Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 43 - Beloved Aries and Thor - October 24, 2004

You Can Change the Earth by the Power of
God That Is in You

Part 1

Hail, O ye mighty sylphs!

Descend over shafts of devotion raised up by children of the Sun and sons of God. Descend, O mighty sylphs, for the purification of the mind, for the purification of the lungs, for the purification of every organ and system in the bodies of the lightbearers of the earth.

Let this purification go forth! Let it go forth, O sylphs, mighty sylphs. For thereby, in participation with the healing angels, you shall bring about healing, healing unto our servants. And in their healing they shall turn to serve and set elemental life free. Let us have chalices in the earth, then, that can contain the purity of fire, the purity of air, the purity of water, the purity of the earth and the purity of the spirit.

So we come, Aries and Thor, by mighty light rays and by your call and by the Immaculate Heart of Mary you have invoked. We descend into deep levels of the earth, into the astral plane, and we are on the march. For we are here and we also have Neptune’s key.1 And that key, beloved, is to unlock the prison doors of those souls who have fallen into the ditches of the astral plane and know not how to remove themselves.

Thus, beloved, we the hierarchs of the sylphs count ourselves also among the saviours of all souls in the earth who would be saved and those who ought to be saved for who they are and were and can become again. Some have turned themselves around, but they have turned the wrong way and ignored the wrong-way sign. And therefore, we come with the mighty power of the air, with the mighty power of the entire atmosphere, with the mighty empowerment of the Holy Spirit to breathe the breath of life and the sacred breath itself.

Yes, we are a part of your meditations when you raise up the sacred fire and, by the sacred fire breath, multiply the fire within you. Thus, beloved, there are commanding presences in our bands. There are the hierarchs who have earned the threefold flame, and they abide in upper levels of consciousness in the etheric octave. And they in our retreats are training sylphs and training those among the sons and daughters of God to work with the sylphs.

You are indeed blessed, indeed blessed by the winds of the Spirit that move through the mountains, that move through the forests, that are charged and recharged again. Surely there is good reason and logic to live in the high altitudes of the earth and to make one’s way in the spirit of God, moving across the mountains of earth and the mountains of one’s own karma and dispensing with that by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the power of the sacred breath, using that breath always when you invoke the violet flame.

Hear, then, the fire of my voice. Hear the fire going forth through the body of the messenger and know that you can project that fire also, that you can store it in your chakras, you can deliver it, you can part the darkness and the Red Sea of the mass consciousness. And you can play such music of the higher octaves, as you have just heard, to neutralize conditions of darkness, to neutralize the misuse of sound and of rhythm and, most of all, beloved, of that which you see in motion pictures and on television.

Clear the screen of the mind and do not allow yourself, if you would be adept, to engage in such livelihoods as will take you to the astral plane in the industries of the world. Choose your livelihood well according to the teaching of Gautama Buddha. Choose it well, for ye are sons of God unique who can indeed hold the balance for a planet.

Thus I speak, then, of the conditions of pollution—pollution in the very heart of the major cities, pollution of the air that quickly becomes the pollution of the water and the pollution of the earth. And thus, that pollution does take life and sanity and oneness and unity from the millions and billions of souls upon planet Earth.

What a pity, beloved. What a pity that all do not praise Helios and Vesta and call unto the rays of the sun. This you can do in the ritual to the Great Central Sun,2 for the rays of Helios and Vesta are indeed purifying rays. And as you seek and become one with those rays, understanding yourself as an extension of Helios and Vesta in this very earth, you will come to understand the science of purification by the rays of the sun. Until this is fully established scientifically in the earth, give to Helios and Vesta the mantra and the ritual of the ashram of El Morya,3 knowing that the light of the sun is able to work transmutation and does in effect multiply the power of the violet flame.

Know, then, beloved, that the power is in your sun. Should you choose to invoke that power and to base your own power upon that sun at every level of being, you will find that there can be a staying action in the earth, by the staying of the hand of the LORD God and of Elohim, so that earth changes need not happen. These must happen for the purpose of purification.* So, you see, if you accomplish that work and the work of Omri-Tas in those forty-eight hours you have each month, so precious, and if you accomplish the work of Helios and Vesta, you will know, then, how the power of Helios and Vesta can multiply purification† in the earth. This is the need of the hour.

Every single human being alive, with only small percentages of exceptions, require the purification of the blood, the purification of the body. Yes, beloved, how can anyone reach the full potential of individual Christhood without that mighty purification? And ye indeed have the power of Astrea.4 Ye who are those who give that decree frequently, daily, you have the whirlwind action of the vortex of the circle and sword of blue flame. You have that power of purity, beloved, and it can be seen. We can see it across many miles. We take note of everyone upon earth who has that aura of Astrea and Purity.

It is an aura of invincibility. It is an aura of protection. It is an aura wherein discarnates do not dare to enter. You have such a sealing action, beloved, by the calls to Astrea that, I tell you, you are weaving your deathless solar body and doing well. And many of you are right on schedule with the timetable of your own victory in the light.

See, then, how the power of Astrea has also sustained all elemental life. For when you make the call to Astrea and give those decrees, Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the World, has assigned a portion of those decrees to go for the blessing of elemental life. It is good indeed that you end each preamble “elemental life—fire, air, water and earth.” For by that, beloved, a portion continually goes to what may be considered your favorite charity. Charity begins with elemental life, for you exist upon the foundations of their service.

Now this conference is convoked. It is convoked for the healing of the elementals, and the Blessed Mother will see to this with Archangel Raphael. May you continue to understand your oneness with all life, counting [yourselves,] angels above and elementals all around you as a team effort of sons and daughters of God, angels and elementals. It is truly the trinity of life, and the power of that trinity through the Christed sons and daughters is the power to bring earth into a golden age. For when you have the key and you use the key of Neptune, beloved, you have the key of alchemy. You have the key whereby you can begin to understand your role as a son [or daughter] of God, as a ruler in the earth, as a ruler and defender of elementals. Those who rule, beloved, are those who serve to set life free.

Thus, do not in any way limit yourselves but come to this altar fresh with a clean heart, a pure spirit and a powerful determination, an inner conviction that is truly profound that the solutions to earth’s problems are at hand. And they are in your hand as the violet flame bursts forth from the very center of your palm, from that chakra, as the lesser chakras of the hands of Jesus crucified.**

Know, then, therefore, that all things can be accomplished. And as you decide to take another turn up the spiral highway of life into higher and higher octaves of [the] elevation of the mind, you shall know that God-dominion. You shall walk the earth as unascended masters. You shall walk the earth knowing that, though you have not shuffled off the mortal coil, yet your immortality shines brightly and has access to the power of God to work change, work change in everyone you know by cultivating a sincere friendship with the body elemental of all of your friends.

And as you speak to those elementals and calm their fears and teach them how to heal the body, you shall know a victory. You shall know a balancing of karma. You shall know a brightness that shall descend upon you. And the rainbow rays of God you shall see, and they shall be your very own causal body of light that you are able to first sense and know and then to dimly see and then ultimately to [meet] the Presence of God, face-to-face, as Moses did.5

The greatest want among all those who are devotees of God is the want of Self-appreciation, is the limited understanding of the all-power of God that is vouchsafed to you every moment and every hour and every day, whereby you have the strength, the intelligence, the love, the devotion and the sagacity to enter in to the ranks of the elementals.

I would tell you, beloved ones, that Walt Disney has done a disservice to elemental life, portraying them as being moody and not too intelligent.6 Well, blessed hearts, I wish that you could enter—and therefore I will assist you in entering—into the minds of the sylphs, gnomes, undines, fiery salamanders and into the mind of your most blessed and highly intelligent body elemental.

Therefore, recognize that there is indeed an overlay of mankind’s consciousness upon elementals. And because that is there, they are bowed down and therefore they are not necessarily always in the best of spirits. But they are not cross-eyed and pigeon-toed and always fat and always having some sort of a heaviness about them. You must realize that the work that is accomplished by elementals is accomplished by experts. Simply look around you at all of life and the absolute magnificence of this planetary body and ask yourself whether demented and lazy gnomes could have accomplished such a task. I tell you nay.

And therefore, root for the elementals! Pour violet flame upon them and bring them daily to new levels of consciousness whereby even the greater glory of God might appear and they might accomplish that which seems impossible. But they shall accomplish it by the power of Elohim reinforcing them. And that task, beloved ones, is the purification of the planetary body.

*I.e., earth changes must happen when they are necessary for purification.
† I.e., the transmutative power of the violet flame.
**NOTE: The five secret-ray chakras in the palms of the hands, the feet and the side are places in the body where Jesus was pierced on the cross. These are called minor chakras, in addition to the seven major chakras.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 44.

Background on Aries and Thor

Excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats
by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

As [hierarchs] of the air element, these twin flames [Aries and Thor] serve with the hierarchies of Aries, Taurus and Gemini to teach mankind the mastery of the mental body and, with the hierarchies of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, to teach the mastery of the air element....

The sylphs who assist them are the air elementals who control the four winds, the atmosphere and the clouds. Since all elementals are essentially mimics, the sylphs, being no exception, pattern in the clouds the designs they perceive in the physical, astral, mental and etheric planes of the earth. When we see pictures of angels in the clouds, we know that they are nigh at hand, for the sylphs have seen them and have formed the clouds after their image and likeness....

Mark Prophet has described the sylphs in this way: “They’re beautiful. These are the type of fairies you see with the long golden hair and the rather thin, seraphic-type bodies.”

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Aries and Thor was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, October 8, 1993, during the seven-day conference Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held October 6 through 11, 1993, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Neptune’s key. See Pearl of Wisdom vol. 47, no. 42, pp. 377-84.

2. See “Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World!” in Ashram Rituals by the ascended master El Morya.

3. See “Great Central Sun Ritual,” section IV to Helios and Vesta in Ashram Rituals.

4. See decree 10.14, “Decree to Beloved Mighty Astrea,” in Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.

5. Moses’ seeing God face-to-face. Exod. 3:1-6.

6. The ascended masters and the messengers, overall, have lauded the productions of Walt Disney. Mark L. Prophet described him as a “highly evolved man” working closely with the Great White Brotherhood and “bringing wholesome, clean ideas to the youth of the world.” Elizabeth Clare Prophet said: “The productions of Walt Disney... have taught the lessons of the guilds, of esoteric Christianity.” She explained that these “great dramas” have “portrayed the inner law to millions of children the world around,” showing “the law of karma” in “sequences of cause and effect.” In a December 9, 1973 dictation, Archeia Christine confirmed that Walt Disney was inspired by the Brotherhood to teach “ever new truths of life to the children of the world.”

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