Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 49 No. 10 - Beloved Lanello - March 5, 2006


In Joyous Acclamation of the
Descending Christed One

Part 1

Another year has passed and so another year’s accumulation of substance into the sacred fire. This is the celebration of another portion of light, an increment of sacred fire descending into the cradle of your heart as the increase, as the net gain of your twelve-month consecration of the beloved Christ Self within.

Now see how, on the path of initiation, the coming of winter solstice is given unto earth’s evolutions as a sign of the Ancient of Days that the LORD God desires to give the increase within the white sphere of your heart of all that has passed into the flame.

This is a new meaning of the celebration of the Christ Mass—that each year a new portion of your Christ Self becomes visible, tangible, even physical, descending then through the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Soon the Christed one will be the fullness of yourself. This is the looking forward to with joy of that holy day.

I also came to incarnate upon this day to be the bearer of the tidings of the flame of transmutation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.1 I came to proclaim to all that incarnate Word of whom Archangel Gabriel sounds the clarion call and gives the Word and the definition of its incarnation. Study well the mysteries of the Holy Grail* and know thyself as that Grail chalice.2

Now in the twenty-four-hour cycle finished at the conclusion of the day of the Christ Mass, there is yet opportunity for you to give invocations unto more violet fire and unto the “Hail, Mother ray,” the Mary salutation of the rosary,3 that the sacred fire from the base [chakra] unto the crown [chakra] might rise in joyous acclamation of the descending Christed One.

Lo, I have gotten a man from the LORD. Lo, I AM the Mother of all living. So woman has given forth the resounding joy from generation to generation. And now, O souls of sacred fire, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. O magnify the Lord.4 O magnify the Lord! O magnify the Lord by the magnification principle of the great geometry of thy being! O sacred fire within the sealed heart, within the sealed chamber of the heart, I penetrate. I come. I celebrate the birthday of the king within you, and I urge you to a greater acceleration. And I urge you indeed to the contemplation of another twelve months.

If perhaps you have neglected the salutation of the Lord Christ, now God gives to you again another year, twelve cycles of the twelve stars of the Virgin Mother,5 yours to pluck as you would pluck the star of Venus and clutch it to your heart as a daffodil of the skies and as the place where brother and sister of love dwell in paradise—the one that you have lost on Mu to be regained again in Malibu.

For that I am come to tell a fairer tale yet to be told. It is the story, the ancient glory of the soul who has fought and won, who has seen the past and determined to be more noble than the last incarnation of that Word. What ere has passed into the flame, accelerate it again and, by the multiplication of the great geometry of the great causal body of light, look and see how year upon year the rings of the tree increase. And the balls upon the Christmas tree, as your causal body expands, these too expand as elemental life give glory unto glory and outpicture in nature, in the rocks, in the rills** and in the trees the light of the everlasting hills, the light that is in the fire of the mountain.

Oh, how I love the fire of the rock! Oh, how I love the fire of the rock of Christ within you! Oh, how I love you when you live to bear the truth without fear and without reproof from God or man! Oh, how I love you when I see that you understand the Word of truth. That only truth can ever be clad with immortality is the lesson of my life that the blessed Saviour taught to me.

And so you see the honor of the spoken Word in truth is all the honor that is thy own, and it is a sacred word that will atone for error, and it will be the comfort of the cross once and twice denied! It is the comfort of that cross inside, O blessed son of God, O blessed daughter of God!

I AM Lanello! I AM come, the Ever-Present Guru of the One, the soul who yearns to live, to be and to see me as I am. Lo, I am within your midst! I AM a flaming flame of Holy Spirit! I would quicken you, O blessed soul of the light! Now tether heart flame unto a glorious flight, for I take you by the hand! I take you by the hand now to accelerate up, up, up the crystal cord, not as Santa up the chimney, but I come, O blessed one, to show you that you too have a way that you might pass right through unto the center of the One, your own beloved I AM Presence of the Sun.

Rise in blessed meditation, for where can you go except unto the highest mountain of your being, unto the summit—higher and higher, then, accelerate and know thy God as thou art, the blessed one, the chela of the light!

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 49 no. 11.

* Mysteries of the Holy Grail by Archangel Gabriel

** rill: a very small brook

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Oromasis and Diana was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 8, 1978, during the six-day conference, The Touch of Shiva, held at Camelot, Los Angeles County, California.

1. Lanello’s final incarnation was Mark L. Prophet, born December 24, 1918.

2. On December 31, 1962, El Morya said, “Oh, there is a Holy Grail indeed! And long ago it was placed at Glastonbury. But, precious ones, today it has been spiritually amplified until replicas of that Holy Grail are placed as a filigree radiance of light around each human heart who aspires to become a chalice of Christed opportunity. And so tonight I tell you that the Holy Grail is within your own heart...” See Morya I, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, p. 185.

3. When we say, “Hail Mary!” it means “Hail, Mother ray!” We are greeting the Woman clothed with the Sun, the feminine principle of the Godhead, whom we know and love surely and above all in the beautiful Mother of Christ but who is also resident, though dormant, in man, in woman and as the light in our innermost being. The white sphere of the Mother is sealed in the sacral, or sacred, base chakra until we love her enough to magnetize her—to actually coax her to mount the spiral staircase and rendezvous with our souls in our very heart of hearts. Mother Mary gave to Elizabeth Clare Prophet the “Hail Mary for the New Age”; see Mary’s Message for a New Day, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, p.18.

4. Luke 1:46.

5. “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars (Rev. 12:1)”; the twelve stars signify the Blessed Mother’s mastery of the twelve initiatic mysteries through the mas- tery of the energies of the twelve solar hierarchies. For teaching on the twelve solar hierarchies, see Predict Your Future: Understand the Cycles of the Cosmic Clock, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, p. 59.

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