Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 42 - Beloved Neptune and Luara - October 17, 2004

I Place a Key in Your Hand:
Unlock Your Own Prison Cell

Part 3

I bring you to the level of the astral plane where undines abide to keep the purification and the balance.1 And I show you a certain glimpse of yourselves, a certain glimpse of the planetary body.

How many people upon this earth do you really know who are not prisoners of something, whether of base desire, whether of their own desire for money—prisoners of their own state of consciousness; prisoners, for they cannot fly as the birds; prisoners, for they cannot consciously leave their bodies?

I show you this, beloved, so that you will understand and ask yourself the question: Do you desire to continue to be a prisoner when you are present in the very heart of life, when the bowl of immortality is your abiding-place, when the great ovoid of life that is a part of God yet surrounds you? Yet within your very own psyche you are yet prisoners of past ages, of past relationships, of past interchanges.

Who, then, can say, “I am free”? Your Holy Christ Self can say, “I am free.” Your I AM Presence can say, “I am free.” You can say, “I am freeborn and I am gaining my immortality,” but until you have mastered all elements of being, you are yet the paltry prisoner of self and hardly better off than the animals you see roaming wild and living out their life expectancy.

Thus, beloved, when you look at the reality and you look at the timetable of your own lifespan, it is well to consider just how determined you are to have that mastery of all planes of self and levels of being. Consider the fire body. Consider the body of the air element. Consider the physical body* and ask yourself the question: How can you think you are free when you are yet in mortal form? Your answer should be “But we are spirits and we soar out of the body at night, and we move among the immortals and we journey to their retreats.”

May it be so. May it be so. May it be so and not wishful thinking. May it be so, beloved, for this truly is the tracking of your star, the creating of a pathway through the skies whereby you can arrive at higher etheric octaves and know (out of the prison house of the body) etheric realms where you once were with Lord Maitreya and great adepts and bodhisattvas of Maitreya who now are in the higher octaves of the etheric plane, forgoing their ascensions to return for a coming golden age under Maitreya that they anticipate.

And so there is a stillness, there is a hush, beloved, as the Buddhas in the higher octaves bow to the hierarchs of the elementals, even as we bow to the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas. For we recognize the interchange, the mutuality of service that we bear, bringing the minds of the highest souls of the earth, among which we account not a few of you, to the level of the buddhic mind, to the level of the Christ mind, to the level of the mind of such as Melchizedek and Zarathustra.

You have the higher mind of God! You are God-free beings. But you have allowed that portion of yourself that is the soul to be imprisoned here below. And unless that element be liberated, beloved ones, you will not liberate yourself or any elemental anywhere upon the planet. Thus, consider yourselves out on a limb, perhaps floating farther and farther apart from the original mother ship. Consider yourselves in a state in which it is absolutely essential that you pursue that wholeness, both for yourself and for all evolutions that you might succor and heal and care for and liberate.

I place a key in your hand. And this key is on a chain, a very heavy chain. I place it in your hand that if and when and where at some time, at any time in the future, you find that you have stepped into an old prison cell (such as Phylos did in his Atlantean embodiment)2 and the door does shut and you have no way to get out, you will have this key, beloved, that I am empowered to give you this night. It is not a small key. You cannot lose it. It is heavy.

Once you take it and use it to unlock your own prison cell—the prison cell of the mind and of the heart and of the solar plexus, the prison cell of many levels of being—then I say, when you are the truly liberated man, woman at all levels of being, take this key, go forth, unlock doors. Unlock the doors of those who are imprisoned, who are imprisoned by fallen angels. Unlock the doors where elementals suffer and cannot do their work, for they are imprisoned in the curses of the fallen ones.

Take the key, beloved. The key embodies the Path, the teaching and all that you know from ancient times as far back as Sirius. Some of you go back a long, long way, beloved. Thus, you have the key. And the key to the kingdom is love. The key to the kingdom is sacrifice. The key to the kingdom is surrender to God, the fearlessness to turn over your very own soul to Almighty God and trust him with it while you work out that karma.

Use the key, beloved, for at subterranean levels and at the very basements of the oceans and under the oceans and beneath the beds of the oceans there is elemental life—there are undines and salamanders, sylphs and gnomes. Yes, beloved hearts, the sons and daughters of God hold that key, for I have given it to you this night. Yes, Neptune’s locker, you have heard of it. Yes, you have heard of it. It is the opening of the depths. It is the opening of the place of retreats that are in the etheric octave, yet congruent with the center of the earth and places between the center and the upper crust of the earth.

So know, beloved, that you have come to this earth on a mission. Use the key. Unlock the prison house of souls by writing, by composing music, by finding new ways to lead the soul to that interior point of the mind where the seed of Buddha is sealed.

We are Neptune and Luara. Know, then, henceforth that undines, whether tenor a hundred-foot-high, may move among you and may be in charge of many areas where there is hurricane, where there is storm, where the seas rise up and overtake the land and overtake homes and peoples. Know, then, that mighty undines, working under us and the Elohim of God, have dedicated all of their lives, a life that begins and ends, I remind you—they have dedicated what they are and who they are to your victory.

I ask you, beloved, can you do any less but offer to them your life for their victory and their immortality? You have what they do not have—that threefold flame. Yet they trust. Yet they delight in the resurrection flame of their Lord and Saviour. And there is no argument among them as to who that Lord and Saviour is—Jesus Christ and Maitreya and Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara and Padma Sambhava and you and you and you.

In the mighty action of the trident that bears the emblem of the fleur-de-lis,3 I AM Neptune and Luara, Father-Mother of the undines of Earth. [30-second standing ovation]

*NOTE: The four planes of being would include the fire, air, water and earth bodies.

Background on Neptune and Luara, Part 2

Excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats
by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Neptune and Luara have spoken of the significance of the sea: “The sea is where Life begets life. The sea is the womb of the Cosmic Virgin, even as it is the tomb where hieroglyphs of the collective unconscious of earth’s evolutionary chain are recorded and rerecorded for the transformation of all life. The sea is the desiring of the Mother to give birth to the children of God, and it represents the highest and the lowest of the desirings of humanity to beget God [or] anti-God, universal harmony or its antithesis.

“The seven seas are man’s desirings for wholeness in the seven planes of being. They represent the seven colors, tones and vibrations of the seven days of creation. The seas contain the Grund and the Ungrund—the formed and the unformed elements of life. The seas and the bodies of water that dot the earth with jewels of glacial blue, aquamarine and gorgeous sapphire hues actually exist in seven layered planes corresponding to the seven bodies of man.

“Elemental beings of light and angel ministrants provide the focus for the interchange of these ‘seven seas’ with the sacred fire of the seven vehicles of man’s consciousness. Most people in your octave observe only the physical body of man, and therefore they likewise observe only the physical body of the sea.

“John the Revelator beheld the ‘sea of glass like unto crystal’ before the throne of the Ancient of Days and again the ‘sea of glass mingled with fire.’ Thus, the interchange of sacred fire and flowing water in the Great Central Sun is ever the life-giving movement of Alpha and Omega in the heart of the flaming Monad whose Presence in you is the I AM THAT I AM.

“Thus, Father and Mother, ever begetting life, release the crystal cord as a chain of crystal light. This chain, as a mighty caduceus spanning the ocean of cosmos, is the ascending/descending spinal altar whose structure becomes the superstructure for the mental and physical vehicles of every part of life.”

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Neptune and Luara was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Thursday, October 7, 1993, during the seven-day conference Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held October 6 through 11, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. Parts 2 and 3 of Neptune and Luara’s dictation are published in Pearls of Wisdom nos. 41 and 42.

1. One possible interpretation of this statement is that the undines abide in the higher levels of the astral plane to manifest purity and balance there. And they work to keep the purification process going to penetrate deeper and deeper levels of the astral plane.

2. In the book A Dweller on Two Planets, Phylos the Tibetan tells the story of his incarnation on ancient Atlantis, or Poseid, over 13,000 years ago as a man named Zailm Numinos. Phylos relates how a white-turbaned stranger appeared to Zailm when Zailm was a young man. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in her lecture “The Golden Age of Jesus Christ on Atlantis” (April 28, 1991), reveals that the “stately old man, a priest in a white turban,” would later incarnate as Jesus Christ.

According to A Dweller on Two Planets, the stranger gave Zailm the following prophecy: “I have seen thee ofttimes, and am informed concerning thee. Thou hast a laudable will to excel and to attain high honors among men. Thou art yet a boy, but in a fair way to succeed as a man, as success is commonly counted. A boy thou, conscientious at present, regarded with favor by thy sovereign. Thou shalt succeed, and shalt come into places of high honor and profit, and continue well thought of by all thy fellowmen.

“Yet thou shalt not live the full term allotted to man on earth.... And because of an overshadowing destiny, unto thee shall come much sorrow....I say unto thee thou shalt perish in a cavern. Me, even me, shalt thou behold as the last living being upon whom thy Poseid eyes shall ever rest. But I shall not seem then as now, and thou wilt not know me for the one who shall smite the evil doer who will then have enticed thee to thy doom. I have said. May peace be with thee.”

Elizabeth Clare Prophet describes the outcome of this story “prophesied by Jesus and Jesus’ appearing to him again. Zailm explored a cavern in South America and discovered some ancient ruins. He entered what he thought was a house. It was so well built that even a sheet of paper could not be fit between the stones. He pushed on the door, misjudged its weight, and the door swung shut,” locking him inside “with no way to get out.” As he lay dying, Mainin, high priest on Atlantis, appeared to him and told Zailm that “he had tempted him into the prison and piqued his curiosity so that he would close the door.”

As Phylos relates the story, Mainin went on to challenge the existence of God: “‘Bah! If God exists, I fear not; yet let Him punish!’. . . [Suddenly] a fearful, glorious and wonderful sight appeared....A human form, which yet was not of earth, surrounded by a blinding white light, stood before us.... For an instant the wondrous eyes gazed upon me, then turned to Mainin.... He said: ‘I shall not, O Mainin, enumerate thy crimes—thou knowest them every one.... Thou hast blasphemed God, and jeered in thy soul, saying, “Punish!” but thy day was not come. Wherefore thou wert let go unrebuked. It made thee bold, and thou wouldst go on, even now.... But as thou art an ego, a ray from my Father, and now give out no more light, but darkness only, I will cut thee off for a season, for thou shalt neither destroy more of my sheep, nor be let to leave unexpiated the evil thou hast done.... Get thee behind me!’

“The High Priest had stood the picture of an awful terror, numbed beyond thought of escape, which indeed was not possible, for the Judge was Man, and more than Man finite—was MAN INFINITE, even CHRIST. Now, however, as the Son of Light ceased to speak, Mainin uttered a howl of mingled terror and defiance. At this dread sound the Christ stretched forth His hand, and instantly Mainin was surrounded with a glowing flame which, on disappearing, revealed also the disappearance of the Demon Priest.” As Mainin’s astral body disappeared from Zailm’s prison, Mainin was struck dead on Atlantis.

In a May 3, 1991 lecture, given in Seattle, Washington, the messenger explained that Zailm died of hunger and thirst in the abandoned prison. She said: “These are [his] words after he discovers that he is dead and he is no longer in his physical body: ‘Nothing seemed strange to me, not even when I arose and found that behind me, as a shell, remained the poor clay casket which had suffered so keenly under the pangs of starvation. All was as natural in seeming as are things in vivid dreams.’...

“Zailm realizes that he is dead.... [He] says: ‘It was much different from my concepts ...because it apparently differed not at all from earth-life, so far as I had as yet experienced....I stepped to the door, forgetting that its lock had previously prevented my exit. Only when it opened at my touch did I remember that it had defied every previous effort.’” (Phylos the Thibetan, A Dweller on Two Planets, paperback [Harper and Row, 1974]; or hardbound [Borden Publishing Company, 1952], pp. 97-98, 225, 226, 228, 229. See also Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 28, 1991, “A Profile of the Incarnations of the Ascended Master Phylos the Tibetan on the Continents of Lemuria, Atlantis and America,” available at, and the Ascended Master Phylos the Tibetan, April 28, 1991, “We Are Winners and We Win with Joy!” in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 34, no. 25, pp. 333-39.)

3. Neptune’s trident. In Roman mythology, Neptune was originally known as the god of fresh water. By 399 B.C. he was identified with the Greek Poseidon and became a sea deity.

In art Neptune often appears as Poseidon and is associated with the trident, a huge three-pronged spear. With his trident, Neptune is reputed to be able to create water elements, to control any body of water and to cause storms and tidal waves. In ancient times he was also worshiped as the creator of earthquakes. Mark and Elizabeth Prophet have taught that the supposedly mythical King Neptune, with his trident, is an actual being. In symbolic interpretations of myth, the threefold power of the trident is associated with the principles of active, passive and the result of their union. The ternary trident also has the power to resolve conflict caused by dualism and to resolve the impact of unity upon duality.

In a Sunday evening service, July 24, 1966, Mark L. Prophet noted that King Neptune’s trident “is a manifestation of the power of the deep, or of the sea.” Mark and Elizabeth Prophet’s The Masters and Their Retreats further reveals: “Neptune carries a trident as a symbol of the threefold flame and his authority over the action of the Christ consciousness that governs the water element” through the three hierarchies of the sun, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. In a dictation given July 27, 1968, the Great Divine Director said: “The power of Atlantis, the power of all of the ages that are past in all of their grandeur and glory come once again, Atla, proud queen of the waves, Poseid, Poseidonis, rising, then, again from out the sea as Neptune lifts his trident majestically and saith, ‘Fulfill now, then, your destiny. Ye waves, impart to human hearts the power of the light that engulfs mankind and readies him not for flight but fight against the foe who raises haughty head and seeks to steal the light of men to make them, then, the living dead.’”

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