Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 49 - Beloved Oromasis and Diana - December 05, 2004

We Would See Transmuted and Erased Burdens upon Elemental Life

Part 1

Salutations to the sun! Hail, Helios and Vesta! Hail, Alpha and Omega! Hail, Great Central Sun Magnet! Hail, keepers of the flame of the sun in the earth!

I AM Prince Oromasis and this is my beloved consort, Diana. Receive us now as the rainbow fire of our hearts leaps into your own. [38-second standing ovation]

(Won’t you be seated, most gracious ones.)

Wherever there is fire, there we abide. We reside in the center of the sun, in the heart of I AM THAT I AM, in the heart of your threefold flame and in the nucleus of every atom in the earth.

Think, then, how God has returned to this evolution the fire element.1 And from that element, all civilization has proceeded. So the fire quickens the mind, quickens the spirit, warms the soul and clothes her with the etheric garment of living fire.

Behold the salamanders, whose height is very great. Behold them, as the rainbow rays of God and white fire and colors you have never seen before do pulsate round them continuously. Behold the great adepts of fire who are the alchemists among alchemists, who have taught the ancient alchemists and who perform that alchemy daily.

We are a part of all of the processes of life. We, then, in the heart of life go forth from that point. And we, knowing at the levels of our attainment, for we are ascended master hierarchs, and those whom we have raised to that level, who are the salamanders who have mastery of the etheric octave—we, then, move together in precision. And we are there for the consuming of that which ought to be consumed and for the firing of that which must remain permanent.

How is it, then, that the same fire of Shiva can destroy and can sustain? Fire makes permanent; fire neutralizes and erases that which was never meant to be. So the beauty of fire, beloved, is that it is the focal point for all alchemy of all elementals, angels and mankind.

Thus, we would see by rainbow fire (as you may call our fire), by violet flame, by intensification of sacred fire of the Mother [flame] itself, of the white fire containing all—we would see transmuted and erased the burdens upon elemental life. We would see the burdens erased from round about yourselves also. We would see the clearing of time and space. We would see the clearing of this entire dedicated property.

You see, beloved ones, you have a source. We may dip into that source. It is your threefold flame. It is your Holy Christ Flame in your Holy Christ Self. It is the same mighty threefold flame [that is] in the heart of your I AM Presence. These several levels of being, then continuing as the fire of the chakras and the fire of the ascension current that begin as Kundalini fire and accrease* until the hour of your ascension—all these are points of fire in your being.

Consider, then, the nucleus of every cell. Consider the energy that the body produces. All of this translates to heat, to life, to eternal life and to victory. When you think of these resources within yourself and you look upon elemental life, you can understand why the need of the hour to liberate them from the burdens of world karma [and] mankind’s karma—first and foremost of the abuses of the four lower bodies representing the four elements—is so urgent.

The misuse, then, of these elements and the consequent burden upon the elementals is precisely why you have gathered in this place at this altitude and level of purity, where there is a spiritual purity and an etheric retreat superimposed upon the physical manifestation.2 This is rare, beloved, but here it is established. And thus, you walk on ground that is consecrated, which you yourselves may render holy by the holiness of your consciousness.

We, then, propose to you a methodical and planned action, be it five minutes or fifteen minutes a day. It need not be long, but it must be regular. And I ask you to offer, then, this prayer:

Beloved mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Holy Christ Self and by the love, wisdom and power of my threefold flame, I call forth the action of transmutation by the fire of my being, multiplied by the violet flame, multiplied by the fire of the Great Central Sun and the Great Central Sun Magnet! I call forth this action on behalf of all elemental life, including my body elemental and the body elementals of all souls evolving on planet Earth.

I call for that portion of the flame I invoke and all that I AM to go forth now to heal millions upon millions of elementals in the earth! This I decree in the name of my own Christhood, in the name of my own becoming the ascended master who I shall be and who I am already.

For the seed is within itself and the seed of my mighty I AM Presence is with me in my heart. And therefore, I dedicate those percentages allowed me by the Lords of Karma of the fire of my lifestream to the liberation of all elemental life.

This I do in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and of the universal Divine Mother. And I accept it done this hour in full power by the blessing of the Lords of Karma. Amen.

[14-second applause]

This call is so needed, beloved ones, that I ask you to make stickers that you can put on your doors, in your cars, on your mirrors—wherever you go to regularly. And when you see that sticker with that prayer, take a moment and say it and know that all elemental life shall bless you and that by giving this call and offering the fire of your beings, as the Lord Jesus Christ has offered the resurrection flame to elemental life,3 you will be raising them up. You will be involved in an interaction which shall become a mighty figure-eight flow.

And because you give this prayer frequently, it shall become a part of your own oneness with the great antahkarana of the cosmos. [And] you [also] strengthen that antahkarana by the Ashram rituals.4 So your blessing to elemental life shall prosper and move throughout the earth. And when all elementals of this earth have been raised up by the lightbearers who have become their shepherds, so the mantra shall vibrate and quiver in many planes of being on other planets where the elementals have been so trodden upon, have become so bowed down that they have actually passed from the screen of life.

And where you see barren planets where there is nothing there in the physical octave, as science reports it, beloved ones, the elementals simply could not survive because they had no sponsorship, not one single solitary son or daughter of God who remained on those planets. This is the cause, beloved. And when you look at the blessedness and the beauty of planet Earth and the violations of planet Earth, you realize certainly, with your eyes wide open, what precisely does hang in the balance.

So, beloved, I cannot even tell you what great good karma shall come to you for caring for elemental life, nor can I even begin to express the gratitude of elementals if you should give this mantra regularly in their behalf. For they will come and serve you and minister unto you.

And as they do this, you shall come into their auras and you shall bring them into your auras, and you shall teach them the violet flame. And you shall show them the way of giving the violet flame decrees until, by those very decrees, they will become part of a universal alchemy whereby the Son of God shall determine (as we all pray) that these elementals shall receive the gift of the threefold flame.5

And what a glorious day this shall be! For do you understand, beloved, that all of these three kingdoms** are necessary in the earth? And so, if all elementals had a threefold flame and were polarized to the Cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya, through the heart of Jesus and Padma Sambhava—these elementals, then, could be a mighty presence in the sustaining of a great golden age.

And what rejoicing, what gladness, what realization in your hearts that they, too, may then earn their immortal life, just as you are earning your immortal life by the same power of the heart flame! To this, then, I dedicate my portion of the conference. And I place your attention on this subject as part of the time allotted to me to be upon this altar.

Now, beloved ones, you have seen the gross misuses of atomic energy all over the world, and you have seen this since the earliest manifestations of the atomic bomb used in 1945.6 Yes, beloved ones, the misuses of atomic energy, nuclear energy, every form of energy, every form of the nucleus of the atom as it is applied—these misuses are what is causing not only the corruption of the earth body but also all types of toxic wastes and all types of elements in the sea and in the earth from underground testing and in the atmosphere. And you begin to reckon the half-life of these elements and you realize: how can the earth possibly be cleared and cleansed?

Well, I will tell you. It is† because the elementals will work with the sons and daughters of God and all who live upon this planet. It is because the elementals can join forces with the angelic hosts, because you offer this prayer for them. And this becomes a mighty equilateral triangle, even as the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is that equilateral triangle. So you may understand that the mighty action of the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit that does succor elemental life is a very part of the fire that they also have access to.

So, beloved ones, as beloved Arcturus and Victoria have spoken, and all masters of the violet flame and the seventh ray, since the beginning of the original dispensation of Saint Germain’s releasing that flame in this century7 —that violet flame is the key to the restoration of this planet, to the healing of all your ailments,8 to your supply and the multiplication thereof!

It†† simply requires more use and momentum*** and a fervor in your heart that knows that this [action] is the promise of God. It will not be denied to anyone—not to sinner, not to the lowest form of life that you might not even deign to speak to. There is no one in the earth, no matter what classification, no matter what crimes they have committed, no matter how they have sinned against God or elemental life or the animal kingdom—there is no one who cannot come into his own God-realization by the persistent use of the violet flame.

No matter how gross the violations of the law of God, if that one turn around and face the fire of the Central Sun and give those decrees daily, he will accomplish the purification and the neutralization of the negative forces of his being and become a positive force in the earth. This is the message I ask you to carry to every poor lost soul, every drug addict, everyone who is so imbalanced that they cannot even put the forces of their mind together to repeat the simple mantra “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!”

* The word accrease was used in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to mean “to increase or grow by addition” (Oxford English Dictionary).This usage is now obsolete.
** I.e., angelic, human and elemental kingdoms.
† I.e., the earth can be cleared and cleansed.
†† I.E., for this to occur.
*** I.e., of giving the violet flame.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 50.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Oromosis and Diana was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 10, 1993, during the 7-day conference, Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held in Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Returning the fire element to Earth’s evolutions. During the darkest hours of earth’s history, when her evolutions fell to the level of cavemen and lost contact with the God flame and the mighty I AM Presence, the earth was at the point of being dissolved because no one was keeping the flame of the Christ consciousness. That is when Sanat Kumara, with 144,000 volunteers, came to Earth from Venus to keep the flame of life until sufficient numbers among mankind would respond. Sanat Kumara also restored the spiritual and physical fire to the earth. People would come each year from many miles to witness the visible, physical sacred fire and to take home a piece of wood consecrated by Sanat Kumara to light their fires through the coming year. Thus, the Yule log of Sanat Kumara commemorates the return to the fire of Christhood, of threefold selfhood returning to humanity the hope of immortality. This symbol has persisted to the present.

2. Etheric retreats superimposed over the Royal Teton Ranch. On December 15, 1985, Sanat Kumara announced “the opening of the door of the temple of the Divine Motherand her Inner Retreat” positioned above the entire Royal Teton Ranch [the physical focus of this retreat] (see 1986 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 70-72). Also established in this location is the Western Shamballa—Gautama Buddha’s etheric/ physical retreat in the West centered over the Heart of the Inner Retreat. It is an extension of Shamballa, his retreat over the Gobi Desert (see 1981 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 226, 227; 1983 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 110, 639). In a Pearl dated May 25, 1986, Gautama Buddha said: “The Western Shamballa, sealed over the Heart of the Inner Retreat and extending for many miles radiating out therefrom, is a consecration of a shrine made holy by the footsteps of archangels long ago.... [And] the white-fire/blue-fire sun that has come in the establishment of the Retreat of the Divine Mother, with Lady Master Venus presiding over the Ranch, is also the polarity of that Western Shamballa.... For aeons heaven has been banking upon this area as a place preserved, reserved, then, for evolutions who will come apart because they have been taken to the inner retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.”

3. Jesus’ offering the resurrection flame to elemental life. See Pearl no. 41, footnote 1, this volume.

4. See “The Unison Ritual” in Ashram Rituals by the ascended master El Morya.

5. Elementals’ receiving the gift of the threefold flame. See Pearl no. 40, footnote 1, this volume.

6. On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. This was the first atomic bomb to hit a populated area. Three days later, Nagasaki became the second populated area to be destroyed by an atomic bomb. The power of this new Allied weapon hastened the surrender of Japan in World War II. Many survivors of these bombings have suffered from diseases caused by radiation, such as leukemia.

7. Early in the 20th century, Saint Germain went before the Lords of Karma to plead the cause of freedom for and on behalf of earth’s evolutions. He offered the momentum of the violet flame garnered within his heart chakra and causal body as a momentum of light energy to be given mankind that they might experiment with the alchemy of self-transformation through the sacred fire. Though the knowledge of the violet flame had never been given outside the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, the Lords of Karma agreed to release it to a certain nucleus of devotees, and if the experiment proved successful they would illumine the masses as to its use. In the early 1930s, Saint Germain contacted Guy W. Ballard, whom he trained as his messenger. Through Guy and Edna Ballard, he founded the I AM movement and released the dispensation of the violet flame.

8. Violet flame as the key to healing. The ascended masters encour-age the prevention of illness through natural methods, including a disciplined diet, exercise, fresh air, a positive spiritual and mental attitude and wise health care in every area of living. This is not, however, a substitute for medication and the proper medical care under a physician when needed. The masters do not recommend the avoidance of established medical procedures. Nor do they recommend the application of any healing technique without the advice and supervision of a licensed health care practitioner.

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