Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 51 - Beloved Saint Germain - December 19, 2004

The Greatest Service You Can Render: Presage the Coming Age of Enlightenment

Part 1

Heart friends of the ages, I salute you on this day of the celebration of the anniversary of the discovery of this continent!1

[13-second standing ovation. Audience gives the salutation, clapping:]

Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain!
Hail,Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain!
Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain!
Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain!
Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain!
Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain!
Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain! Hail, Saint Germain!

Now then, beloved, let us consider your discovery of a new continent. It is the continent of the mind of God. It is new levels of awareness. It is the path you have chosen to break the mold of the finite condition while you are in it and to enter into the infinite condition here and now, in the body—which is yours today! This is my offering to you! I say,let us do it! [23-second standing ovation]

(So be seated, beloved.)

I show you now the records of akasha. I show you the continent of Atlantis in its earlier golden age. I show you, then, the records of adepts walking the streets, teaching in the universities, setting an example as Sons and Daughters of the Solitude.2 Yes, beloved, all those records are there, even the records of yourselves having so done and so accomplished, having come so far upon the path of individual self-mastery.

I could show you, at the Grand Teton in my chambers there and in the Cave of Symbols, what would appear to you as motion pictures of those days where you should see yourselves as you were,3 and more than this, beloved—where you could see yourselves actually in the higher levels of being and then note your manifestation of the time and then note your manifestation this day.

It could almost be said, but not quite, that the best part of you is above you. But because you have drawn a certain level of your Christ Self and your God consciousness into this mind and body and heart and soul, truly a goodly portion of your best and highest self is here tonight. Therefore, I address all of you. [8-second standing ovation]

I would that—by your presence in the earth and by your determination from this day forward to the hour of transition or ascension—you would make it your business to present yourself in the highest capacity possible of the manifestation of your Christ Self. This very presence in the earth of thousands upon thousands of you will lighten the planetary weight. It shall also thin the veil so that some, especially those who follow behind you in certain dietary practices, meditations, the giving of mantras, and so forth—these ones, beloved, shall have the veil parted, even as we have parted the veil so that you could see the messenger at inner levels.

We would now part the veil so that many in the earth who are moving toward the Aquarian-age consciousness might see your auras, see your chakras and see your light. Some of them already do, beloved. And I don’t mind telling you that for some of you I would prefer that they did not see your auras, for sometimes you carry those records of recent events that surely are not in keeping with your own personal honor flame.

It is time to remember Jesus’ words, that the things that are hidden shall be revealed and those things shall be shouted from the housetops.4 Your own Mark liked to compare this to the coming of television and the antennae on the housetops everywhere and the “shouting” from those antennae of those things which were taking place all throughout the earth. Now it is not only antennae on the housetops but satellites circling the earth in great numbers.

Thus, communication is at an all-time high yet has not reached the levels that it was at, in the golden age of Atlantis. The communication of who you are and what you are is known at the soul level. Your soul knows clearly and precisely what is the vibration, what is the pattern of every soul of the many people whom you meet, whether within or without the community.

You also, at the soul level, take a reading of me as I stand here this night; you take a reading of the messenger. And you are here more because of what you know at inner levels and in the soul level of being than what you know with the reasoning mind. The reasoning mind is subject to err, but the soul always knows.

Thus, it is well to remember that the soul is seated in the seventh-ray chakra of the violet flame and to keep the soul bathed in the violet flame to strengthen that soul for the rise from that chakra to the heart chakra, preparing for union with the Holy Christ Self.

Now then, beloved, another year is turning and the decade moves on. And I come, then, to tell you that in addition to all other services you render, the greatest service you can render on earth is to be among those who presage the coming age of enlightenment, when thousands and millions of people will have this inner sight. You must develop not only the inner sight but also the auric forcefield that will be a great magnet to those who truly desire and have the singular aspiration to ascend to the throne of God in this embodiment.

Therefore, I come from the retreat of my mentor and yours, the Great Divine Director. This retreat is in the Himalayas, and I often retreat there and go into meditation and even into nirvana for periods of time. So, beloved, I invite you in the name of the Great Divine Director to come to his retreat this night. For we would tutor you at inner levels and bring to your remembrance those incarnations that you have lived in the East when you learned the practices of the mastery of the body, the mastery of diet, the mastery of the chakras, the mastery of the sacred fire of the Divine Mother raised upon the spinal altar.

To pursue adeptship is wise. For, as it has been spoken so many times, there come times and events and cycles and years in life that are written in the future that shall be challenging times for you as you meet the more difficult levels of your personal karma and deal with planetary karma itself.

It is wise, then, that in the full years you gather to yourself such momentum, storing—within the cells of being, within your four lower bodies but especially within your chakras and in the aura of your Christhood—much light, much wisdom, much experience, much seeking after chelaship, much sharpening of the mind, that you might be a tool as an instrument of the great hierarchs, adepts you know and some whose names you have never heard, and yet they frequent this place as often as and sometimes more often than the masters whose names you are familiar with.

Understand, beloved, it is the principle of saving for a rainy day, of sowing and harvesting for a long winter and recognizing that until you are home free you must be prepared to meet any and all challenges of the body, the mind, the soul, the spirit, the community and the planet on which you live.

Happy are ye when ye understand that these cycles do come. And when you pass through them victoriously without so much as a scar of the battle, you will know that you are making headway, that you are triumphing over mortal conditions and that you are preparing for a mighty service.

So we have heard the messenger’s recognition of the sponsors that have gone before.5 Realize that in each of these sponsors so named there is the prototype of what you can be. You must not look around to Godfre or Lanello, to your present messenger or the ascended masters as unique, special, exceptional individuals. You must know, beloved, that all who have been in embodiment in the service of the Great White Brotherhood have borne the burden of their karma, have been bowed down with that karma, have struggled with it, have wrestled with it, have been relentless, have determined, have been absolutely convinced that they would triumph. And they have gone on and on and on.

But, beloved ones, all of us when in embodiment had our weak moments, the moments when we could almost go into despair and utter despondency. And we, too, knew friends. And we, too, recognized the dawn after a long night of prayer and the sun beaming through. And we realized that there was yet hope. And we would go on as we were being challenged and mocked and crucified and tried and burned at the stake, et cetera.

You have been through these experiences also. Do not weary in them. Do not consider that somehow God now owes you a lifetime in the lap of luxury. I tell you, the hound of heaven will continue to pursue you.6 And you must not call “time out!” You must not say, “I deserve this and this and this in this life because I have sacrificed enough for you, Saint Germain or Maitreya or Sanat Kumara.”

Let those who are your mentors of the Spirit determine what is best for you. As has been said of Gautama, we are doctors. We know what is the best medicine for the spirit and the body and the mind to bring that soul to that point where there is truly the opportunity for union with God.

We see from a different level than the level from which you see. Realize that, beloved. You surely know that you have limited vision, and that limited vision does not enable you to assess righteous judgment. Righteous judgment can only come when you are in the mind of God. Therefore I say, judge not, but welcome every point of adversity; be profoundly grateful for gifts, as they come, and intercession. But never take for granted either, for both must be part of the Path.

I must say that we are proud of our chelas, many of you. And do not think that we do not see, that we do not watch, that we do not regard each and every one of you. We have assigned our angels to you, angels of chelaship. Of course, you may banish them. But our recording angels and your specific recording angel are under orders from the Brotherhood not to stray from you, for the records must be complete.

You are considered chelas on the Path, and therefore consider each day as a day that you write in the book of life and that your recording angel does write in the book of life. All things count and God always sees. When you are able to keep on keeping on without a pat on the back from those in embodiment, I tell you, you receive thrice, from the spiritual realms, of those angels who uphold you and who give you that stimulus to go forward again and again and again.

Have you not noticed, beloved ones, as you count your victories in this life and as the years pass and you become wiser, that you are more in the strength of God, more in the trust of God, more in the faith of God—that you are absolutely not moved. And when you see those initiations coming, you see them for what they are; and you meet the challenge and you apply to it everything you know, everything you have been taught, all that has come to you through the teachings.

So, is it not so, beloved, that you have become accustomed to that support and you now have faith in God that he will never, never, never let you down as long as you do not let him down, or your neighbor, and as long as you do not discontinue loving your neighbor as you love your own Real Self?

Now then, beloved, to accelerate your inner, spiritual God-mastery I come. For I am convinced beyond all shadow of a doubt that the ingredients whereby the world shall be magnetized to the ascended masters through you—and it will be through you or it will be not at all, beloved; for the world cannot see us, but they surely do see you—I am convinced, therefore, that the necessary ingredient whereby you are able to convert many to the path of light is the ingredient of love, of compassion, of kindness, of concern and care and consideration for each part of life. Love is what people are seeking.

Secondly, then, it is a certain level of self-mastery whereby you have self-respect and those who see you also respect you because they recognize that you have your self-esteem, you have your self-worth. And in that self-worth you can reach out with the magnanimous heart of your Lord Jesus, Maitreya and Padma Sambhava, of your Lord Manjushri, Gautama, Sanat Kumara.

[You reach] out, in strength and confidence and love—with the magnanimity of heart, with this openness and love and givingness—replacing naïveté and supercilious sympathetic animal magnetism, casting this aside, and developing a profound and deep love for everyone. [For], above all, you recognize that point of the seed of the Buddha, that point of the Atman, that presence emerging. And you speak to the soul and you never mind what the outer self has expressed.

This is another aspect of self-mastery, beloved. Human beings change every day. The outer self has moods, its ups and downs—sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes in this and that direction. And another day and another day and that same individual will be positive and ready to join the team and go to work and accomplish such-and-such because they now have the vision.

It is good, then, to remember the words: “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.”7 It is good to ignore, almost (without revealing that you are ignoring, almost) the outer self that comes and goes—to count on the inner Christ and to continue to reaffirm and reaffirm and reaffirm that Christ, despite all other expressions to the contrary on the part of this or that individual.

Continued in Part 2, published in Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 47, no. 52.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, October 11, 1993, during the 7-day conference, Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1. Refers to Columbus Day. In 1451 Saint Germain was born as Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492.

2. Sons and Daughters of the Solitude. See Pearl no. 44, footnote 3, this volume.

3. Viewing past lives in the retreats. See Pearl no. 33, footnote 3, this volume.

4. Luke 12:3.

5. Prior to the dictation, the messenger recognized those who laid the foundations for The Summit Lighthouse, including El Morya and his messenger Mark L. Prophet; Saint Germain and his messenger Guy W. Ballard; El Morya and Lord Maitreya and their amanuenses Nicholas and Helena Roerich; and the Master M. and the Master K. H., who founded the Theosophical Society through H. P. Blavatsky.

6. See “The Hound of Heaven,” a poem by the English poet Francis Thompson (1859-1907).

7. John 21:22.

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