Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 47 No. 52 - Beloved Saint Germain - December 26, 2004

The Greatest Service You Can Render: Presage the Coming Age of Enlightenment

Part 2

You will see the endurance of continuously reinforcing the right, the good, the true, the beautiful and letting pass by those barbs which long ago would have caused you to feel challenged, making you feel that you must defend your good name, having a good fight with someone to show who has the upper hand and all of those ins and outs.

Blessed ones, gossip travels here, gossip travels there. People talk about this one and that one and who is doing what. But it all boils down to this: When you are with an individual who has interest in the Path, who knows the teachings, in other words, one who may be a disciple or a quasidisciple on the Path, simply continually reinforce the good in that one. Let pass, let pass all negatives! Do not even give them the time of day. Do not address them except to comfort, uplift and show the individual that there is a bright sun on the horizon and a rainbow after the rain.

Continue in being positive with people, beloved. And you will find that by and by you will have no enemies; for you will simply not have acknowledged that they are enemies. And you are continuously affirming the rightness, the truth and the reality that God has placed in each and every one.

This is magnanimity of heart. To be magnanimous, to me, is to set aside and ignore and put away any seeming faults of another. Be magnanimous. Supply the support, the love, and give recognition. Give recognition to the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of that one. Give recognition to the good and the accomplishments of the soul. Breathe a prayer for the balancing of that one’s threefold flame and your own.

And above all, do not waste your time in repeating stories about this and that. “What is that to thee? Follow thou me.” I am Saint Germain. These are the words of Jesus Christ. They are the words of my Son. They are your words. Follow, then, and continue following. Bless life. Do not mentally criticize others. It is the great disease of planet Earth. In fact, it is why many individuals have reembodied here so many times. It is that criticism that continues and continues in malicious gossip. I tell you, have no part with it. And remember, it is the law of the Darjeeling Retreat of your El Morya.1

If you cannot get past the abuses of power manifesting as criticism, condemnation and judgment, I say, you may be stuck on this planet a long, long time. And as has been said to you before, Christ-discrimination and discernment have nothing to do with criticism, condemnation and judgment. For that discernment that you have in your Christ consciousness is given to you to bless others as well as to be warned that there may be a barb in the cloak of the garment, there may be a sharp weapon. And therefore, when dealing with such individuals, you have the inner knowledge of your soul and your Christ Self.

This does not mean that you ought not to be compassionate, but it does mean that you must be on guard! For there are harmful individuals in the world. But you are there to amplify the good and to call for the binding of forces of malice that may have invaded that one’s aura centuries ago; and that individual has not the slightest idea how to extricate himself from that force, and you come along and you pour some love upon that person.

And when you retreat to your altar, then you give the fierce calls for the binding of that dweller and that substance of that person. You stay with it awhile. You bless that one. You call for the deactivation of any harmfulness and evil, and you move on—always, always leaving a blessing in your wake that that one may one day pick up that which you have left in his aura. And it might be for him the turning of the way toward the Son of God.

Thus, be the presence of my Son Jesus. Be the presence of myself also. I have demonstrated to you in many, many embodiments what is the sign and the mark of the Aquarian-age man and woman: There is science profound. There is religion that is deep. There is oneness with God. There is a soul freedom that is never rebellion but a freedom that builds rings upon rings upon rings of the causal body of Aquarius around you, until you draw to yourself the most amazing talents and memories of past embodiments and those that adepts such as the Great Divine Director might bring to you, even in this life, should you spend considerable time in his retreat, as he has now opened his retreat to those who are a part of this movement and to lightbearers in the earth who measure up to that invitation.2

I personally am profoundly gratified that he has done so. For it is the Great Divine Director who trimmed the sails of Morya, who made me what I am and stood by me. It is the Great Divine Director who has been a part of the training of the chohans and of the World Teachers.

This great being of light surely carries such a powerful aura that includes the entire planet, that you would do well to realize that the law of your being, the law of your own perfection and perfectionment and the law of your divine plan, your divine design for this life, is held in his heart, much as the Blessed Mother does hold in her heart the immaculate concept for you. The Great Divine Director does hold that design. Do not think that because you are of a certain age and a certain decade your life cannot begin all over again.

I bring to you, then, a certain understanding that in your four lower bodies there is life and there is death! Death in you is the records of death and also the substances that you have partaken of—chemicals, foods that are not endowed with life, heavy meats, heavy spices, acidic foods, et cetera. Those things, beloved, eaten year after year after year, lodge in the organs of the body and establish there a negative spiral, which is a death spiral.

Thus, when you come to the right diet, as we have prescribed it through the messenger, you come to the place, beloved, where when you eat it and do so religiously (for it is indeed a part of your spiritual walk with me), you will come to the realization that substances pass from you that are not good for the body, because you eat the good food that is able to process them out. So you must understand that what else passes out from you, during your early days and continuing years of this diet, is death itself, records of death, substances of death that you have imbibed.

I am certain that you know what these substances are. They are rampant in the earth and they fall upon children and those of young age. They fall upon children in the womb because their mothers partake of them. And therefore, depending on your background, depending on your karma, there is a substance of death in you. This is why you are called “mortal.” This is why these bodies are called “mortal.”

When you, then, think that you have a death projection, do not think that you have a death projection. What you have, beloved, is a sensitivity in your own consciousness that death is passing away, that immortal life is entering your body. Thus, you feel your immortality, and your immortality in the balancing of your body is therefore dispensing with these death matrices.

You have heard that members of the Brotherhood, including myself, have assisted individuals in prolonging their life. You have heard that the Lords of Karma have granted this dispensation to many of our co-servers in the earth. We desire to do this, this day, in your behalf. I am the one who bears that elixir of youth and was known as such as the Count Saint Germain.3 So, beloved, because of your service and your determination, I would truly like to see you extend your lifetime. And I ask you to make the call for this and to do all those things that you know are necessary to keep your body on the path of the adepts.

Consider, then, that you have had plenty of embodiments to surfeit yourselves in your appetites for all kinds of foods and sensual indulgences. Consider, if you determine to master these and set aside these momentums, that you cannot only prolong your life but prolong the quality of your life, the quality of your mind, the quality of your will, the quality of your love, the quality of your Christ consciousness.

I say, keep on keeping on. For the angels watch over you, the adepts come nigh, the recording angels report to the Keeper of the Scrolls.4 And I watch and wait also. We are ready to transfer to you blessings and initiations and an impetus for greater life within your temple. I ask you, then, to study all that you know about what the adepts have taught, to do some form of yoga, some form of meditation and to do so with the idea of entering in to new octaves of consciousness. Yes, the continent of the mind is open to you, but you will not enter in save you have the qualifications.

Neptune has come. He has given to you the key whereby you can unlock the prison door of your carnal mind.5 I am now intensifying my aura through and around you, for I desire you to know the freedom—the freedom, beloved, of* all attachments, of all addictions to substances that you take in or to practices which deplete the sacred fire within your temple.

I am giving you an experience in my aura this day, which all who hear or read this dictation shall have also; for my Electronic Presence will come to you.6 And that experience, beloved, is to know the freedom of the addictions of this octave, to be able to walk away from them and to be able to say:

“Saint Germain has called me this day. He has called me to be an adept. And if he has called me to be an adept, he must believe in me, that I can in truth become an adept. And therefore, because Saint Germain believes in me, then I will become that adept! For I will not let down my master, who has supported me for these many tens of thousands of years, but I will show the world that I AM a true student of Saint Germain and a chela of the seventh age.

“I will show that to the world, and I will say, ‘Enough! Begone! all these distractions and indulgences. Begone! For I value life and immortal life. I value, then, being able to balance more of my karma. I value it because I know it is possible. “‘And I know, because we have the messenger and because we have the Mystery School, I shall not lose my ascension [while] carrying on beyond the 51 percent of my karma7 when the going gets tough and the challenges get rough and I am there, overloaded with karma. For I know that I have recourse in those in embodiment and those in ascended octaves.’”

Blessed ones, I say, take a right turn. Take a right turn this day! For you are nearer than you think to that self-mastery. I am pleased with what you have accomplished thus far. Let those who know they have not accomplished what they could have accomplished know that I will not hold that against you. For I am marking this day and the day that dawns at midnight at this time of October 12—I mark that day as a new cycle for you, a new cycle to discover that continent. It is the continent of your own causal body.

Would you not enjoy, beloved, in meditation, to be able to come and go out of your causal body and report back to those who know you are doing your spiritual exercises what you have experienced in those realms of light? Would you not like to be able to record it, beloved ones?

Think, then, how I raised up Godfre. Think how I also raised up Mark. Think how I have called so many and how they have achieved to those high levels. They began at birth not with all the things that they had in the hour of their ascension. Thus, all things are truly possible to you.

Do not be stubborn, beloved ones. Stubbornness is surely something that deprives you of right self-knowledge. You can be so stubborn in defense of the personhood that you regard to be yours in private that you can miss entirely that Self of yours that is just beyond the stubborn self, ready to galvanize you into the fire of your mission in this age.

I am Saint Germain. I have come to you because I love you, because I desire to do many things in the earth, and because I need you in this hour, as never before, to become that fiery presence of Aquarius, to set the house in order of this community and Church and especially as pertains to the financial matters that the Mother [and her staff] have brought to you.

Let it be said, beloved, that you in the earth are the pillars of Aquarius already. Now strengthen those pillars! For we would build for the New Age, and we count you as part of that age and its vanguard! Be up and doing! You are mine, beloved, and I am with you. Just call for my Presence over you and you shall know surcease from those burdens that you have carried too long. Let me have them, beloved! I would take them and give you, in exchange, a new vision and a glory of the dawn that awaits you.

I salute you in the name of Portia and of all of the seventh ray and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, who love you. [46-second standing ovation]

* From

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Saint Germain was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Monday, October 11, 1993, during the 7-day conference, Prayer Vigil to Restore the T’ai Chi of Elemental Life, held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana.

1.Criticism, condemnation and judgment. See El Morya, A Report; and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 10, 1981, “The Teachings of El Morya on the Inner Retreat; The Summit Lighthouse; the Perversions of Power; and Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment” (teaching on A Report ), on the MP3 album Sine Wave to the Sun and also available through

2. In a dictation given September 1, 1973, the Great Divine Director invited us to his retreat The Cave of Light in the heart of the Himalayas in India.

3. See “The Count Saint Germain: The Wonderman of Europe,” in Saint Germain On Prophecy, pp. 29-39; and “The Wonderman of Europe,” in Saint Germain On Alchemy, pp. vi-xxvii, 444-45.

4.The Keeper of the Scrolls is the custodian of the archives containing each person’s book of life.

5. Neptune’s key. See Pearl no. 42, pp. 377-84; Pearl no. 43, pp. 385-86, this volume.

6.The Electronic Presence is a duplicate of the I AM Presence of an ascended master.

7. Under a new dispensation of the Aquarian age, granted by the Lords of Karma in this century, individuals may ascend after balancing 51 percent of their karma; they must balance the remaining 49 percent from inner levels.

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