know how vast is the mind of God and be free to know that you contain that mind and that you are one with the Infinite Now.

Sometimes those who take their ascension, though rejoicing in the victory, look back with a certain sense of disappointment that they did not rise to the occasion in their final embodiment to truly meditate to the point of understanding that here on earth, even at this level, a great portion of that God consciousness can be realized to the benefit of all of humanity.

Think, beloved ones, of the great powers of the Rai of Suern—powers of precipitation, power to stop an army and all of their weapons. Think of the concurrent civilization of Atlantis,* where all was based on science, where there were not such adepts, save the few Sons of the Solitude and a few black magicians. And thus, their† attainment was all in science, whereas the Rai of the Suernis, beloved ones, was able to do all these feats by the fire of his inner being.4 Understand, therefore, the great victory that can come about to you in the earth.

Look, then, at the fiascoes that happen in Somalia, in [the former] Yugoslavia and in all other areas. “How ridiculous! How ridiculous,” you must say to yourselves. All of this loss of life and destruction of property in Moscow, using crude physical power to change situations, to control peoples, to eliminate peoples. Do you understand, beloved, that you can change the earth by the power of God that is in you? You can do this. It is time that you took many leaps in consciousness. It is time that you took the key of Neptune, that you opened the prison door and exited the very prison of your own mind.

Long ago there was given to the Mother of the Flame, in ancient times, the key to liberate the soul from the carnal mind. So many are slaves of that mind. So many believe the limitations of that mind. Yes, beloved, this is the hour for your liberation. Think, then, and hasten the day as to what you can do to see to it that the lightbearers of the earth have this message.

Would to God I were speaking it now over satellite to every lightbearer on this planet and to all who could be lightbearers if they were simply shown how. The technology is there, the reality is there, and you have the mind of Christ. Now I say, use it! And use all elemental life, as you call to them, to multiply that mind, that abundance, that substance, that know-how and that determination that this will come to pass. For short of the Keepers of the Flame being able to give enough violet flame to save the planet, which they have not yet demonstrated, the only answer is to swell the ranks of Keepers of the Flame that many hundreds of thousands and millions more may do so with the same, the very same teaching that you already have.

It is in your very best interests, beloved, for the holding of the equilibrium of the earth, to see to it that this message is disseminated. Therefore, I appeal to you. Let the messenger be the messenger! May you, then, see to it that the message is distributed. I promise you that the sylphs will carry it to the four winds. [24-second standing ovation]

Thus, in the name of Rai Ernon I speak to you and I seal this message with all the love of billions upon billions of elementals. For they know every son and daughter of God throughout the planetary spheres. And in you they place their trust, their hope and their faith.

God bless you, one and all. [27-second standing ovation]

*I.e., to bring about world transmutation.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Aries and Thor was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, October 8, 1993, during the seven-day conference Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held October 6 through 11, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. From October 1991 to 1993, hundreds of severe storms and earthquakes were recorded worldwide, including the following:

1991. On October 19, an earthquake registering 7 on the Richter scale struck the Chamoli-Uttarkashi area of northern India, killing 2,000 and injuring more than 1,800. From October 28 to November 2, “The Perfect Storm,” or the “Great Halloween Storm,” ravaged the East Coast of North America, from Florida to Newfoundland. Its gale to hurricane-force winds lashed 750,000 square miles of ocean for 5 days. Waves 10 to 30 feet pounded the shores and tides rose to 3 to 7 feet above normal. Offshore, waves were reported up to 100 feet high. Hundreds of seaside properties and even lighthouses were damaged or destroyed. Total damage was in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

1992. August 16-28, category-5 Hurricane Andrew devastated the Bahamas and southeast coastal United States, killing 26 people and leaving 250,000 homeless. Andrew caused up to $30 billion in damages. On September 11, Typhoon Iniki struck Hawaii. It was Hawaii’s strongest recorded storm. On December 11, the “Great Nor’easter Storm,” with hurricane-force gusts, deluged more than 559 miles of North America’s east coastline. In New York City, flooding submerged parts of the FDR Drive, and divers had to rescue trapped motorists. Nine people died, and the Red Cross sheltered another 300,000. Damages totaled around $2 billion. On December 12, a tsunami and 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Flores region of Indonesia. Together, the earthquake and tsunami killed about 2,500 and left 90,000 homeless.

1993. March 13-14, the U.S. “storm of the century” pounded the eastern third of the United States with blizzards and tornadoes. From Alabama to New England, hurricane winds, record cold and over 40 inches of snow ravaged 7 states. All interstate highways and secondary roads north of Atlanta were closed or inaccessible, and every major airport on the East Coast was shut down. Millions of people were without power for over a week. The storm killed 270 people and caused damages totaling $3 billion. On September 3, Typhoon Yancy, the 13th in the 1993 season, was the most powerful storm to hit Japan in 50 years.

2. Earthquake in India. On September 30, 1993, a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck the Latur region of Maharashtra, in south central India. The earthquake killed about 10,000 people and injured 30,000. The earthquake’s epicenter was located in a region considered to be aseismic.

3. According to the ascended masters, the Suernis were Atlanteans who traveled with their emperor to the land of Suern, i.e., present-day India and part of Arabia. One million Suernis eventually ascended and another million continued to reincarnate. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in her lecture “A Profile of Ernon, Rai of Suern” (October 13, 1991), based on the book A Dweller on Two Planets, reported that the Suernis had “seemingly miraculous powers.” These came from “their strict adherence to a moral code forced upon them by their monarch”—their emperor, Guru and sponsor, Rai Ernon. The Suernis also had powers through “the intercession” of an ancient Brotherhood of advanced adepts, the Sons of the Solitude.

Yet, the Suernis resented their monarch for the disciplines he imposed on them, and Ernon and the Sons of the Solitude were forced to withdraw. The people lost their powers and were “scattered to the four winds.” In an October 13, 1991 dictation, the ascended master Ernon, Rai of Suern, said: “The one million who did not ascend, though they had Christ-attainment, did not have the sufficiency of love to sustain that level of devotion that would allow them to merit the ascension. And so the residue of their karma held them back and eventually did overtake them as they did multiply the negative momentums and did gradually let go of the positive momentums.... Thus, it has fallen upon the messengers of this century and now upon the Mother of the Flame... to continue the work of going after the one million” (1991 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 60, pp. 660, 662, 663; Phylos the Thibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets, paperback [Harper and Row, 1974]; or hardbound [Borden Publishing Company, 1952], pp. 164, 165-66; 1991 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 61, pp. 669, 670). (See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 28, 1991, “The Golden Age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis”; 1991 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 61 n. 1, p. 677; vol. 47, no. 5 n. 8, pp. 66-67.)

4. Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s “A Profile of Ernon, Rai of Suern” described “how Rai Ernon single-handedly conquered an army of 160,000 Chaldeans” without using weapons. Lolix, daughter of the Chaldean chief, recounts that Ernon walked out alone and unarmed to face the invaders. When they refused to leave, “the Rai swept his out-pointing index-finger” over the army’s finest 2,000 and prayed, “Yeovah, strengthen my weakness.” The warriors fell dead to the earth. Again Ernon prayed. And the victims arose, each gathering up “spear and shield and helmet” and marched into the river “till the waters closed over their heads.” The remaining army fled in terror. (1991 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 60, p. 660, 661, 662; Phylos the Thibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets, paperback [Harper and Row, 1974]; or hardbound [Borden Publishing Company, 1952], pp. 119, 120-21.)

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