Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 47 - Beloved Jesus Christ - November 21, 2004

Cover the Earth with My Teachings
Lest They Be Lost

Part 1

Hail to the light of the sons and daughters of God! Hail to the light that has not been turned to darkness, for you have kept the light. Therefore I say, onward—onward to the next level of the rejoicing of your hearts in my heart!

Greetings, my beloved. [42-second standing ovation]

Would to God that you, the enlightened ones, the lightbearers of the earth, had been there in this hour of the Last Supper. Think what a glorious day had the dispensation of the present been two thousand years earlier.

So, beloved, it is the hour of that supper. It is the hour of the supper in glory and in the light of heavenly octaves and in the way made plain for your comings and your goings to realms of light through your service here in the earth.

Thus, I rejoice always to return to that place prepared, that home of Mary and Martha in Bethany.1 So, beloved, be seated. As you are my guests, so I am your guest and together we share this community of light.

I bring to you, then, new understanding. I bring to you options for new levels—new levels of life, of existence, of being and of consciousness. When I raise up the messenger to another level, then all who hold that garment are also raised.* But those who have used that garment to allow the messenger to hold the balance for them, they then show themselves as the angry ones. For when the messenger goes up, then they are left to deal with their own anger, their own nonresolution with me. This process takes place according to the cycles of initiation and the cycles of the years.

So another turn has come in the mission of the messenger, and another turn has come in the mission of my staff. And so I welcome and congratulate all of you who have prepared yourselves for the new level of permanent staff, probationary staff and co-worker. Your rejoicing, your deep desiring to meet the standards of your El Morya is surely cause for my own rejoicing.

I speak, then, to the wider circle of the field of Keepers of the Flame throughout the earth, and I am gratified that you identify with the spiral staircase day by day, taking— when you are able, when you feel the prompting, when you have the inner strength and when I beckon to you to come up higher—taking that step, holding your ground and holding it against all forces who would prevent you from occupying your place in the great antahkarana of life.2

As we scan the world and examine levels of consciousness, we see on the one hand spiritual devotees becoming more devoted; and on the other hand, those accelerating into the blackness and darkness of death itself seem to be going at breakneck speed of self-destruction. It is again the parting of the ways. It is the parting of the ways, beloved. One is taken and another is left of the two who were laboring in the field.3

Now contemplate your individual mission and take a deep breath and a step backward a moment to assess your life and its cycles, your opportunity. I am come that ye might have life,4 and that life is eternal life. For any life which is not eternal life is simply not life. So, then, as the drops of eternal life are passed from my heart to your heart, may they be as a subtle and silent elixir that penetrates your entire consciousness, your physical body, passing through the bloodstream and purifying.

When you move from the cycles of temporary existence to eternal life, there is alchemy, there is change, there is uncomfortability, there is a process, beloved. Most experiences in life, from birth to death, that are of major change are painful at some level of being. Do not think, then, that the process of coming up higher is not a painful one. There are painful partings, but there are meetings which cause the heart to rejoice as you find yourself closer and closer to those who are a part of the universal mandala5 of the Great White Brotherhood.

Know, then, that the great alchemy of worlds is not only upon you but coming—and coming in measured beat with increasing intensity, not to break the momentum of being but rather to take you into higher realms while you yet have your feet firmly planted in the earth, in your mission and in your service.

We speak, then, of this Church and we speak of the turning point in life for all in the community. It is the season, beloved, when the leaves separate from the trees. It is the season, beloved, when the separation is for a greater union. Let it be so, then, that you recognize that many leaves throughout the world have separated from the Tree of Life, and they must now go through the cycle of returning in the springtime to be counted again in the vessels of the sefirot of the Tree of Life.6

Thus, let all of the parts of the soul fragmented, blown by ill winds and now returned by the wind of the Holy Spirit, let them be fastened to the Tree of Life. Let the pieces in the puzzle of your identity and all that you are to do and all that you have done come together. Let community be the “coming into unity” of all who recognize that the only true union is union in the heart of that living Christ who I am, who you are in your Holy Christ Self. For the Universal One is in the heart of every soul who has a part with God, has a part with his will, has a part of love for the Divine Mother, for the Divine Father.

Let us see, then, in the great alchemy of spiritualization, called by one “etherealization”7—let us see how that alchemy is separating out the dross from the gold and how in this community, when it is tried and purified and made white, how there comes, then, a world expansion. World expansion of the power of the Word can only come as you embody the Word.

Where is the power of the Word? It is not in the earth or the rock. It is not in the sea or the sky or in the birds that are signs of our coming. The power of the Word is in you. It is you. And the power of that Word is the power of the fire infolding itself.

Oh, study the scriptures and read the life of your beloved Abraham. Read him as he was in the plains of Mamre. Read him as he saw the smoking and the burning lamp. Read him as he cast down his father’s idols and responded to the call of God. And thereby his motto became “We seek no continuing city here.”8

And therefore, Abraham moved and he moved among the people and among the nations. He fought against the Nephilim and won. He had the victory over himself and he gathered unto himself, by the power of the Word of God vouchsafed to him, many sheep, many flocks until his wealth knew no bounds. It was by the Word and the power of the Word that God inscribed within his heart, “I will make thee as the sands of the seashore innumerable,” the innumerable points of light, the seed of light.9

Therefore Abraham, tall, patriarch, wonder of God, did push back the darkness, embody the seed of Sanat Kumara and endow all generations of light with that same seed undiluted. It is undiluted in you, no matter what your background or race. No matter how or by whom you were conceived, you were conceived in the bosom of Abraham. You have nourished the inner fire. God has nourished it. And therefore, by the points of light, again and again the Word of God is manifest in the earth. The Word that I AM incarnate is the Divine Mother, is Malkhut/Shekhinah.10

Yes, beloved, the Divine Mother in you is that key. Make thy peace with that Divine Mother that is universally present and you shall know prosperity in every level. There is no need to give up one level of prosperity for another. For spiritual prosperity can go hand in hand with material prosperity as long as you have one God, one desire, one notion of fulfillment—to be all that you are and to have the abundant life whereby you might expand and expand and expand the flocks of Abraham.

I speak, then, of this patriarch. I speak to you and I ask you to place yourself in the position of that one, one alone with wife, standing before the testings of the darkness of the time and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by nuclear weapons, by misuse of the fire of God11—standing, still standing, enduring all that the Nephilim, known or unbeknownst to them (as they were being instruments of darkness), [put] upon those who would be part of the bands of Abraham.

I counsel you, then, to look for the interior strength. For the promise is kept. The seed of Sanat Kumara is in those who worship God and embody his will. And as they continue and intensify that calling, so the seed does germinate, so the threefold flame unfolds and the fire does not cease to increase, to increase, to increase.

I show you an individual profile against the backdrop of all of the darknesses and many darknesses that have come upon the Earth planet by those of other races and evolutions and counterfeit creations that have passed through. And some of them have taken up their positions here to control, to overshadow, to limit, to mimic the race of the seed of Sanat Kumara.

Know, then, that the path of community founded by that Abraham, as the patriarch of all who have followed through the generations from him spiritually—that, beloved, is a profile that can be your own if you find the inner resolution where you may stand against the backdrop of Shasta, the backdrop of the Grand Teton, the backdrop of the northern Rockies and the Himalayas and against the backdrop of the darkness of the fallen angels of this world. Whatever may be behind you—you, then, must stand out as the profile of those who have sent you, all the way back to Adam and Eve.

So, beloved, acquaint thyself with the spiritual path, and use your native intelligence to see how you can walk this path and not dilute it and accomplish all things you desire to accomplish lawful in God and to balance your karmas and be one with my Sacred Heart as I walk with you and talk with you, as I embrace you. And when you allow me to embrace you, I also receive from you, as the Law allows me, certain blocks in consciousness that have blocked your way for many lifetimes. Ask it of me and you shall receive it.

Let us, then, each one unique in your own God-identity, each one unique in your relationship to your Father-Mother God, each one, then, becoming that profile of heroic action—become that profile whereby you see that that community known as Church Universal and Triumphant must in this hour expand and cover the earth with my teachings lest they be lost, and if they be not lost, lest many souls be lost for not having received them. This is my prayer before you this day. This is my prayer, beloved.

*I.e., all who hold onto the garment of the messenger.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 48.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Jesus Christ was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 10, 1993, during the seven-day conference Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held October 6 through 11, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Mary and Martha in Bethany. At the time of Jesus, the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet was embodied as Martha. Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, was embodied as her sister, Mary of Bethany. Mary Baker Eddy made her ascension in this century and is now the Ascended Lady Master Theosophia, Goddess of Wisdom. (See Matt. 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; Luke 10:38-42; John 11:1-45; 12:1-3.)

2. Antahkarana [Sanskrit, “internal sense organ”]: the web of life; the net of light spanning Spirit and Matter connecting and sensitizing the whole of creation within itself and to the heart of God.

3. Matt. 24:40; Luke 17:34-37.

4. John 10:10.

5. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “magic circle,” or literally, “circle, arch, section”; translated in Tibetan texts as “center” or “what surrounds.” A mandala is depicted as a geometric figure in which the circle is squared or the square encircled, usually in the form of a circle divided into four separate sections or multiples thereof. It is a symbolic representation of cosmic forces in two- or three-dimensional form. It can also be a circular design containing images of deities. The great mandalas of religious tradition, used in meditation, symbolize the universe, totality, or wholeness. A mandala can also be a group, company or assembly; a circle of friends; an assembly or gathering of Buddhas and bodhisattvas.

6. Vessels of the sefirot of the Tree of Life. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power, quotes eighteenth-century Kabbalist Rabbi Moses Luzzatto: “The ten sefirot (emanations) act as ‘veils’— ten stages, vessels or degrees which the Creator issued to serve as channels through which His bounty might be transmitted to man: restraining that bounty to the extent that the worlds shall not disappear because of the too great abundance of Light, yet providing a sufficient amount of it to ensure their continued existence. He therefore made ten vessels in order that the bounty, in traversing them, would become so densified that the lower creations could bear it.” The messenger adds: “The sefirot represent not only the inner workings of God but the ongoing workings of his universe—and the relationship between the two.... [Rabbi Moses] Cordovero [one of the great Kabbalists of the sixteenth century] teaches that the sefirot are God’s essence and God’s instruments at the same time, the preeminent view of later Kabbalists” (Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Patricia R. Spadaro and Murray L. Steinman, Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power, pp. 23, 26-27). (See also Pearls of Wisdom no. 29, p. 280 n. 12; no. 31, pp. 295-96 n. 3; no. 34, p. 318 n. 2; and no. 42, p. 384, this volume.)

7. Oxford English Dictionary defines etherealization, or etherialization, as “the action or process of etherealizing or making ethereal in various senses.” In a Pearl dated February 28, 1988, Elizabeth Clare Prophet elaborated on historian Arnold Toynbee’s concept of etherealization as it relates to the development of civilizations and individuals. Citing Toynbee’s book A Study of History, she said, “[Toynbee] recognized that a civilization cannot continue to grow unless it can successfully respond to all challenges. This parallels the life of the individual. When you cease to be able to meet all challenges to your identity, to your life, to your personhood, to your path and to your soul, you will cease to grow and you will wither away.... Growth is dependent upon creativity—... ‘perpetual flexibility and spontaneity.’. . . This is precisely what we need when we are fighting for our highest reality.... ‘Real progress,’ wrote Toynbee, ‘is found to consist in a process defined as “etherealization,” an overcoming of material obstacles which releases the energies of the society to make responses to challenges which henceforth are internal rather than external, spiritual rather than material.’ If a society cannot etherealize, or spiritually transcend itself, then the civilization breaks down.... Nations go through the identical phases of initiation as do individuals. First we must deal with the objective enemy who is without and then we turn to deal with the psychology of the subjective enemy who is within.” (See Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “The Abdication of America’s Destiny,” Part 1, in 1988 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 31, no. 9, pp. 111-14; and “Fourth of July Address, Part 3: ‘Sign That Document!’... for the Spiritual and Physical Defense of America,” in 1989 Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 32, no. 27, pp. 331-33.)

8. Abraham in the plains of Mamre. According to HarperCollins Bible Dictionary, the land of Mamre appears to be named after Abraham’s ally in battle (647). The ascended masters teach that Mamre (“Mam-ray”) symbolizes the Motherhood of God that endows the planes of Matter, Mater, as the launching platform of the soul’s ascension. (See Gen. 13:14-18; 18:1.) A smoking furnace and a burning lamp. Gen. 15:17. The ascended master El Morya, in The Chela and the Path, revealed that according to Jewish oral tradition Abraham was “engaged in a battle to win converts to monotheism. He is said to have smashed the idols of his father, Terah, an idol maker, who the Book of Joshua says ‘served other gods.’ The Bible records that when Abraham was 75 and his father had died, the LORD called him to forsake all—his kindred and his father’s house, the culture and cults of Mesopotamia—and journey to ‘a land that I will show thee’” (p. 126). (See also Gen. 11:26-29; 12-17.) “We seek no continuing city here.” Heb. 13:14.

9. Gen. 15:5; 17:4, 5; 22:15-18; Heb. 11: 10-12.

10. Malkhut/Shekhinah. (See Pearls of Wisdom no. 9, pp. 115-16 n. 2; no. 31, pp. 295-96 n. 3; and no. 34, p. 314, this volume.)

11. Nuclear annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen. 6:4; 18:17-33.

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