Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 50 - Beloved Oromasis and Diana - December 12, 2004

We Would See Transmuted and Erased Burdens upon Elemental Life

Part 2

Well, I say, beloved ones, do not fail to go after every part of life. And when someone asks you a question about how it is that you have this light or a book you are reading, do not fail to take the opportunity of giving a simple explanation of the teaching of the violet flame and that this is the solution to the problems of the environment on earth today.

Beloved ones, do you know that the violet flame used with intensity, especially in that forty-eight-hour cycle with Omri-Tas, will rid from the earth noxious weeds, poisonous substances, the insects that are biting and stinging and that are causing all kinds of diseases in the people, viruses at the level of the bodies of the people and the entire evolution of the planet—all forms of dread diseases that are in the earth that people acquire because they are imbalanced, because they do not have the fire built and banked within their heart chakra to throw them off.

Blessed ones, there is such an outcropping of disease in the earth that was contrived and manufactured long ago in the laboratories of other civilizations and continents such as Atlantis and Lemuria. And because the earth is at such a low level of vibration in the consciousness of many of the people —not all, but surely the vast majority of the people—there is therefore a lowering into the physical octave, of* the astral plane, all these manifestations that make human life almost impossible to live and to live to its fullest. This is what the violet flame will clean up.

And I tell you, when you invoke the elementals to join with the seventh-ray beings and all beings on all rays—for there is no one in heaven that does not use the violet flame— you will see the purification once again of the atmosphere of the earth. You will see the sealing once again of the astral plane that it may no longer erupt into the physical.

There is much to be cleaned up by that time. And my presentation to you this night is not intended to be an overstatement or an understatement but the reality that when the violet flame is multiplied by you, great transformations will come about in your own brain, your mind, your body. You will feel the strength of rejuvenation as the flame within your heart becomes such a focus of violet fire that your threefold flame is continually multiplying that action, rippling through the waters, the air and the earth.

Blessed ones, you have not heard a single solution from scientists, environmentalists, governmental officials (name whatever category of person you would name), not a single solitary solution that will meet in time the crisis that we find in planet Earth today. The only solution is the God-solution of the seventh ray of Aquarius, the seventh ray of the seventh age of Saint Germain and Portia.

[34-second standing ovation]

I ask you to welcome Saint Germain and Portia this night, who are overshadowing this conference.

Beloved ones, mankind are being drawn, as a shepherd draws his sheep, toward the spiritual solution, not because they necessarily desire the spiritual solution but because all other options are evaporating. This is the reason.

Can you visualize the Great Pyramid—the Great Pyramid that is the thoughtform for alchemists,1 for supply and for the rising of the soul** to the capstone?

Think of this pyramid superimposed over the entire earth and the earth inside it. Then see, at the very base of the pyramid, the masses of the people who have the least development of the brain or of any God-potential. Then see those who are awakening, who have some spiritual reality, a greater quickening of the mind and, as you go up [the pyramid], greater quickening of the chakras and then a [certain] level of purification, until ultimately [you reach the level where] those who are the spiritual force that does yet hold the planet together are those who occupy the capstone of the pyramid because they have raised their energies to the point of the All-Seeing Eye of God. So you see, beloved, the space becomes narrower and narrower. And the greater spiritualization of consciousness, the less time and space does the individual occupy.

So what do we find? Those who arrive at the capstone understand that the spiritual solution is the only solution, because in order to attain eternal life, they understand that they must pass through the point. And there is no time or space left in that point. And only one can pass through, and it is the one who has gone through the process of etherealization2 and then spiritualization.

So now see, beloved, there is not a cure for cancer, there is not a cure for this, there is not a cure for that. And so those who contain a deep desire to survive, those who are the true survivalists, who are determined to make it, to realize their reason for being and to get to that place where they came from (where God is)—those begin to feel that they have about them this pyramid that is narrowing. And in order to fit in that increasingly narrow space, they must let go of this three-dimensional world and enter into that same spiritualization.

Now, beloved ones, there is another kind of individual who also wakens to this realization that God is bringing all and raising all up in this formation. And they want no part of it. So they pull in the other direction, and they find ways and means to get out from under this pyramid, to go hither and yon and to escape, like rats escaping a sinking ship —except they are the sinking ship.

Yes, beloved, there is a dividing of the way. And the determined ones who have chosen life, in obedience to the message of Moses, they shall have that everlasting life.3 But I promise you, you will have to live every day of the rest of your life and put those hours toward that goal if you are to achieve the ascension. It is not automatic.

And the more you rise in the pyramid, the more you are challenged by adepts of the left-handed path, who have their counterfeit pyramid. And therefore, they seek to unseat you. This path† is for those who understand the subtleties of evil and the subtleties of the light and its gradations.

How easily those who leave the Path descend in vibration until that vibration becomes so tenuous and so attenuated that they can no longer hold a positive state of mind regarding Maitreya or his Mystery School or his messenger. They cannot hold it. And so things begin to crumble, and they turn to the negative side. And the negative side is bitterness, cowardice. It is contempt.

Thus, beloved ones, you must sustain a tight and fiery coil and understand that this temple†† is a temple of living fire and the living fire is your God and your God in you can hold you to that central core as long as you have the balance of the Great Tao of the yin and the yang.

God is the yang fire in the center. And you must build your life, your being, your consciousness around that fire and not shoot out this way and that way so you are at distant Pluto or even another solar system. It is too far! You do not have the mastery to sustain such great breadths of being. You must become the concentrated one, concentrated on your assignment and that which you must accomplish, staying close to home and close to your altar. And may that altar be wherever you abide anywhere on earth.

So we, the elementals, respect this altar in this configuration.4 And it is this altar of God where we go to pray and also place our fire. It consists of the Chart of the Presence, of beloved Saint Germain, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord El Morya, the Lord Kuthumi and other such saints and focuses and statues of those whom you know for certain are ascended masters. It also bears the photographs of the two witnesses, who hold the balance for you—one on this side of the river and the other on the other side of the river.5

So it is true, beloved. There is a holding of the balance in that figure eight—as in heaven, so on earth— of your two messengers. And of this you should be certain —to take advantage of their mission while it is alive and charging and thriving in the earth. For this is the open door! This is the way of your victory in the earth on behalf of all its evolutions and your victory to your ascension.

I, Oromasis, say to you, call to me! Call to me frequently. For remember, I am not just an elemental. I am an ascended master. My consort, Diana, is an ascended master. We, then, together may be called upon, just as you call to any other ascended master. And we have the combined momentum of having been enfired by Elohim with the responsibility of all fiery salamanders upon this planet.

So call, then, for what? Call for the fire of the rainbow rays of God—which is soothing, healing, balancing—to transmute all and everything anywhere, in your households, your communities and on the entire planet.

Again, beloved, become accustomed to the quick call and the fiery thrust and the use of the sword. Daily clear your households with Archangel Michael’s sword.6 You need it, beloved. For wherever you are in light, wherever you have an altar of God and give your decrees, the fallen ones will come to tear it down.

Thus, go about the house with your frankincense and with your swords and make those fiats. And see that you have nothing in the house that does offend your Lord Morya El, who is offended when you use loud colors that attract the lower spirits, when it is totally unnecessary. I speak of the bright reds and red-oranges and the chartreuses and those colors that violate the seven rainbow rays of God and the five secret rays. This* is not something cute that the messenger Mark Prophet invented thirty years ago. This is the law of the Brotherhood. You will not find, in any etheric retreat where you go, such colors that allow in the forces that are beneath the earth in the depths of death and hell. No, you will not find them.

Well, strive to make your homes as nearly close to the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood as you can make them, at least with the colors that you have and at least with the abundance that you are able to put together to make this place a home for Jesus and his disciples. Follow the basic teachings, beloved. They will carry you and carry you in strength, and swiftly, to your goal each day.

You shall know the intensity of the fiery salamanders and of us. For we remain, and we remain with you. And if you will have us, you will now have—to the conclusion of this conference at midnight tomorrow night—a salamander superimposed upon you for the consuming and the transmutation of those levels of animal magnetism that make you, inspite of yourself, be somehow the instrument of something that is not good, something that comes through you because of a point within your being that has not been consumed by the sacred fire.

Therefore, beloved, I ask that you conclude this service this night by reciting the call to the sacred fire breath. As you recite this call, then, my salamanders will, one by one, take up their place in your aura. I urge you to accept their gift, for they will not cause you any displeasure or pain except that which you invoke if you should like a most accelerated action of the rainbow fire of God to assist you in your healing and in the clarification of your consciousness, which often does become cloudy.

Now, beloved, I have spoken long enough. And therefore, I ask you to speak by giving this decree.

All of the love of Cosmos be upon you. And I speak of Mighty Cosmos and his five secret rays, for he does continually bless our elemental bands with the action of his five secret rays.

In the name of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, in the name of the Bodhisattva and the Great Buddha Avalokite´svara/Kuan Yin, in the name of all hosts of the LORD, we serve.

[27-second standing ovation]

[Messenger leads the audience in giving decree 1.01, “Call to the Fire Breath.”]

The Messenger: Surely it is such a tremendous experience to be in the presence of such beings who are so determined who are so omnipotent in God and have the action of the fire perpetually. What a rejoicing and a gift to hear from Oromasis and Diana!

* I.e. "from" or "out of."
** I.e. that the soul uses to rise to the capstone.
†I.e. the right-handed path.
††I.e. the body temple.

*I.e. the teaching on the misqualification of the pure colors of the seven rays and the five secret rays.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Oromosis and Diana was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, October 10, 1993, during the 7-day conference, Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held in Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. The ascended masters teach that the heart chakra and the resurrection flame are located at the two-thirds level of the Great Pyramid of Life. The resurrection flame is the spinning of the balanced threefold flame at an accelerated rate. At this point of the pyramid is an alchemical action discovered by scientists and those of the New Age alike.

2. Etherealization. See Pearl of Wisdom no. 47, footnote 7, this volume.

3. Deut. 30:19.

4. The flame of the ark of the covenant burns only at the high altar at the Inner Retreat, but all altars you tend daily around the world are tied to that flame and receive its emanations. To set up an altar in your home, cover a table or dresser with a white cloth, preferably linen. Hang the Chart of Your Divine Self centered above the altar with the Charles Sindelar portraits of Saint Germain and Jesus Christ to the right and left. (These are also available as part of a five-panel portable altar, which includes pictures of Kuthumi and El Morya.) Place a cut-glass or crystal chalice or a simple bowl at the center of the altar and a candle on either side. You may wish to add pieces of amethyst or natural quartz crystal, a Bible and representative books of the Law—Climb the Highest Mountain, The Lost Years of Jesus, The Lost Teachings of Jesus I and II. Place a framed photograph of Mark L. Prophet on Jesus’ side of the altar and one of Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Saint Germain’s side. (For detailed instructions, see Sacred Ritual for Keepers of the Flame, pp. 45-47.)

5. The messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet received the anointing by Saint Germain to occupy the offices of the two witnesses foretold in Dan. 12:5; Rev. 11:3-12.

6.The Archangel Michael Sword is of a medieval (falchion) design with a wooden and brass handle and 13-inch unsharpened stainless steel blade, hand-engraved with "Archangel Michael." It is a ceremonial sword for spiritual and altar use only and should not be sharpened. Once you receive your personal sword and leatherette scabbard, Archangel Michael will place his sword over yours. (For additional teachings on the use of a ceremonial sword see Pearl of Wisdom, no. 18, footnote 1, this volume.)

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